10 RV Cup Holders That Can Make Life On the Road Easier

10 RV Cup Holders That Can Make Life On the Road EasierCup holders are a small item that can make a big difference. In an RV, a drink holder needs to meet the challenges of a stationary home, as well as a home that moves down the road. Bumpy roads can lead to a disaster if your cup holder doesn't do its job.

With so many specialty items for RV owners to consider, its important to remember that sometimes a simple product that isn't necessarily marketed for RVs will do the trick.

Below we've listed ten different models of cup holders with features that RV owners will appreciate. Look through the list and see if you find the one that will meet your needs.

BottlePro Cup Holder Adapter

If you're looking for something that improves the function of the standard cup holders already available in your vehicle, check this simple product out.

Sometimes a standard size cup holder is not wide enough to fit your favorite water bottle or tumbler. This is a highly rated cup holder adapter that fits right into your the manufacturer-installed cup holder, increasing the size of the cup it can hold.

The main benefit of this cup holder is that it fits right into the cup holder that's already there, so you don't need to find a new place in your RV to install a cup holder.

This product also comes with a foam sleeve to protect the original cup holder. In addition, the sleeve helps you adjust the opening of the cup holder into the base, so you get a snug fit.

American Technology Collapsible Drink Holder

This is a popular collapsible drink holder that you can mount wherever you need a drink holder.  Some RV owners have put them on a bedroom wall for easy access during the night. Other customers mount them on a wall in their home office area to keep drinks off of their desktop and to avoid spills.

Another convenient feature about this cup holder is that it's collapsible.  It can fold up when you aren't using it, which makes it streamlined and out of the way.

The arms of the cup holder are adjustable, users report using the holder with sizes from 12 oz cans up to 64 oz cups.

The cup holder comes with 4 screws included and the cup holder has 6 pre-drilled holes in it for easy installation. Users of this product are very happy with the quality of this product. They also like how it holds drinks securely while the RV is in motion.

Palmyth Stainless Steel Ring Cup Holder (2-pack)

This product is made of high-quality stainless steel with a chromium finish. It would work well if you have metal accents that you want to complement. They are sturdy and reliable. Customers are very satisfied with its durability.

It does need to be mounted to the surface, and screws are provided for that. It is a fixed size, which should fit most cups, mugs, and cans. Always be sure to measure your cup and check the specs if you have a particular size you need.

Robocup Clamp-On Drink Holder

This unique cup holder uses a patented clamp system to attach it to vertical surfaces. It can be clipped or clamped onto round or flat surfaces up to 2" wide. The technology is very secure and customers are happy with how it holds drinks.

The Robocup drink holder comes in 12 different colors. It can be used in the RV as vertical storage since horizontal storage is at a minimum.  You can install it along with a vertical edge such as a rail or pole, or the leg of a lamp or table. Some people use it to attach to their outdoor camping chairs or umbrella shade. It could be attached to a pop-up canopy leg as well.

The only downside is that it is a fixed size, and may not be able to accommodate larger tumbler bases. Be sure to check the size of the cup you are planning to use with this cup holder.


The CouchCoaster is a drink holder made especially to drape over the arms of your RV couch or reclining chair. It keeps drinks stable and within reach while relaxing on the couch. This product is an ideal space saver in an RV where surface space is at a premium.

Another nice feature of this drink holder is that it's not permanently mounted down.  You can move it and adjust it depending on where you want to sit.

The CouchCoaster is made of a weighted and flexible silicon body which contours to the shape of your RV sofa. It is reported to be BPA-free by the manufacturer. This cup holder can fit tumblers and cups up to 90 mm/3.5" wide.  It even has a handy slot for a mug handle.

When not in use, you can fold it up neatly and stow it away until the next time you need it.

Cup Cozy Pillow

This cup holder doubles as a storage container.  It holds not only cups but other small items such as TV remotes, reading glasses or gaming controllers.

It comes in multiple colors and has a soft velboa cover, which can be removed and washed. The pillow also serves as an insulator if you have hot or cold beverages.

The benefits of this RV cup holder is that two people can have it between them and use it at the same time. It provides a sturdy place to hold your drinks if you don't have a coffee table in front of you.

Cupsy Armchair Drink Caddy

This armchair drink holder is a great choice for an RV recliner or sofa. It's a caddy that can hold drinks and other small items you may want near you as you relax on the couch.

The legs are removable and repositionable if you need to adjust the caddy to different places in the RV. It can be installed upright on a couch arm, or if you lay the legs outward, it can stand up on a flat surface, like a bed or picnic blanket.

Customers really enjoy how versatile this caddy is to many places where they want to keep their drinks. It is made of durable polypropylene material that will last for many years.

Unlike other cup holders out there, this caddy also has a place on the side to place fragile stemware. It comes in multiple colors to complement your interior.

Zone Tech Recessed Folding Drink Holder

This Zone Tech drink holder can be attached to the side window or front windshield of your RV or truck. It also has an adjustable arm allowing you to position your drink in just the right spot to reach it while driving down the road.

The technology behind this cup holder is a tightening lever to squeeze the air out from behind the suction cup to get a tight seal. Customers are pleased with the strength of the suction grip on this cup holder.  Drivers enjoy the flexibility this cup holder gives them to mount it for the driver or for passengers. It also saves space on the dashboard and console.

Winner Eco Drink Holder Mount Stand

The nice thing about this drink holder is that it fits into gap spaces in your truck or RV. It efficiently uses space that was previously wasted and makes it usable storage.

Common places to put this include the space between driver chairs and consoles, or between an RV bed and nightstand.  You can also put it at the end of your RV sofa against a wall. It may take a few tries to figure out where this holder will fit best.  Some owners recommend using velcro or other fasteners to hold it more securely in place once you determine where you will use it.

Faguan Car Headrest Cup Holder

This cup holder and organizer is designed to fit around a headrest for backseat users. This can easily be adapted in an RV setting by attaching the strap to a vertical surface where you want a cup holder handy.

This cup holder is useful for kids (or adults) to keep a drink steady and other small supplies or snacks handy while traveling down the road. It will keep your car organized and prevent spills.

Which RV cup holders have you found most useful?  Please let us know if any of these products end up being a good fit for you on your next RV adventure.

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