33 Best RV Furniture Online Stores That You Need to Know About

If you're looking for new furniture for your RV, you've probably realized by now that the brick-and-mortar stores are few and far between. But there are plenty that will ship to your home, which is great because you have more choices that way! We scoured the internet; here's an extensive list of all the places to buy RV furniture.

Sofa for sale in a furniture store, 33 Best RV Furniture Online Stores That You Need to Know About


Just A Few Pointers

Before you start shopping, make sure you know what it is you're looking for. Whether you're looking for motorhome RV furniture, 5th wheel furniture, or travel trailer RV furniture, the trick is to be ready and equipped with your measurements.

RV Replacement Furniture

Here's a quick reminder that replacing the furniture in your RV can be a great way to revitalize its looks. When buying a used RV, replacing the dinettes, sofas, and bed mattresses can instantly make that rig feel fresh and new.

What's more, RV replacement furniture is something that you can use to your advantage even when buying a brand new motorhome or trailer. Let's say you found the model of your dreams, but you really aren't happy with the pattern or color of the living room furniture? No problem, you can purchase a set of your own choice to really turn that rig into the RV of your dreams.

Discount RV Furniture: How To Find It

Everyone loves a sweet deal. Camper furniture can get expensive, so if you can cut down on costs, why not do just that? When browsing the sites in this list, make sure to look for a clearance or discounts section. You can also try searching the store with something like "RV sofa clearance."

Used RV Furniture vs. New RV Furniture

The stores on this list offer new furniture items, but some may also have refurbished items on hand (in other words, used RV furniture that's been properly cleaned up to be re-sold). These would usually be returned items, where buyers never used them in their rig. This is actually another great way to find discount RV furniture.

If you're very lucky, you may be able to buy used RV furniture via Craig's List or similar advertising boards. Just make sure you see what you buy and use your best judgment to avoid scams.

And now, let's get the list of RV furniture stores rolling.

1. Amazon

As with many things, Amazon has a wide variety of choices in RV furniture. They carry a lot of the major brands, with many items coming with free shipping (and some even with Prime shipping).

Amazon website product page for furniture

Amazon's selection of RV furniture includes sofas, recliners, mattresses (including RV-sized choices), tables, and more. They also have all types of parts and accessories, as well as camping/outdoor furniture.

Click here to visit their website now.

2. eTrailer

Who knew etrailer.com sold RV furniture? Aside from their furniture options, they also have some parts and accessories.

eTrailer website product page for furniture

While there isn't a huge selection, they do seem to have some competitive prices. eTrailer is not just for getting towing/related items and asking their expert staff for free advice. They state they have an average of 400 hours of product training on their products.

Click here to visit their website now.

3. Camping World

As the name implies, this nationwide chain has all things RV-related, including the RVs themselves. If you don't have one near you, they will ship it to you from their online store.

Camping World website product page for furniture

Like Amazon, Camping World has both indoor and outdoor furniture, and also furniture for boats (that may or may not work for your RV). Also, for an in-store option, they can help you with the removal and installation of the furniture.

Click here to visit the website now.

4. RecPro

Although you can find this brand through other websites, RecPro also sells and ships directly to the public from their own site.

RecPro website product page for furniture

They make sofas, dinettes, tables, recliners, sectionals, ottomans, and more. One of their most interesting products is a recliner with powered assistance to help you stand up.

Click here to visit the website now.

5. Bradd And Hall

Bradd and Hall website product page for furniture

This company specializes in making their own solid wood furniture, which is custom-built for each order and takes about 4 weeks to ship.

Bradd and Hall make dining tables, desks, folding coffee tables, and wooden dinette booths. They also carry Flexsteel upholstered furniture, including Captain's chairs and mattresses. You can buy directly from their website, their showroom, or authorized dealers.

Click here to visit the website now.

6. RV Furniture Center

The RV Furniture Center has a showroom in Idaho where they offer installation, but they will also ship from their online store.

RV Furniture Center website product page for furniture

Besides the normal upholstered furniture in the form of recliners, sofas, driver/passenger seats, and dinettes, they have memory foam mattresses in "short queen" length (60" x 75"). Memory foam mattresses can be so much more comfortable than the typical RV mattress, so it's nice to find a place that sells a  memory foam mattress size that will fit an RV bed.

Click here to visit the website now.

7. Glastop

This Florida-based furniture company has every type of upholstered furniture you typically see in an RV. They have separate sections for Captain's chairs for both Class As and Class Cs. They also sell recliners, sofas, dinettes, sectionals, ottomans, and wooden tables, plus some replacement parts.

