How To Remove The Seats In A Buick Enclave

You want to remove the seats in your Buick Enclave, but you aren't sure if you can. Even if it's possible, you may not be sure exactly how to do it. We have done some research and have found the information to help with your task.

The seat removal process in the Buick Enclave varies based on which seats you want to remove. It also depends on if you require expanded, but temporary, cargo space or permanent removal. It's possible to remove all of the seats from a Buick Enclave, but the process is complex and involves removing bolts and sometimes wiring. The third-row seats fold down flat for more storage space and may not need to be fully removed. 

Keep reading to find out more information about the different features, functions, and options available for the seating in your Buick Enclave. We'll take a closer look at what to do when you need the seats out of the way. Generally, folding or stowing the seats is the first option, but there might be times that you need to remove them from the vehicle.  

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Seat Removal in a Buick Enclave

There are many reasons that you might need to remove the seats from your Buick Enclave. You might require more room, need access for mechanical issues, or possibly want to clean or replace the seats. Each row of seating has a different removal process which we will discuss in detail in the following sections. 

Driver and Passenger Front Seats

The driver and passenger seats can be adjusted for comfort but don't allow removal to provide additional cargo space. However, because these are typically the most used seats in a vehicle, you might need to remove them for cleaning or replacement. Or there may be a mechanical access reason to remove the seating.  

If so, bolts into the floorboard are holding the seats in place. You can access the bolts by sliding the seat forward, exposing plastic covers on each side of the rail. These covers conceal the bolts and should easily pop off using a pry tool to release the clips. Then, use a socket wrench to remove the bolts. 

Next, remove the seat belt from the seat base using an Allen wrench to open the cover. Then, separate the connector using your hands.

Next, sitting in the second-row Captain chair, push the seatback forward to lift and loosen the front. The power connection to the seat will become visible. Unclip and disengage the wire harness to disconnect it. There will also be a bundle of wires that you will need to cut with scissors or wire cutters. Your seat is now entirely disconnected and will lift out through the rear driver's side door. 

If you need to see the process, check out this YouTube video.


Second Row Seating

The second-row seating on the Buick Enclave slides forward and folds to provide additional cargo space, especially when the third-row seating is also folded flat.  However, the second-row seating does not stow and disappear into the floorboards. So, you have a flatter surface but not entirely level like with some vehicles. 

This design may lead you to want to remove the second-row seating. To do so, you will need to unbolt the seats. If your vehicle equipment includes SmartSlide, you will also need to disconnect the power connections and wiring. You will find that removing these seats is much like removing the front driver or passenger seats. 

Third-Row Seating

Third-row seating is an excellent feature in SUVs for those with large families or extra passengers, but there are times when you need the cargo space more than the seating space. Fortunately, the manufacturers designed the Buick Enclave with ease of flexibility when converting between the two options. 

For additional cargo space, you don't have to remove the vehicle's seats. Just fold them down so they are flattened and out of the way.

It is straightforward; pull on the handle strap attached to the seatback, or some models have a power-folding feature requiring only the press of a button. The seats will collapse and disappear into the recessed cargo area, providing a flat surface to transport cargo.  

To remove the seats for any reason, first, determine how it is attached. Installation could be with regular bolts, Torx nuts, or a clip system. The type determines the tool needed for the job.  

Depending on the seat type, the bolts may vary in quantity and location. Folding seats may be bolted in the front by Torx nuts which require a special screwdriver to remove. 

Otherwise, there should be two bolts on the bottom backside of the seat accessed from the trunk area and two more bolts on the front bottom side accessed from the foot area of the seating. Remove these with a socket wrench. 

If your model has a clip system, use a flathead screwdriver to release the plastic clip from the metal base. Then, lift and remove the seat.

If you need a screwdriver set, consider this magnetic 42-piece set by Amartisan that includes most types, including Torx.

Find it here on Amazon.

How many seats does Buick Enclave have?

Buick Enclave back seat

The 2022 Buick Enclave has seating for seven passengers. The front driver and passenger seats are heated bucket seats with power adjustment.

The second-row seating features sliding  40/40 Captain chairs with armrests. The multi-adjustable second-row allows passengers to access the third-row 60/40 split-folding bench seat easily.

Is it Illegal to Remove Back Seats?

The answer to this question will vary by state because state legislation governs most vehicle laws. There could also be local municipal laws. You should check your local laws before removing seats from your vehicle. 

Generally, there shouldn't be an issue with the temporary removal of back seats as long as no passengers are present. However, if you are in a state in which your vehicle has to undergo inspection, then there may be an issue if standard equipment, especially required safety equipment, is missing.  

Insurance companies might also take issue with any claims that involve a vehicle with standard equipment removed. You should check the fine print of your particular policy.

Folding or stowing seats should not be an issue because the seats are stored but not removed from the vehicle. 

Do Buick Enclave Seats Fold Flat?

Back photo of Buick Enclave

Yes, the second-row and third-row seating in the Buick Enclave fold down to provide additional flat cargo space when needed.  

Watch this video on YouTube to see how it works. 


How do you Adjust the Memory Seat on a Buick Enclave?

Some Buick Enclaves have a memory seat function that allows two drivers to store their preferred driving seat position and a shared seat position for exiting the vehicle. The memory function can also remember steering wheel and mirror positions in some models. 

The memory seat function links to the Remote Keyless Entry transmitters for the vehicle.  Therefore, each driver will need to set the memory using their Key Fob. When that key fob starts the car, the memory seat will respond accordingly. 

To set the memory seat function,  adjust your settings to your desired position. Then, locate the set buttons found on the driver's side door. You will see four buttons labeled set, 1, 2, & a final button with an image meant to indicate exit. Start the vehicle using the key fob you want to program. Then press and release the set button.

You should hear a beep. Immediately press 1 or 2 depending on which driver is establishing their memory settings. Hold this button until you hear two beeps that indicate the memory stored. To set the shared exit position, follow the same procedure using either key fob and choose the exit button after the beep. 

For recall, press either the 1, 2, or exit button and hold. The seat should adjust to the position that you stored. If not, go through the memory set process again. When you start the vehicle using the Remote Keyless Entry transmitter, you may see a welcome message on the dash indicating which driver functions are activated.  

How do you Recline a Seat in a Buick Enclave?

To recline the seats in your Buick Enclave, press the seat control located on the side of the seat bottom and push it rearward until it reaches the position that you prefer. Once you release the control button, it will stop. To return to the upright position, press the same control button forward.  

Just remember that you shouldn't have your seats in a reclined position while the vehicle is in motion. The reclined position doesn't allow the safety harness to align with your body the way it needs to secure you in an emergency. If you are in an accident, the seat belt could cause serious injury.

In Closing

Seat removal in the Buick Enclave is not difficult whether you need to stow them for more room or altogether remove them. Just ensure that you are following all manufacturer instructions and understand that some car modifications may be difficult to reverse. 

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