Best RV Door Holders (And When and How to Replace Yours)

All good things must come to an end, and your RV parts will witness the same fate. The RV parts that are used on a frequent basis tend to wear out quickly. We’re talking about the door holder, which plays an important role in keeping your motorhome door open. A properly functioning RV door holder prevents the door from slapping against the surface of the RV so you can enjoy the view and the weather.

The most common type of RV door holder is the hook and keep latch, better known as the T-latch. It gets its due to the fact that it has a capital letter ‘T’ at its end. Best RV Door Holders (And When and How to Replace Yours)It has two different parts: the first is a moving arm with a wide broad end, while the second bracket is a keeper or slot that is narrow at the bottom and wide at the top. This latchet is attached to the wall or door, and the keeper bracket is hooked to the other. To hold the door open, all the user has to do is to fasten the T-latch arm in the second bracket’s notch.

It is very common for RV door holders to get worn out with time for obvious reasons. Every time the massive frame of the door jitters and struggles, it causes stress on the latchet. A strong gust of wind can knock off some screws off the keeper door holder, leaving an ugly mess in its wake. In some cases, when the t-latchet and the keeper door holder are mismatched, the user has to poke the bracket with the t-latchet slightly to get it fixed, which also takes its toll on the holder.

In most of these scenarios, your best option would be to have the entire RV door holder swapped out with a brand new one.

How to Replace a Hook & Keeper Door Holder

Before installing the new door holder, make sure that the keeper door holder is facing the right side. This is important because gravity can force the latchet into the keeper, causing the hook arm to fall out of the bracket. The t-latch should fit snugly into the keeper door holder frame and slide down when it isn’t being used. If the t-latch arm only folds down in a particular orientation, it should be the default position you want to maintain.

1) Prepare the Door and Wall

Use a drill to unscrew the old RV door holder from the wall and the door. Use paper towels, plastic scraper, and mineral spirits to clean the areas of any leftover residue such as sealant or adhesive. This is important because the leftover residue creates a small gap between the wall and the bracket. Make sure to add a new sealant later on. You will need to remove the old adhesive because it will prevent the new sealant from forming

2) Verify if It All Fits into Place

Make sure that screw holes perfectly line up with the new brackets. The screws are going to anchor the door latchet and support the heavy frame of the door. It is, therefore, important for the screws to go the proper length.

3) Wash the Area

Before installing the new brackets, you need to ensure that any dew, moisture, and rain does not get into the holes of the screws. If need be, fill the holes with caulk to seal it up.

4) Installing the Door Holder

Install the door holder over the exterior of the door and make sure its frame lines up perfectly with the holes of the crews. Place the screws in their proper positions and secure them using a drill.   Once the screws are in place, pull the bracket against the frame of the dull to push any caulk out of the edges.

Recommended Products On Amazon

To help you select the most durable RV door holders, we’ve rounded up some of the best products on Amazon that will hold your RV’s aesthetics together and keep it in durable shape.

1. RV Trailer Door Holder by Red Hound Auto

This T-shaped door catcher has all the bells and whistles you would expect a top of the line RV door holder to possess, including a generous 4-inch long arm, zinc coating for protection from rust, and toughened steel with high tensile strength. You might have to bend the T-shape because it makes a rugged 90-degree angle that might prevent the door holder from latching onto the bracket.

Installation is easy, maintenance is not a chore, and the thing will last you long. It’s a must-have.

Click here buy it on Amazon.

2. RV Trailer Door Holder by WINOMO

Most people are going to like this RV door holder because it is spring loaded. This prevents the latch from coming undone during times of extreme wind or when undue stress is being applied against the door. The T-holder is made of stainless steel that can withstand lots of pressure to secure your door without giving away.

It also features zinc coating to prevent the buildup of rust and protection in tough weather. The silver finish of the door latch would look super chic with your RV, giving you the best of both aesthetics and durability.

Click here to buy this door holder on Amazon.

3. T-Style Door Holder by Podoy

Most motorhomes come with a default cheap plastic door holder that will need to be replaced with something more durable. This T-style door holder by Podoy fits the bill when it comes to extreme durability due to its thick stainless steel metal frame that feels heavy when you touch it. You will get a couple of compatible screws to install the door holder in the right place.

This product works exactly as we want it to, looking both good and being ultra durable. You won’t be replacing your door holder any time soon after getting this one.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

4. T-Style Door Holder By JR Products

This T-style door holder is crafted from durable plastic. The black color is chic and will go with nearly any RV. All the necessary mounting hardware is included. It even comes with a lifetime warranty, so there's no need to worry about it wearing out.  

Get this product on Amazon here.

5. Motorhome Door Holder by Camp’N

This is a massive RV door holder with a bulky design, instantly winning over your confidence in the durability department. However, the larger size may not be for everyone, you could go with the 3.5-inch version if you want something more subtle. All the parts in this product are plastic except for the screw, although you won’t need a new product until a few years later.

Installation is relatively simple, just remember to remove any sealant that is already in place of the screws and you’re done.

Get this product here on Amazon.

6. E239 by RV Designer

As an off-white finish that should look good on your motorhome regardless of its color palette, this door holder gets high marks from us due to its durable design. The t-latch is quite long, making it easy to secure the door and keep it in place. The door holder is durable and should last a long time after installation.

Standard installation procedures should be followed.

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7. RV Door Holder by JR Products

The t-latch has a generous 4 inch length to make it easy to secure your RV door. You’ll also get compatible mounting screws to make installation easier. Other than that, this RV door holder hits all the right notes in the durability department due to its stainless steel frame. It won’t be crumbling away any time soon. We were slightly upset at its lackluster appearance, which some of you might take an issue with.

Click here to buy this product on Amazon.

8. Zinc T-style Door Holder by RV Designer

This t-style door holder features an elegant silver finish that makes it look very elegant, definitely more superior than other barebones products on this list. The product is easy to install and should last you several years because of the tough materials used to construct it. RV designer is a well respected door holder manufacturer with many years of use in the industry. You can’t go wrong with this product.

Get it here on Amazon.

9. Stainless Steel RV Door Holder by LandCamp

We just had to include this beauty on our list because of one simple reason: it’s designed for heavy-duty use. The metal frame is evidently thick and should last a long, long time. It is built for tough weather to keep your door open and without slamming on you. You will get 8 screws that should be relatively easier to install.

Get this product on Amazon here.

10. RV Door Catch By Hamilton Bowes

This white durable plastic RV door holder is fit for all your door-holding needs. Each holder measures 3 1/2 inches long. Purchase the mounting screws separately. 

Get it on Amazon here.

Voila! That's all you need to know about your RV door holder. Time to open the door now and enjoy the fresh air and the view!

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