Glastop website product page for furniture

They carry major brands of RV furniture such as Flexsteel, Villa International, Lafer, Lambright, and Sunbrella.

Click here to visit the website now.

8. PPL Motorhomes

PPL Motorhomes website product page for furniture

PPL is a Texas-based dealership that primarily sells all types of RVs (not just motorhomes), but they also sell and ship furniture.

The catch is that it seems like what they carry is a random assortment of stuff. However, some of their prices seem pretty low compared to other websites, so you may find a good deal.

Click here to visit the website now.

9. eBay

Yes, you can find both new and used RV furniture on eBay. As with all eBay purchases, proceed with caution--not all sellers are alike as far as reliability and quality of products.

eBay website product page for furniture

Luckily, eBay is pretty good about protecting its buyers when it comes to issues. You also don't have to do an auction; many sellers offer "Buy It Now" or "Make An Offer" options.

Click here to visit the website now.

10. RV Parts Nation

RV Parts Nation has a short video from their showroom that shows some furniture in action. The company offers all the standard RV furniture for sale. 

RV Parts Nation website product page for furniture

They also have an informative section about things to consider as far as safety and insurance when buying new furniture for your RV. 

Click here to visit the website now.

11. Villa International

You can find products from this furniture manufacturer through other places, but when you order directly through their website, you have an additional, unique option to put in an order for custom furniture.

Villa International website product page for furniture

This is a great option if you have a spot that won't fit the standard furniture. This is a common occurrence as RV floor plans change and manufacturers go out of business or are bought out by others.

Click here to visit the website now.

13. Coach Supply Direct

Coach Supply Direct website product page for furniture

Although they have "coach" in their name, many of the pieces they sell would certainly work in towable RVs also. They have some really impressive-looking sofa/dinette combos that are worth a look if those two items are right next to each other in your RV (as they often are).

This company does not allow you to order online, because they want you to email or call them to ensure they get all the details correct. But they will ship to you and give a quote for shipping at the time of order.

Click here to visit the website now.

14. Countryside Interiors

This Oregon RV furniture maker sells big names like Flexsteel, but also custom-makes wooden cabinets and other items themselves. They will re-upholster furniture at their showroom, or even sell you the raw materials to do the job yourself (or pay someone local to you).

Countryside Interiors website product page for furniture

There are also options for used and consigned furniture that can be shipped.

Click here to visit the website now.

15. RV Yard

Arizona RV Salvage website product page for furniture

Furniture pulled from RVs that have been declared unfixable by insurance are often perfectly fine and sold at reasonable prices. A lot of these RVs have body damage but the interiors are intact, so there is nothing wrong with the furniture. Additionally, you can find rare items that new furniture sellers no longer carry. If you get an exact replacement from your year, make, and model of RV, you know it will fit right.

The drawback is that you can only buy what they have on hand, and the selection can be hit or miss. They will ship, but you have to place an order over the phone. Even though they offer warranties on their products, we recommend that you have the salesperson visually inspect the item before you agree to buy it.

They might also be willing to send you additional pictures if you ask. It probably won't be in perfect condition, but you do want them to verify whether there are any obvious defects before you have them ship a heavy, expensive piece of furniture to you. It might be worth a look.

Click here to visit the website now.

16. Opulence Home

Opulence Home website product page for furniture

Although this company is not strictly an RV furniture manufacturer, some of the RV stores, like Camping World, do sell their products. You can also buy from them directly, and they will ship to you. Their selection includes recliners, living room chairs, and ottomans.

They might be a nice departure from the standard RV furniture, but be mindful that many pieces look like they would be difficult to bolt down for safety; they might be more like 5th wheel furniture than what's meant for travel trailers or motorhomes.

Click here to visit the website now.

17. Shop4Seats

As you can imagine, this site sells all types of RV seating including Captain chairs, recliners, sofas, and dinettes. They even have furniture packages, which are handy if you're replacing all your RV seating and you want it all to match.

Shop4Seats website product page for furniture

They offer a lot of fabric and leather selections, upgrade options (like power recline), various sizes, and even custom sizes. If you need replacement seats for a truck, van, or SUV, they have that, too.

Click here to visit the website now.

18. IKEA

IKEA website product page for furniture

Obviously, IKEA is not specifically RV furniture. But you'll find it in a lot of RV, and tiny home remodels, for many reasons.

