31 Stunning RV Interior Remodelling Ideas (With Pictures!)

If you've spent much time in the RV space, you've noticed that manufacturers are not exactly turning out fashionable interior spaces. Most RVs interiors have dated cabinetry, dark interiors and unattractive brown upholstery on built-in furniture. How can an RV owner update their rig and make it more pleasant to live in?

Interior of a modern RV kitchen with table for dining, 31 Stunning RV Interior Remodelling Ideas (With Pictures!)

Even if you're not planning on living full-time in your RV, you may want to make a few simple changes to update your RV.  Sometimes there is an area in the RV that just needs to be reworked, like a dinette that doesn't suit your family or trying to maximize storage in an awkward corner.  In an RV, both aesthetics and space count!

The following photos are from all different types of RVs: 5th wheels, campervans, and even bus conversions.  Please remember that I've selected these pictures to provide inspiration, not set up a standard of the perfect RV that we all need to achieve. We hope that whatever solutions you're looking for, you'll find inspiration for your home on wheels here.

RV Interior Color Schemes

Choosing the color scheme may very well be the most important step in your project. Most RV's come off the production line with either a brown or gray color scheme. This can be a good look, but for many full-timers, it can simply be too boring. While you can spruce up the inside of your camper with accents, such as curtains, throw pillows, or brightly-colored utensils, changing the entire color scheme can really contribute towards a total makeover.

As you'll note in the following examples, these people changed from the run-of-the-mill brown color scheme to light, bright, and sometimes contrasting color combinations. In fact, we considered naming this post "RV interior paint ideas"!

Why are RV's interiors usually brown?

Since we mentioned that they are, it's worth commenting on this particular observation. Traditionally, RV's of all types often have a brown interior color scheme. Looking inside a camper, you may see something like this -

RV interior color scheme

In an attempt to create an environment that's very different from the inside of a car, designers tend to use materials such as wood, or those that resemble wood. The warm hues are meant to create the feeling of a home. Sometimes this works, but other times, the overall effect is dated. That's why some RV companies now offer different color schemes, focusing more on cooler hues, such as gray and black.

Close-up on kitchens

More brightness with the white walls and cabinets in this RV renovation.  A simple peel-and-stick backsplash can work wonders in a small RV kitchen. With a small surface area, owners may be able to splurge on a higher quality countertop surface, such as the butcher block or marble pictured here. We also love the fun sink faucet, which is an easy upgrade for any RV.

This owner added wood trim pieces to existing cabinet doors to create the rustic, farmhouse style.  The copper metal backsplash is a great accent for this look.

In a world of white RV interiors, we like that this kitchen embraces more earthy colors. The copper-toned hardware coordinates with the counter surface.  A simple curtain replaces a bulky valance or ugly RV standard window covering. The backsplash ties it all together.

We like the use of chalkboard areas in this kitchen and the butcher block countertops.  The spice rack in the front of the cabinets is a fantastic storage option! This kitchen would be very user-friendly for those who enjoy cooking in their RV.

This kitchen renovation maximizes vertical storage space without feeling cluttered. The colors are neutral and bright. There is room to display small accents of color.

Living room spaces

In the photo above, we enjoy the bright and modern feel to this 5th wheel interior. The dark and bulky RV furniture has been removed.  In its place, the owner has brought in lighter, free-standing furniture with clean lines.  Walls and cabinetry have been repainted with lighter colors and replaced light fixtures as well. We really liked the use of wood and plants, without creating a dated brown color scheme.

Replacing the trim on a slide-out is another fairly simple project that can make a big statement.  The natural wood planks contrast nicely with the white cabinets and walls in the slide of this Class A motorhome.

We love how this cozy sitting space invites you to curl up with a good book. The large, uncovered window allows the great outdoors to be the focal point for this room. The low bookshelf with storage options and counter space on top, is a smart piece of furniture to include in this charming area.

This trailer has a coastal feel with the navy and white color scheme. The bamboo roller shade is a great idea that is still light and airy when pulled down for privacy. The light fixtures are also dramatic accents.

What a creative idea to use the stairs as a focal point!  The decal paper used on the staircase draws the eye and connects the spaces. We like that the TV is downplayed in this arrangement.

For nomadic entrepreneurs who need to work from the road, we think this is a brilliant setup.  The owners have transformed the slide area into an office space.  They have kept it aesthetic by using natural wood for the slide-out workstation.

While this wallpaper pattern might not be everyone's choice, it does create a dramatic accent wall that also divides space between rooms. We like the shelving on the accent wall to break it up the strong pattern, and the coordinating paint color on the shelf.

