9 Great RV Flooring Ideas To Consider

Ensuring you have an RV with a beautiful interior demands floors that are stylish and durable. If you were curious about what types of floors are excellent for an RV, do continue reading. We researched a host of quality flooring that is aesthetically pleasing and satisfies a range of budgets. Learn more about the pros and cons of each type of flooring for an RV.

Check out the following flooring types you'll want to install in an RV:

  1. Bamboo
  2. Carpet
  3. Cork
  4. Foam
  5. Hardwood 
  6. Laminate
  7. Peel And Stick Flooring
  8. Real Tile
  9. Vinyl

Keep reading to discover the right type of flooring for your RV that is best for your lifestyle, personal style, and budget.

View of the inside of a new RV mobile home, 9 Great RV Flooring Ideas To Consider

Stunning RV Floors

When selecting flooring for an RV, you should consider the difficulty of installation, how much weight it adds to the RV, cost, durability, and resistance to water, stains, and wear and tear. The flooring you choose for your RV should meet your needs, feel good under your feet, and look good. An RV should have an interior that feels like the comforts of home but can handle life on the road.  Shop around and keep in mind the pros and cons that each floor type provides.

RV table with coffee mugs and pot with holiday decorations

1. Bamboo

Bamboo branch with green towel on wooden background

RV owners who are looking for flooring from eco-friendly sustainable materials may swoon over bamboo floors. Bamboo flooring is available in floating planks, engineered options, or traditional tongue-and-groove that needs to be nailed down. Be aware that although bamboo is easy to maintain, the cost is similar to hardwood floors, and humidity may create cracks. Look out for toxic adhesives used to process the flooring as well as scratch resistance or vulnerability.

2. Carpet

Are you looking for flooring that has a more traditional feel and feels ultra-plush under your feet? Consider installing carpet tile in an RV for a cozy feel. Create a floor that offers an extra layer of insulation on chilly days and can be readily vacuumed clean. Carpet may eventually look dated and worn if you use an RV a lot, so consider layering with an area rug or runner.

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3. Cork

Close up texture detail in the surface of cork board wood background

Another eco-friendly floor option that is comparable in cost to engineered flooring is cork. Cork floors are typically made from tree bark or recycled ground-up wine corks. Choose this insulating flooring to keep your RV warmer, absorb sound, and it's less stressful on joints. Note this flooring is biodegradable, available in peel-and-stick tile, naturally fire-resistant, and hypoallergenic.

4. Foam

Families with kids and an RV can think outside of the box and opt for cushy, foam flooring. Interlocking foam tiles can easily create a springy floor, typically found in gyms and kids' playrooms. However, in an RV, you get a unique look, a layer of insulation, and the floor doesn't easily absorb water.

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5. Hardwood 

Believe it or not, some RV owners love to install hardwood flooring for the interior space. Be aware that hardwood flooring will add some weight to the RV, which can impact fuel efficiency. However, there are so many elegant hardwood floors, from oak and poplar to teak and pine, that look so good. Prepare for a high-maintenance floor or choose a luxury vinyl flooring that mimics the look and feel of hardwood without the cost.

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6. Luxury Vinyl Floor Planks

Luxury vinyl floor planks have come a long way since their inception. Today's modern LVF planks have a similar quality to hardwood floors in durability and come in attractive styles, but with a smaller price tag and less high maintenance. Choose LVF planks for a chic, lightweight option that is stain, scratch, water-resistant, easy to install, and budget-friendly.

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7. Peel And Stick Flooring

Make installing flooring for an RV a cinch with convenient, affordable peel and stick flooring in trending styles, various sizes, and patterns. Choose from peel and stick flooring in engineered wood, vinyl, cork, carpet, or plastic to fit your personal style. The quality of this type of flooring varies, but it is budget-friendly and replacing tiles and clean up is easy.

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8. Real Tile

Using tile that is ceramic, porcelain, glass, or even natural stone seems out of reach. However, if you choose a heavier traditional tile for the floor of an RV, the best bet is to choose smaller tiles to put less stress on large areas of the floor. Make adjustments for the floor's foundation, choice of adhesive, and get creative with mosaic tile for visual interest and longevity.

9. Vinyl

Whether they are planks, sheets, or peel-and-stick tile, Vinyl floors are all versatile options for an RV. Many people swear by vinyl flooring because it is typically water-resistant, durable, easy to clean, and affordable. Consider the quality of the vinyl design and longevity before making a final decision. But, vinyl is easy to replace and comes in a range of styles and colors.

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What Is The Best Flooring For An RV?

Hands down, one of the best flooring types for an RV is vinyl. You can choose from luxury vinyl planks, vinyl tile, or sheets to cover the surface area of the interior. People love using vinyl because it is affordable, comes in a wide range of styles and colors, is easy to clean, and holds up to modest wear and tear.  Choose vinyl for easy installation and durability.

Can You Use Floating Floor In An RV?

If you were interested in using a floating floor in an RV, you're in luck. Installing floating floors like laminate, luxury vinyl planks, and engineered hardwood are all applicable. For an RV, floating floors are great because they are inexpensive compared to more traditional flooring styles. The level of maintenance, ease of replacing flooring, and wide range of colors and patterns make it a winning choice.

Is Peel And Stick Vinyl Flooring Good For RVs?

If you are curious about DIY flooring for an RV, you will want to check out peel and stick vinyl flooring. Peel and stick vinyl flooring is great for RVs because it is budget-friendly, and some products last up to two decades before needing a replacement. You can find peel and stick flooring that mimics the look of hardwood floor, ceramic, and natural stone to create an impressive layout. Choose this type of affordable flooring for its durability, easy-to-clean surface, and ability to be installed atop existing flooring.

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Can You Put Real Tile In An RV?

Traditional floor tile in ceramic and glass is pretty heavy and not ideal for installing in an RV. However, you can choose real tile flooring and place it successfully in an RV if you make some adjustments. Choose smaller tiles over large tiles that can break easily and undergo significant stress if covering a larger space area. Avoid heavy, thick ceramic or glass tile and look for flexible, lightweight tile that is less than 1/2 inch thick for best results.

Take into consideration how the foundation is set up and opt for plywood flooring that is a minimum of 3/4 inch thick with appropriate support. Use a modified adhesive and give your tile plenty of time to cure before using the RV. Mosaic tile is an excellent choice for an RV.

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In Closing

There are so many wonderful types of flooring that you can install in an RV that look good and last a long time. We hope that you learned more about attractive flooring that fits your aesthetic and budget. Keep in mind how your flooring choice will add weight to the RV, how it handles wear and tear, and maintenance needs. Installing the best flooring for your RV is a significant investment, so choose wisely so you can focus on adventures and the open road.

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