Firstly, it's affordable. RV furniture can get expensive because it's a specialty item. Second, it comes disassembled so it will fit through the door of your RV. If you try to bring a regular sofa or recliner into an RV, it's likely not to fit through the standard RV doorway. 

Third, it tends to be lightweight. This can also be a downfall because IKEA's construction might not hold up to a life on the road. Fourth, they have many options, including cabinets and other pieces that are narrower in width and depth than a lot of pre-built furniture. Lastly, they have a lot of convertible furniture, like cabinets with doors that convert to a tabletop.

Click here to visit the website now.

19. Colaw RV Salvage

Colaw RV Salvage website product page for furniture

This company is based in Missouri. Like the Arizona salvage store, they offer a lot of the major brands. However, if you want to know what they have, you'll have to call or email them with a specific request.

As with the other salvage place, we recommend asking for detailed pictures and verification of dimensions. They will ship to you, but you will probably have to place the order over the phone.

Click here to visit the website now.

20. RV Upgrades

This website only sells outdoor furniture, which means it's technically not just for RVs. However, it looks like it all can be folded flat and is fairly lightweight, which means you can probably fit it in your RV's basement storage compartments.

RV Upgrades website product page for furniture

Their chairs come in all styles, including recliners and ones that have attached trays for drinks or food. They also have a camp kitchen, folding tables, folding benches, and some inflatable loungers.

Click here to visit the website now.

21. Dave & LJ's RV Interior Design

If you're in the Oregon area, this company will re-design and remodel your RV for you. If not, they sell Captain's chairs, sofas, and recliners, shipped to your door.

Dave & LJ's RV interior Design website product page for furniture

They also have wooden RV furniture, like coffee tables, end tables, and dining chairs. You do have to call to order, but they have pictures of products on their website.

Click here to visit the website now.

22. RV Part Shop

RV Part Shop website product page for furniture

The RV Part Shop sells chairs and sofas, seemingly all from Lippert. Although the company is Canadian-based, they have warehouses in the U.S., which prevents border fees.

Click here to visit the website now.

23. Discount RV Furniture

This company makes their furniture right in the U.S., from the frame up. This gives you many customizable options in combinations you might not see in other manufacturers.

Discount RV Furniture website product page for furniture

They do all the usual: recliners, Captain's chairs, sofas, and dinettes. They also sell DOT-compliant seat bases so everything can be safely bolted in.

Click here to visit the website now.

24. RV Furniture

Not to be confused with the RV Furniture Center (#5), RV Furniture is actually the name of an RV furniture manufacturer. Their website says they've been in business for 20 years, and they're in Kansas.

RV Furniture website product page for furniture

They make solid wood tables and dining chairs in ash, oak, cherry, maple, and beech. There are several fabric options for upholstery on the chairs as well.

Click here to visit the website now.

25. Pleasureland

Pleasureland website product page for furniture

This is another RV dealership that also has what they call a surplus parts store. They carry all the usual suspects: seating, dinettes, and tables. They also have a few wooden bases for jackknife sofas.

Click here to visit the website now.

26. Walmart

In stores, Walmart sells some RV supplies. But online, they offer RV furniture from RecPro (sofas and recliners). They also carry RV bunk mattresses and mattresses in shorter RV lengths. They have RV tables for both inside and outside the RV as well.

Walmart website product page for furniture

Some items are shipped directly from the manufacturer while others come from Walmart; they can be shipped, or you can also get the free in-store pickup.

Click here to visit the website now.

Stores where you can buy RV furniture in person

A lot of the websites mentioned above also have showrooms. But, there are also several stores that will not allow you to buy online or ship to you. Here is the list for both new and used RV furniture.

27. RV dealerships

Many dealerships also have a parts and service department, and the ones with enough space will also carry furniture. The advantages of buying locally are the ability to try out each piece before you buy it, and not have to pay for shipping.

Also, you can often have the service department remove your old furniture and install the new. This is a good idea especially if the piece is bolted down or attached to the wall because you want to make sure it's safe and secure when you're driving. 

Keep in mind that some might not have websites, and you might find the best deals there because they don't have to cover advertising costs.

28. The Motorcoach Store

The Motorcoach Store website product page for furniture

This company is in Bradenton, Florida. They sell high-end RVs and other vehicles (even yachts!) and also have a service department. They do not have any pictures of the furniture for sale on their website, but according to a blog post, they do sell and install RV furniture in all types of RVs.

Click here to visit the website now.

