Rv Jigsaw Puzzles (6 Fantastic Gift Ideas for RV Lovers!)

If you're a fan of RV life and of jigsaw puzzles, then this post is for you. We handpicked the best RV-themed puzzles that feature motorhomes and campers in a variety of artistic styles! We'll even have some practical suggestions for on how to enjoy these while camping.

Rv Jigsaw Puzzles (6 Fantastic Gift Ideas for RV Lovers!)

But first, the puzzles themselves.

1. Vintage Florida Camping (1000 pieces)

Hennessy Puzzles takes you back in time with this retro design by artist Linda Tillman. A collage of 10 images, all showcasing "tin can"-type campers from the mid-20th-century, in the naive style. An awesome gift not just for modern-day RV'ers but for anyone who loves nostalgia.

The scenes show trailers parked at various beach locations, in what could only be Florida. We loved the design and the soothing pastel color scheme!

While the style may have childlike charm, this puzzle has 1,000 pieces, so requires patience and some experience. The shapes of the pieces aren't generic. Instead, they were hand-marked for extra challenge points. The puzzle was printed on 70-pt blue chipboard, so you get hardy high-quality pieces that would last for generations.

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2. Crazy RV theme park puzzle (500 pieces)

The title of this piece is "Let's Go Camping Together", but we were thinking something like "Camping Mayhem" may be a better option. If you're looking for a crazy type of drawing with surprising details in every tile, then this would be a great option.

While this isn't all about RV's, the campground has four motorhomes, all in all, including two Class A's, a Class B motorhome and a Class C one.

(Not sure what this means? Check out our post about types of RV's).

Perfect, if your childhood camping experiences looked like this. We sincerely hope they're more peaceful these days!

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3. Road Trip Across the USA (1,000 pieces)

Another retro-chic puzzle by Hennessy, this one features RV's - among other vehicles and topics.

The centerpiece of the collage is a pretty red trailer, all set for lunch with a picnic table, guarded by a traveling Fido. Other RV's include a small motorhome and several other campers. There are old cars in the puzzle too, including one that's towing a trailer!

We loved the overall design, with a system of roads going around the images, along with road signs. A great puzzle for any road tripper out there, with a passion for the 195os and 1960s.

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4. RV Camper Nature Adventure (750 pieces)

A blissful camping experience is on display here, in perfect detail. Artist Thomas Wood depicts an old-style camper in a vintage setting.

The emphasis here is on how camping allows you to become immersed in nature. Not only are there forest critters all around - including an owl, squirrels, a deer and even a family of foxes! - but the camper itself is painted with an equally soothing natural setting.

Made of recycled cardboard, this puzzle doesn't have a straight border, so there's the added challenge of not being able to work your way inward from the corners.

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5. Autumn Colors in the RV Campground (1,000 pieces)

The perfect puzzle for autumn, as the leaves turn and days are getting shorter. This beautiful puzzle by artist Mark Frost depicts a riverside campground with a variety of trees showing their color, a la New England.

It's quite a mix at this campground, with tents camping next to RV's of all sizes and shapes. From Class B vans, various trailers and even a truck camper!

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6. Best Places in America (1,000 pieces)

There are no RV 's in this jigsaw puzzle but we thought this was a fantastic option for all of those who dream of RV'ing full-time and seeing all of the wonders the US has to offer.

Or if you've already visited these places, that works too. Just enjoy family time, as you go put together the various locations, either thinking about your awesome visit there or planning a future one.

Sites include the very best America has to offer, from Florida to Maine and out west. All arranged like little travel postcards by artist Lewis T. Johnson, printed on solid blue chipboard using recycled paper. 

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Where else can you buy an RV-themed puzzle?

Can't find what you're looking for? Fortunately, there are other places on the web with even more designs to choose from. Both CafePress and Zazzle are print-to-order stores where users upload their designs so you can order your own copy. Run a search there for RV + puzzle and you'll get a multitude of results on either site.

How can you do puzzles while RV'ing?

Clearly, working a puzzle is not something you should be engaging at while the RV is literally traveling on the road. Unless you can be sure of a super-smooth ride, you'll risk having your progress sabotaged by potholes and sharp turns.

And that's if you can even sit by the table - which you probably shouldn't be doing unless you have seat belts built into the dinette area. Read here more about whether you should be riding in an RV while it's on the move.

The key here is to find the time when you can work on your puzzle while the RV is parked. For a family group, or very experienced puzzlers, that could be a single long afternoon. Others may need to make sure they have 2-3 days of stay at the same campground.

Or do these while at home!

If you love RV'ing but are (still!) not full-timers, why not keep these puzzles at home and work on them on long winter weekends when y0u can't go out camping? It's a great way to keep camping on your mind, and thinking about your next RV adventure!

Keep everything organized

Whether doing your jigsaw puzzle at home or in the RV, you should keep your pieces organized. Many players like to sort the tiles by color, making it easier to find them when you get to that part of the design.

Sorting trays can also help you quickly get the tiles off the work surface if you need to take a break. You can use a baking tray to work on the puzzle itself, so if you need the table for a quick meal, it's easy to get everything out of the way.

We hope you enjoyed this selection of RV life puzzles and our ideas for using them!

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