RV Dinette Furniture [Where to Buy and How to Care for Yours]

In most RV's the dinette area is a central one. That's where you sit down for meals, family time, and maybe even work. Let's talk about how to make that nook as inviting as possible, find the right dinette furniture and care for it properly down the road.

RV Dinette Furniture: Where To Buy And How To Care For YoursRevamping your recreational vehicle involves more than just upgrading the lighting and design scheme, so you will have to fully tinker around with the interior to change the landscape to your liking. This is why RV dinette furniture is so useful, saving space, providing an aesthetic touch up, and maximizing functionality.

RV dining furniture types

Because of the tiny spaces of most RVs, you would want your RV dinette to be as feature-rich as possible. The most important trait of this RV furniture unit is ease-of-maintenance because things will get very dirty very soon (after all, that's where you have your meals).

RV dinette also needs to be as lightweight as possible while still being durable since this will reduce the weight of your RV as much as possible.

There are two basic types of dining areas in an RV, be it a motorhome dinette or a camper dinette (travel trailer or 5th wheel).

RV dinette booth

Just like in your classic diner, an RV dinette booth is made of a central table and two opposite benches (or three in a U-shape arrangement) with cushions. The benches often contain additional storage space as well.

The entire dinette booth is usually the setup of an additional bed or two. You just fold in the table and flatten the benches into a double bed.

This makes the dinette booth a popular option for families. The RV dinette booth can be used for dining or children's activities during the day. When it's time to go to bed, everything is stowed away, and the booth turns into a bed for two children.

Here's how an RV dinette is turned into a bed.

RV dinette table with separate chairs

The other setup for an RV dining furniture is that of a table with separate chairs. The table can be foldable as well. When that's the case, you can fold the table back and attach it to the wall. By removing the chairs and storing them under your RV, you get a new open space that you can utilize for just about anything.

One advantage of this setup is that you can easily turn the dinette into a working station. You can use the dining table and just add a comfortable work chair instead of the regular dining chairs.

RV Booth Dinette Sets

These products are slightly more expensive because of the way they are designed. They are perfect for use with RVs because you can conveniently transform them into seats and a table for easy dining and a bed to rest. The idea is to maximize the bang for your buck.

1. Dinette Booth Set by RecPro

This product is exactly what you need on your RV if you want something that easily transforms into both the dining table and a chair.

Both seating booths are designed to maximize seating arrangements, providing enough space for at least four people in your RV. A sturdy table leg is utilized to provide the perfect support system for the dinette set. It is lightweight and requires minimal effort in setting up.

The leg is fitted with compression on each end that will lock into place and stay there until you decide to change your mind. Because each part is conveniently small enough, you can store them in your RV for later use. The best part is that the table can bear up to 2000 lbs, which is more than what most conventional tables can offer.

Click here to buy this product.

2. RV Dinette Cushions by RecPro

These are only cushions, not the entire booth itself. The cushions can transform into a seating space, are available in four different color options to help you spruce up your RV, and are made with easy to clean material.  There are 5 different sizes to choose from, so make sure you do your homework before choosing it. The product is sold in pairs of 2.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

3. Dinette Booth by RecPro

It’s the same product but with a smaller size to accommodate for tinier RVs. The product quickly transforms into a luxury bed that features some of the most comfortable paddings to help you put to sleep at night. You can lift the seating to reveal ample storage space, which could be utilized to store the table and its two sturdy legs.

There are four different color options to choose from, including toffee, mahogany, and chestnut. This is a 38-inch RV dinette booth set, so take that into account before placing an order.

Click here to learn more about it on Amazon.

4. 40” Dinette Booth Set by Rec Pro

Rec Pro is a popular manufacturer that specializes in RV equipment. This dinette booth set has the same features as other models on this list.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

RV Tables and Chairs Dinette Options

These tables and chairs don’t transform into beds or elaborative booths, but they manage to get the job done. They are easy to clean, require minimal assembly, are affordable, pack lots of durability, and won’t consume much space in your RV.

1. Folding Table

Need to replace your built-in dinette table? Consider taking that out and replacing it with a detached folding table. This is a good option for a small motorhome folding table, which you can use inside the camper or outside, weather permitting.

This Growsun table has durable aluminum legs that can be folded into a tiny space and propped up on your RV when it’s time to eat food. Despite weighing only 5.5-pounds, this table won’t be breaking up any time soon. Its metal design is built to stay free from rust and corrosion. The quick installation makes it easy to use the table on the go, a perfect companion for people who are always traveling.