29. Lazydays RV

Lazydays RV website product page for furniture

This dealership, rental company, and service center sells furniture out of their showrooms. They are located in Tucson, AZ, Loveland, CO, Denver, CO, Minneapolis, MN, Knoxville, TN, and Tampa, FL. They even have an RV resort in Tampa. You can see some of their furniture online.

Click here to visit the website now.

30. Golden Gait Trailers & RVs

Golden Gait Trailers and RVs website product page for furniture





This Concord, NC RV seller does full remodeling. They even have a custom cabinetry shop for any special sizes or shapes you might need. They can also reupholster existing furniture.

Click here to visit the website now.

31. Recovery Room RV Interiors

Recovery Room RV Interiors website product page for furniture

Located in Riverside, CA, Recovery Room sells new furniture and refurbishes existing pieces. They offer installation as well. Other services include replacing window blinds and flooring.

Click here to visit the website now.

32. Craigslist

You can find some deals on your local Craigslist for RV furniture, although it will most likely be used and selection will be limited. Craigslist can also be a pain to work with sometimes because you have to sift through scammers and flaky people who post ads and then don't respond.

Also, make sure to check the free section. There are stories of couples that remodeled their RVs. They gave away a used motorhome sofa bed and dinette for free to the first person who was willing to come in with their own tools, unbolt it from the floor, and carry it out of the RV by themselves.


33. Amazing Creations

Amazing Creations website product page for furniture

Amazing Creations in Junction City, OR is an interior RV design and remodeling company that sells furniture. They will also install furniture bought either through them or elsewhere. Other services include custom cabinetry, window treatments, flooring, appliance and electronics, and refinishing.

Click here to visit the website now.

In Closing

Whew! That was quite the list. We're sure you could find more if you tried, too, just by asking other RVers you meet. And if you have any recommendations, please do share them here!

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  1. Countryside Interiors: We purchased Theatre Seating and custom woodwork. Most of items were installed November 2018.

    The theatre seating is what we ordered with the correct material and options. The original installation wasn’t completed. 5 of the 6 bolts to secure the seating to something secure are in place. So that will have to be fixed. The chair still rocks back and forth.

    The custom cabinets are another matter. The workmanship is just poor throughout. 1. The stain doesn’t match any of the current wood cabinets. 2. The front facing on the cabinets don’t match. 3. There isn’t a way to open one of the cabinets except by sticking a knife between the wood and lifting up. Then since the covering for the wires wasn’t installed, the wires are exposed inside the cabinet. The cabinet is also about an inch to long since a floor wasn’t installed. You can see through the bottom. It also isn’t square with the wall or molding installed. Basically just useless. 4. The extra piece of plywood that was installed, it appears to be stained matched correctly, it was just placed over the top of the current wood so that changed the appearance of the corner and the staples are visible. 5. In fact, plain wood is showing that hasn’t been stained in one of the cabinets. 6. The L brackets on both cabinets are on the outside and not the inside and are a couple of different colors.

    The cabinets were very poor workmanship, installing and crafting.

    This was not a professional installation nor was it even close to being factory installed. The cabinetry is totally unacceptable and the seating isn’t totally secured.

  2. We found that many RV dealers and retailers specializing in RV’s seem to forget that quality is still important. Having purchased recliners from LaZBoy previously, I insisted on checking them out for our travel trailer. I’m so glad I did. Our recliners are connected so we have a loveseat with recliners. They are special orders so it takes awhile to get, but worth it! Be sure to measure your space!

  3. We bought a 2018 Freedom Elite 24FE Mercedes Chassis and have taken the fold down table out because we can’t sit comfortable due to our sizes. We don’t know who to call to see if we can take the benches out & install at least 1 recliner. We understand there is a water heater under one seat & water lines under the other. We need to know if we take out the benches will 1 recliner fit in the center on the slide out due to the weight of the recliner. We have no problem having the are reconfigured.

  4. I wonder cant you just use regular furniture in the RV and bolt it down for travel purposes? Obviously one thing i didnt think of was being able to fit the piece thru the door but sincw im looking at a day bed with trundle to use as a couch/seating area they come apart so should fit thru the door ok. I honestly planned to use regular furniture or make it and upholster it myself to ensure we get hodden storage and folding capabilities where we want. I think adding drawers to bottom areas and underneath areas is a great use of space and adding hinges to tables or cabinetry is nifty and convenient as well. I follow a ton of camping and rv bloggers on pinterest also and the remodels people have done are amazing! And most are affordable also!

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