17+ RV Curtain Ideas You Should Check Out

17+ RV Curtain Ideas You Should Check OutCurtains in an RV are not one of those things you think about very often. Yet, there are some reasons why curtains and shades in an RV are essential. We will share those reasons with you below, and then give you a few products that you might find useful in your quest for RV window coverings.

Why add new curtains to your RV?

There are several reasons to add curtains to your RV.

Make things darker

You are making your RV space darker (especially when traveling in summertime). When you are going in the summertime and want to sleep in having window coverings that keep the light out longer is vital. Darker space means longer sleep and less electricity used to keep your RV cool.

Add insulation

Curtains provide more insulation for your RV windows. I remember parking once on the blacktop in the middle of summer, keeping the RV cool that summer became impossible, we closed the curtains to help keep more of the direct sun out of the RV and quickly noticed a difference in the temperature inside the RV.

Contribute to Privacy In Campgrounds

Privacy can cause issues in a campground setting. If you are a fan of boondocking, curtains aren’t as big of a deal. However, in the closer quarters of the RV campground, window coverings are essential to maintain privacy in an RV.

Create a Decorative Difference

Decorative differences between RV design years can be pretty obvious. My family moved from Colorado to Georgia in an RV when I was six years old. I can still see that burnt sienna carpet from our 70’s- 80’s travel trailer, and the curtains that matched. Though I still want to sleep in the loft bed during any road trips in RVs. So, I wasn’t entirely on that trip.

Wear And Tear

Old curtains wear out. Condensation, direct sunlight, close quarters with lots of people, all lead to curtains, and fabrics in an RV will showing wear and tear. Sitting over winter, and layers of dust that adventure brings, the materials in an RV do take a heavy beating.

Types Of Window Treatments You Can Use In An RV 

One way to brighten up your RV is to customize your curtains. If you like to DIY (Do It Yourself), you can use a curtain track to cover windows or create more privacy in your RV spaces.

Z-COLOR Alloy Plastic Windows And Balcony Curtain Track

This track allows you to customize the space where the curtains hang, and how long and wide you want the curtains to hang. To see more specs on the Z-color Alloy Plastic Curtain Track, visit the Amazon product page.

SuperMMarK 9.8 Feet Silent Curved Curtain Orbit Balcony & Window Flexible Bendable Track Top Mounting

Reduce the noise made by your curtains with this Top Mounting Silent curtain track by SuperMMark. Easily customized to shape or length needs, Track curtains are a great addition to RV life. To see more product info about the SuperMMark Silent Curved Curtain Track, see the product page on Amazon. 

Drapes/curtains – choosing lightweight ones

If you want to keep a retro look with traditional hanging curtains, keep weight in mind. Light, airy curtains help your space seem happy, and free to move where the wind takes you.

Cackleberry Home Camping Adventures Valance Curtain Lined 

54 Inches W x 17 Inches L this whimsical and fun camping themed curtain will bring smiles to lots of faces in your RV living space.

These are perfect for your retro decor theme in your RV. To see more information about the Cakleberry Home Camping Adventures Curtains and textiles, see the Amazon product page. 

DWCN Floral Lace Sheer Curtains – Rod Pocket Window Voile Sheer Drapes

Rod Pocket Window Voile Sheer Drapes for bedroom or kitchen these short curtains measure 52 x 45-inch Length, a set of 2 white curtain panels. Perfect for softening direct sunlight, while keeping the natural light shining in your RV. 

These sheer lace curtains are crafted from high quality imported 100% polyester, and they boost a 3-inch rod pocket. The delicate floral pattern hangs nicely by itself and can be paired with other DWCN curtains. To see more on DWCN Lace curtains, visit the Amazon product page. 

These curtains are sold two panels per package. Each panel curtain measures 54-inch x 45 inches with eight silver grommets( inner diameter is 1.60 inch)

These curtains are machine washable in cold water, gentle cycle, no bleach, tumble dry. To see more about the Top Finel White Short Sheer Curtains, see the Amazon product page.

Valea Home Soft Burlap Short Curtains

More rod pocket curtains, each package includes two panel short curtains, W26” x L45”|panel, W52” x L45”|set. 3-inch rod pocket will be easy hanging.

If you are looking to filter light, and have some substantial privacy, these curtains are a good option.  To see more about the Valea Home Soft Burlap, Short Curtains, visit the Amazon product page. 

Pleated window shades.

 Pleated Fabric Window Shade White Light Filtering Shades.

This six-pack of light filtering window shades come in several sizes, including 36-inches X 72-inches. The shades are Light Filtering Shades that create privacy, block out harmful UV rays, and provide proper light.