Click here to buy this table on Amazon.

2. RV Camper Table

This dinette table is designed to be lightweight, compact, and portable. It utilizes a heavy-duty aluminum trip to maximize durability for years to come.

The tiny dimensions are as follows: 35 inches by 22 inches, making it perfect for tiny spaces. Although the default color is white, you can make further inquiries with the manufacturer if you want a different color choice.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

3. Heavy-Duty Foldable Stool

This stool can also double as a mini table. It provides seating space for one fully grown adult. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. It can support weights up to 300-pounds.

For a very low price, you’re getting a good bargain. But don’t let that fool you. The stool boasts high durability, featuring a heavy-duty steel frame that is designed to withstand the rough use that is part and parcel of outdoor travel.

Click here to buy this product from Amazon.

4. Set of 4 Chairs by FDW

Set of 4 chairs that are both lightweight and durable, featuring non-slip rubber feet to stay glued to your RV even when it’s traveling.

The backrest is designed to maximize ergonomic value, to ensure good comfort levels. A protective film on the surface protects the chair from rust and the occasional scratch. All in all, you can’t go wrong with this set of 4 chairs for your RV.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

5. Set of 4 Chairs by Poly and Bark

Poly and Bark are renowned manufacturers of comfortable chairs that are perfect for outdoor use.

What sets them apart from other products on this list are the non-marking feet caps.

This allows you to use the chair on your RV without damaging the floor. The chair's surface is coated with durable metal plating to prevent it from rusting or corroding with extensive use.

Click here to learn more about it on Amazon.

Other Online Stores for RV Dinette Booths

Amazon isn’t the only store that sells RV products. In fact, its range of selection is slightly limited and won’t cater to all your RV needs. If you want to upgrade your RV, you will have to shop elsewhere. To help you on your journey, we have rounded up a selection of the most reputable online RV retailers.

1. Camping World

Camping World is designed for RV enthusiasts and has more than just fancy electronics o sale. It has access to indoor tables, sofas, furniture covers, and chairs that you won’t find elsewhere. They do have a fairly robust returns policy between 30 to 90 days if you’re not satisfied with the product.

Click here to explore their shop.

2. eBay

eBay used to be more popular than Amazon, but just because it’s taken second place (or third depending on who you ask), doesn’t mean it’s got a lack of any products. We were able to find far more RV furniture on eBay than on Amazon, and most of them qualify for free shipping!

Click here to learn more.

3. Walmart

Walmart will always top any list that has to do with online retailers, and if you’re in the market for RV dinette, you might find something that catches your fancy. A lot of the products you can get on Amazon are also available on Walmart, some with smaller price tags.

Click here to learn more.

4. RVfurniture.com

A lot of the products we found on RV Furniture are exclusive to the website, you won’t find them elsewhere. This makes RVFurniture worth exploring. The lesser-known online retailer has access to many RV dinette manufacturers that are responsible for some of the most useful RV equipment.

Click here to learn more about RV Furniture.

5. Shop4seats.com

Shop4seats is a goldmine if you want rare, functional chairs that maximize aesthetics and practicality. The online retailer rarely features discounts, and some of their products have premium price tags on them. There are a lot of RV dinette items to chose from, which will be shipped to your location in 5 to 7 days.

Click here to learn more.

6. Dave & LJ’s

We can bet you haven’t heard of Dave & LJ’s before this list. This small e-commerce business specializes in RV equipment that includes chairs, tables, dinettes, and other recliners that are rare on the market. They are in cahoots with some pretty well-known brands in the business, so chances are you’ll stumble across something useful here.

Click here to learn more.

7. RV Parts Nation

RV Parts Nation is a well-known brand that has been in business since the early 1900s. They deal in all kinds of products related to RVs including electrical appliances, water heaters, towing hardware, storage, and plumbing. There are a few attractive furniture items to browse as well.

Click here to find out more.

8. Wayfair

Wayfair is surprisingly low on this list, because they mostly feature traditional chairs and tables, although you will find something rare that fits the bill.

Click here to find out more.

9. RVshare.com

RV share is like Craigslist, allowing buyers and sellers to connect overused RV furniture. There’s a very high chance you might find something useful here. Although make sure you deal with a buyer in an open, non-secluded public place.

Click here to explore.

10. RV Furniture Center

Here’s another popular online retailer that specializes in RV furniture. RV Furniture Center is mostly known for its comprehensive Thomas Payne collection which you might not find elsewhere. They have dinette booths, chairs, sofas, mattresses, and other useful accessories.

