How Do I Reset My Ford Transit Radio

Your Ford Transit radio isn’t working properly. Now, you’re thinking about resetting the system to try and restore its normal functions, but how do you do this? We researched this concern for your convenience and here’s the answer we found.

Take note that resetting a Ford Transit radio generally depends on the specific vehicle model. Here’s an example of one way to reset the van’s radio:

  1. Press the “SYNC” button, which should make the main display appear.
  2. Navigate through the menu until you can find the advanced menu.
  3. Find the “Master Reset” item in the advanced menu
  4. Press the “OK” button on the dashboard to confirm the selection.
  5. Press the “OK” button again if the system asks if you’re sure about the decision.
  6. Wait for the radio to reboot.

It’s also important to mention that resetting a Ford Transit’s radio may not be successful after engaging its Master Reset function. Instead, you may need to replace the entire module for it to work properly. So continue reading as we talk about this alternate solution to returning the van’s radio’s normal functions.

How Do You Replace The Radio Of A Ford Transit?

Ford Transit dashboard

Bear in mind that not every aftermarket radio on the market is compatible with a Ford Transit. Ask your radio dealer if the unit you’re purchasing can fit your van before finalizing the purchasing decision.

Once you have a compatible replacement radio for your Ford van, follow these steps to continue the operation:

What You’ll Need

Tools needed to replace the radio in a Ford Transit, How Do I Reset My Ford Transit Radio

  • Screwdriver
  • Panel remover
  • Replacement Ford Transit radio kit

Step-By-Step Guide

Step #1: Secure The Vehicle

Start by disengaging the van’s engine and engaging its hand, parking, or emergency brake. At this point, you may also want to open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable from its terminal.

Step #2: Remove The Radio Display

Pull out the top cover from the radio assembly with your hands, which should also expose two screws. Loosen and remove those screws afterward.

Lift the radio’s display upward carefully. Look at its bottom and you should see a small tab. Lift that tab to disconnect the cable attached to the display. With the cable detached, you can now set the radio's display aside.

Step #3: Remove And Replace The Front Panel

Loose and remove the screws securing the radio’s front panel. Then, use the panel remover to pry the cover on top of the front panel. Loosen and remove any additional screws on the radio assembly afterward.

Pull out the radio’s front panel carefully. Disconnect the wires attached to the panel. Replace the front panel with the unit in your Ford Transit radio replacement kit.

Note: You may not need to replace the front panel if you’re only going to swap out the old ACM module with a new unit.

Step #4: Replace The Main Radio

Loosen and remove the screws on the main ACM radio module. Disconnect the wires attached to that assembly afterward.

Next, use a Philips screwdriver to remove the mounting bracket on the old ACM radio module. Once removed, place and secure the bracket to the same location in the new radio module.

Route the wires included in your radio installation kit. Connect those wires to the main new ACM radio after you route the connections.

Step #5: Return The Parts And Test

Return the parts you removed from the previous steps to their original locations. You can also swap out the old front panel with a new unit if your radio installation kit has it.

After reassembling the entire radio assembly, turn on the Ford Transit’s engine. Then, turn on the radio to test out its functions. At this point, you should also inspect for any persisting issues (or lack thereof) in the van’s radio.

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You can also check out this video if you need a visual guide for the steps mentioned above:

Also, watch the video below if you need additional help with the radio removal process:

How Do I Reset My Ford Transit Radio From My Phone?

Hand hold smartphone

If you don’t want to replace your Ford Transit’s radio yet, you may try resetting the system through your phone. Follow these general steps on how to connect your smartphone to the van’s radio so you can reset the system from that device:

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Turn on the Ford’s engine and ensure that the radio and/or infotainment system is active.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and ensure the device is discoverable.
  3. On the infotainment system, search for the “Add Phone” menu item.
  4. Pair the phone with the radio by confirming the pairing request.
  5. With the smartphone paired, tap the gear icon on the lower right of the Ford SYNC Applink application’s home screen on your phone.
  6. Locate the “Master Reset” menu item and tap on it.
  7. Confirm the action and wait for the system to reboot.

Warning: Activating the Master Reset function on your Ford Transit radio will erase all of its stored data regardless of the method used to initiate the feature. You can save your data by removing the SD card or backing up the files in the system before you proceed with resetting the radio.

How Do I Find My Ford Transit Radio Code?

Cargo van ford transit in the city street
Vinnytsia, Ukraine; May 27, 2022. Ford Transit Trend driver seat. Ford Transit dashboard. Fort Transit interior.

If you need the security code for your Ford Transit radio, you may find it in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. Otherwise, the alphanumeric combination might be in other documents included in the point of sale. If you still can’t find the code, contact the vehicle manufacturer for assistance.

What Is The Best Radio For A Ford Transit?

Dashboard screen of a ford transit

Finding the best radio for your Ford Transit typically means understanding your automotive audio preferences. Also, the selection process often needs you to check the compatibility of your preferred replacement radio assembly.

Nonetheless, here are some models you can check out that might also pique your interest:

1. Rimoody Android Car Stereo

It’s important to note that this radio and infotainment system is only compatible with Ford Transit made within the 2013 to 2018 period. It’s also more expensive than other similar models on the market. Still, you may justify the bump in price by looking at its features.

For instance, it’s compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Yes, you can now see many infotainment systems that can use smartphone syncing features. But this particular stereo takes it up a notch by allowing users to control their phone’s functions wirelessly through the infotainment display.

You can also download offline maps into the built-in GPS navigation system. This feature can work well for phones that aren’t compatible with this unit’s Android Auto and Apple Carplay navigation features. Plus, the kit includes backup and rear-view cameras for added security.

Check out this product on Amazon.

2. Rimoody 7-Inch Touchscreen Car Radio

Don’t confuse this particular model with the product mentioned previously. This 7-inch touchscreen radio and infotainment system is the smaller sibling to the previous item. It also has a less expensive price tag compared to its 9-inch relative.

Despite its lower costs, this Rimoody car radio still has wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay capabilities. Users can also download offline maps into its built-in navigation system if needed.

However, this kit doesn't include backup and rearview cameras. Nonetheless, users can take advantage of other features, such as a subwoofer and microphone output, a built-in equalizer, and digital AM and FM radio support.

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3. Alpine iLX-W650

This particular Ford Transit radio sits in the high-end sector, thanks in part to its expensive price tag. The Alpine iLX-W650 promotes a plethora of different features to suit the audio needs of different users.

Tinker with this radio system’s features, and you’ll find elements like Pandora and Spotify compatibility, USB ports, and Android Auto and Apple Carplay compatibility. But perhaps one of the features that may pay entice audiophiles into purchasing this unit is its compatibility with FLAC files.

FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, and it’s a file format that typically has better-sounding properties than the standard MP3 audio file.

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Final Thoughts

Resetting your Ford Transit radio may start with tinkering around with its built-in buttons and features. If accessing and engaging the Master Reset function doesn’t work, you may need to replace the entire assembly with a new and compatible model.

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