RV Ice Maker Not Working – What to Do?

An ice maker is one of the many conveniences we take for granted until it's gone. If you load up your RV for a trip only to find that your ice maker has stopped working, you may find yourself having to purchase bags of ice. While this option is okay for a short time, it can become a hassle in the long run. We researched ways to troubleshoot your RV ice maker, so don't give up just yet. You will find possible solutions below. 

There are several reasons your RV ice maker may not be working. A couple are easy fixes, but some require replacing the entire ice maker. The following are a few reasons your ice maker may not be producing ice:

  1. Water turned off
  2. Ice maker turned off
  3. Inadequate freezer temperature
  4. Faulty water valve/solenoid
  5. Not enough voltage/faulty electrical outlet
  6. Ice maker needs replacing

Simply knowing possible causes for a non-functioning ice maker is not enough. You need to know how to find the problem and how to fix it. Keep reading as we discuss finding and fixing the issue, replacement options, finding the reset button, and other common questions.

Automatic ice maker in action, RV Ice Maker Not Working - What to Do?


Why is My RV Ice Maker Not Working? 

There are several reasons your RV ice maker may not be working, and some are pretty simple. On the other hand, others are more complex and could require completely replacing the ice maker since many RV ice makers do not have replaceable internal parts. 

While any RV owner can check some issues, other problems, such as power supply issues, may require help from someone who has experience dealing with electrical wires. This may also be the case with some of the testing procedures. If you feel uncomfortable with any part of the process, hire an electrician, or ask a buddy for assistance. 

1. Water Turned Off

The most obvious reason your RV ice maker is not working could be that the water to the maker is turned off. You can typically find the switch on the outside of your RV in a storage compartment. This compartment is usually near the refrigerator.

However, all models are different, and you may find the switch in a cabinet inside the motor home. Once you find the water valve to your ice maker, make sure the switch is turned on. 

For help finding the switch to your water valve, watch this YouTube video:


2. Ice Maker Turned Off

The second most obvious reason your RV ice maker is not working is that the ice maker itself is not turned on. Open the freezer door. Look at your ice maker, and find the on/off switch. On some models, you will need to remove the ice tray to find the switch, while others will have it on the front. 

On the Norcold, there is an on/off lever on top of the machine. According to Norcold, if the lever is facing up, the ice maker is turned off. To turn it on, pull the lever to the right until you hear it click. 

3. Inadequate Freezer Temperature

Adjusting new refrigerator thermostat control knob

According to The Norcold Guy, some ice makers, such as Norcold models, are temperature operated. This means that the ice maker will only function once the freezer reaches a specific temperature. Check the thermostat on your freezer. Turn it to a colder setting, and see if that helps. 

4. Faulty Water Valve/Solenoid

If everything is turned on and the freezer is cold enough, it's time to check the water valve. At this point, you have already located the storage compartment containing the ice maker control panel. Find the blue water valve solenoid. It will have a small hose connected to it. Unscrew the hose. If water spews out, the valve is working. 

You can check out a Dometic ice maker valve on Amazon.

5. Not Enough Voltage/Faulty Electrical Outlet

Close up of an electrician testing a circuit

Most RV refrigerators run on 120V A/C power. If you do not have your fridge plugged into a 120V outlet, it will not have enough electricity to power the ice maker. If the outlet is 120V, it may not be working correctly. To check your outlet, you will need a multimeter. 

Before testing your outlet, you should know that the large plug is for the neutral wire, and the small plug is for the hot wire. The round plug is the ground wire. The black testing wire is the negative lead on the multimeter, and the red testing wire is the positive lead.

Always hold the multimeter tester wires by the insulated handles. Insert the black, negative lead into the neutral plug first to avoid electrical shock. Next, insert the red, positive lead into the small plug. The screen of the multimeter will tell you how many volts the outlet is putting out. 

If the outlet does not have enough voltage, now is probably the time to call an electrician unless you have experience with these situations.

You can find multimeters on Amazon.

Watch this YouTube tutorial on using a multimeter:


6. Ice Maker Needs Replacing

If you have tried all the above methods, and your ice maker still isn't working, it's probably time to replace it. It is often easier and cheaper to replace the entire ice maker than to continue troubleshooting one that has proper voltage and working valves. 

You can purchase RV replacement ice makers on Amazon.

Check out this YouTube video for help troubleshooting and replacing your RV ice maker. 



Dometic RV Ice Maker Not Working—What to Do?

The steps to troubleshooting a Dometic RV ice maker are the same as troubleshooting any other RV ice maker. Follow the above steps to discover the problem. If you cannot figure out what is wrong, try the steps below to reset your Dometic RV refrigerator. If all these fail, you will need to buy and install a new ice maker. 

Check out this Dometic ice maker on Amazon.

Where is the reset button on a Dometic refrigerator?

Locate the refrigerator control box on your RV. It will most likely be in a storage compartment on the side of the RV close to where the fridge is located.

When you open the compartment, you'll see a silver panel. Remove it to find two red wires. In between the red wires, there is a black reset button. You may need to remove the top or bottom red wire to press the button. This will reset your refrigerator. 

Watch this YouTube video for a visual guide:


Norcold RV Ice Maker Not Working—What to Do?

Most Norcold RV ice makers do not have replaceable internal parts. Therefore, if you have verified that the water is turned on to the ice maker, the water valve is working, the ice maker is turned on, and the plug is functioning correctly, it is time to purchase a new ice maker. 

Installing a new ice maker is quick and easy, and you can generally get replacements at a reasonable price. You can even purchase universal ice makers. 

Where is the reset button on a Norcold RV refrigerator?

Unlike the Dometic fridge, the Norcold refrigerator does not have an actual reset button, making it a little more challenging to perform a reset.

You'll remove the panel on the storage container, exposing the control wires. You will see a tiny black box with a green wire. There should be a red bulb lit. Make sure the area is completely dry; use a blow dryer if necessary. Then, take a magnet, and place it above the light. When you hear two clicks, the fridge has been reset. 

For a visual tutorial, watch this YouTube video: 


How does a Norcold refrigerator work?

Norcold RV refrigerators use a distillation process to make them operate. The liquids are combined in a boiler unit and dispersed into the system. Once those liquids evaporate, it results in a cooling effect. 

This YouTube video goes into great detail about this distillation process: 


Norcold ice maker water line replacement

As mentioned earlier, the water line is connected to a blue solenoid/water valve. To replace the waterline, you will unscrew the clear line from the blue solenoid. Next, you will take your new water line and screw it into the valve. 

You can find replacement water lines on Amazon.


When it comes to RV ice makers not working, there is usually a relatively simple solution. The first steps include ensuring the water is turned on to your ice maker and the ice maker is turned on. If this isn't the problem, and you can't find a way to repair your existing ice maker, it is quick and easy to replace it with a new one. You can even find universal RV ice makers instead of using an exact match. 

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