Click here to learn more.

11. Coach Supply Direct

We found a comprehensive list of furniture items to browse on Coach Supply Direct. This includes, of course, some exclusive Thomas Payne RV furniture, booth dinettes, recliners, and couches that can’t be found elsewhere.  They have a fairly responsive sales staff that will get back to you right away.

Click here to learn more.

And don't forget to check out our mega guide on online stores for RV furniture here!

Cool DIY RV Dinette Ideas

If you spend a large portion of your time on your dinette and want to take more creative control over how things look, you very well can.

You don’t have to go to a furniture store or consult an online retailer to buy expensive items that can be prepared yourself. Sometimes a bit of improvisation can go a long way in saving you money, time, and fill you with a sense of accomplishment – all at the same time.

Here are a few DIY dinette ideas that should give you a rough idea of where to start.

1. Looks Like a Regular Home Doesn’t It?

The accessories on the wall and the cool geometric designs on the dinette make this RV look rather homely. Looks like a fairly regular home.

2.  Dinette Next to Couch

The RV dinette booth is located right next to the couch, so two or three persons can dine, while the fourth can relax on the couch. You can replace everything from the throw pillow to the eclectic rug without breaking the bank.

3. A Bouquet of Flowers Completes It

If you ask us, the vase completes this dinette booth, connecting all the vast design elements in this RV and giving it a more cohesive look. You can do this yourself too. Don’t forget the bouquet!

4. White Colors All the Way!

Pick a color theme and stick with it, just like the owner of this RV. There’s nothing fancy here that breaks the bank. The dinette booths that feature on our list require a few touch-ups to create a truly luxurious décor.

5. Neutral Colors for Scandinavian Interiors

This RV owner knows how to bring the perfect Scandinavian interior into his RV. There are no elaborate design elements that look ridiculous, and there’s nothing on here that is needlessly expensive either.

6. RV Lighting

The light fixtures play a pretty important role in this picture. This RV doubles as a home and office space at the same time. All items can be sourced from Amazon at affordable price tags.

7. What a Dinette Booth Looks Like

This RV owner knows how to take complete advantage of dinette booths, even utilizing the space underneath the seating.

8. Eclectic RV Dinette

There are a lot of colors and patterns in this tiny space. This obviously requires a lot of time and effort, but does so without overstretching your budget.

9. Dinette Table

This is a pretty bare-bones dinette table that doesn’t have fancy transformative features but manages to get the job done. It also looks really nice too! Make sure to get in touch with the user to get this dinette table.

10. Red and Yellow Theme

The red, yellow, and brown color palettes look visually appealing and should make your dining experience worthwhile. Of course, you can choose a completely different color palette for different results.

Caring for RV Furniture

It is in your best interest to keep the RV clean to maximize the unit’s life and value. The important thing is to use the proper equipment and cleaning supplies to avoid damaging sensitive surfaces on your RV. A good place to start would be your RV’s manufacturer to fetch the recommended cleaning agents. If you’re in doubt about a certain cleaning agent, test a small area to see what it will do to your RV.

Never ever use flammable sprays or liquids to clean your RV, especially when you don’t have proper venting systems in place.

Furniture Upholstery: If your dinette is covered in upholstery, then it is bound to become stained and dirty over time. Your best course of action would be to go with water-based cleaners, don’t choose any other solvents as they could result in an adverse reaction.

Interior Accessories: Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attached at the end to remove dust and dirt from interior accessories such as shower curtains, window treatments, and blinds. To prevent the buildup of mold or mildew, make sure you get rid of moisture frequently. Use a glass cleaner to remove smudges from the glass.

Tables: Wipe the table with a soft cloth damped in mild detergent solution or cleaning polish. You can keep cabinet fronts, hardwood doors, and tables look brand new. Do not use ammonia-based solutions because they can cause damage over time.

Here’s a comprehensive video by straight from dinette manufacturer RecPro that you can watch to learn more in-depth tricks to clean your RV’s cushions and upholstery. The video is only 4 minutes 20 seconds long to keep things short. It gives you a brief tutorial on how to clean upholstery, and which cleaners to use.

Here’s a 30+ minute video to give you a much more in-depth guide on cleaning your RV upholstery. The content creator has over 113,000 subscribers, so she knows what she’s doing!

We hope you found this guide to be thorough and useful! Leave us a comment to let us know what kind of dinette furniture you have in your RV and what you would recommend that others get.

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