There is so much to love about this RV living area.  Bringing in a surface area rug is something many people forget about, but really centers the room. The curtains softly frame the large picture window while the ottoman piece doubles as storage and seating.  Wooden planks frame the slide-out, and small sliding barn doors cover the fireplace when not in use.

Dining area

This dining space is elegant and yet casual. We love the bold wallpaper paired with neutral seats and table surface. Shiplap style planks added to the back of the dinette booth bring character without any competing with the wallpaper. It's clean and not too busy.  I'd love to eat lunch here!

Recovering stock RV cushions is an easy way to improve upon any room.  Here, the colorful cushions add a pop of color against the other neutral tones in the dining space. We also love how light the curtains appear with sunlight beaming in!

Here is an example of completely removing the standard RV dinette furniture and bringing in furniture that has simple lines and less bulk. The stools are versatile piece that can provide seating in other places inside and outside the rig. The thin legs of the table also help keep the space light and clean.

Bathroom ideas

Bathrooms in an RV are usually very small spaces, so upgrades here make a huge change. In this bathroom, the owner swapped out the original sink basin, countertop and hardware as well as added trim pieces to the cabinets. The light color on the walls contrasts with the dark paint on the lower cabinets.

The circular mirror and the sink installed above the counter give this space a modern twist. We also like the natural wood floating shelves on the wall.  However, we are a little curious about how they keep all the objects secured when the rig is in motion!

We love seeing the before and after in this photo. The bathroom renovation is mostly surface changes: taking down wallpaper and painting walls and cabinets, changing the counter space and new sink basin, and hardware.  The photo on the right is so much more appealing and cozy!

Design for smaller rigs

This is an expertly designed space for a small campervan kitchen and living area. The white and gray colors connect the entire space. Planks have been added to the ceiling for a natural feel.  The adjustable table over the couch serves as the dining area without taking up extra space. Even in a small space, this room feels fresh and modern.

Another small travel trailer keeps it airy and fresh with natural wood ceiling beams and white walls and cabinetry. The light fixture makes a dramatic statement, as there is not much to compete with it in the room.  The windows are lightly treated, with coordinating wood trim, and curtains that can be pulled back to let in the sunshine.

In this small trailer, everything seems to have a place. The windows allow for a ton of natural light, and the kitchen makes use of every square inch of space.  The cabinets and countertops are uniform colors, which help create a seamless style throughout.

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Master bedrooms

Bedroom inside camper van

This master bedroom have speakers and cabinets above bed with mirrors on each side. White curtains and coffee drapes to match the wooden interior.  And the classy wall lights add charm to any room!

This space was totally transformed from a dark brown slide-out bed to a bright and clean space. The patterned paper behind the bed sets a perfect backdrop for the neutral bedding and sunlight coming in.  The curtain rods and light curtains are an easy feature to add which give character to the walls of the slide.

Creating layers of texture with bedding can make your RV bedroom feel luxurious. We also love the clear glass light fixtures to keep the decor minimalistic. The wood planking around the window brings a natural element to this cohesive space.


Let's talk about bunkhouse spaces. The bright blue sliding door to the bunkroom with modern gold hardware is a bold contrast to the white walls. The white cabinetry on the bunk beds is fresh and clean.

Privacy curtains are a really nice idea for kids who sleep in an RV bunk room. With such limited space in an RV already, kids need at least one place they can call their own.  Curtains are simple to install on a tension rod and don't take up any extra space.  Kids can personalize with choosing the fabric they like, or you can coordinate fabrics with other patterns in the room.

The storage space underneath this bunk is enviable. Some bunk rooms have a TV installed in the under-bunk area, but I feel the shelving is a much better use for the space! The patterned paper lining the back of the shelf is fun too.

This bunkroom doesn't have a door to separate it from the rest of the RV, but it feels like a private space with the full-length curtains.  When the curtains are pulled, it still connects to the main room with the coordinating white and black colors. Below is a closer shot of the bunkbeds in this attractive bedroom.

This is a minimalistic approach to slide-out bunk beds with a boho vibe. The clean, light wood planks define the bunk space while being aesthetically pleasing. We love how the bedding patterns and artwork help keep the theme consistent with the area outside the bunks.

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That's our sampling for now!  Isn't it fun to see what others have done with their RV space? There are so many fun and stylish RV modifications to admire and learn from. Which RV interior renovation ideas are your favorite?  Have you renovated your RV? Please share your ideas with us!

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