They are a perfect room darken, window covering solution to RV windows. To see more about the Pleated Window Shades, visit the Amazon product page. 

Allesin Cellular Honeycomb Blinds.

Cordlessly block out the light from outside, and inside the RV with these blinds. Single-cell pleated blinds, that are a cordless version, blackout, and have inside and outside the window frame mounts. These are an excellent option for RV window coverings. To see more information about the Allesin Cellular Honeycomb Blinds, see the Amazon product page. 

Reflective Shades – With or Without Curtains

Reflective covers help to protect your RV from harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays that damage surfaces of your RV.

Camco SunShield Reflective Door Window Cover

These reflective sun shield shades are sold in five differing sizes; they are used to block harmful UV (ultraviolet) sun rays from damaging your RV surfaces that are in direct sunlight. These are made for use on doors, and windows.

Because they reflect the rays of the sun, they help regulate the temperature inside the RV.  To view, more details about the Camco SunSheild Reflective covers see the Amazon product page. 

Blackout Window Film, Static Cling Window Tint

One hundred percent light-blocking, this film clings to your window via static cling. Cut it to fit any RV window and enjoy a very dark sleep setting.

This product is installed with water, this film is easily repositioned and settled back into its window home.  To view more details about the Blackout Window Film, visit the Amazon product page.

US Energy Products BP48010 48-Inch by 10-Feet Bubble Pack Insulation

In the middle of winter, any added insulation you can add to RV windows, and doors are a huge benefit. Light blocking this reflective bubble wrap protects your RV from damaging ultraviolet rays.

To find more details on the US Energy Bubble Pack Insulation, see the Amazon product page. 

Finding Insulated Curtains For An RV

Temperature control in an RV is harder to fine-tune than in a home. Mainly with longer RV stays, finding small ways to reduce direct sunlight, and reduce outside noise is essential, and entirely do-able.  Read on for solutions for sound and temperature control.

Double Hung Curtains

Layering a light lacey curtain between the window and a more massive curtain last gives the benefit of filtering light, and adding two layers of light and sound blocking.

Thick Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains have a layer of thin acrylic foam between double or triple layers of fabric to act as insulation. Thermal curtains work to dampen sound, block sunlight, and help reduce energy bills. These are an excellent option for RV windows.

NICETOWN has these small thermal curtains that will work well for an RV. The curtains measure 45-inches long and 52-inches wide per panel. To more information about NICETOWN, thermal curtains visit the Amazon product page. 

Combinations Options

Fitting reflective shades in combination with curtains is a way to add more insulation and sound and light blocking. This combination is especially nice if you are trying to prepare a kids’ room in an RV.

RV Bunk Curtains

RV bunks are perfect for adding a sense of ownership and privacy to living in a small space. However, most RV’s do not include curtains over the bunk area. There are some DIY options for this like the tracks mention in the first section of this post.

The curtains we are most interested in for the purpose of this article are small bunk room window covers. These windows offer a special challenge because they are often not a standard size window.  There are a couple of ways to beat this challenge.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

If you are handcraft or frugally minded. It is a great option to measure and cut curtains for bunk windows yourself. This can include hand-measured and cut reflective window covers.


Similar to DIY (Do It Yourself) curtain options. You might be able to find valance size curtains that will fit in an RV bunk room window space. If needed it would be pretty simple tailoring to get the width to fit if a valance was too wide.

I know you might be thinking, but valances won’t help block light or sound. I found just the product for you.

Blackout Valance

Deconovo has blackout valance offerings for sale on Amazon. The valances measure 52-inches by 18-inches. They are sold in eleven different colors. To see the color choices visit the Deconovo product page on Amazon.

Damask Printed Valance

If you are looking for something with more color. Try these Damask printed tie up shades. The printed shades hang from a curtain rod pocket and are 18-inches long.

To see color options or more information visit the Amazon product page.

Solid Tie-Up Valance

This solid color tie-up valance is 20-inches long, are sold in one-panel packages. These would be great for adding to RV decor design without standing out like a sore thumb. To see more on the Solid Tie Up Valance see the Amazon product page. 

RV Window Covers, No More Headaches

Now that you have all these amazing options to choose from, the curtains in your RV shouldn’t be a headache for you anymore. Whether you want them to block light, dampen sound, protect RV surfaces or just freshen up the RV decor, you know have lots of ideas, and inspiration.

If you are wanting to learn a few other tips and tricks for reducing noise in an RV be sure to read the article about “How To Reduce Road Noise In An RV.” and this article about RVing With A King Bed and Bunks.

Leave me a comment and let us know what RV window coverings have worked the best for your RV?

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