RV Kitchen Faucet Not Working – What To Do?

It can be super annoying to be on a camping or road trip and realize that your RV kitchen faucet isn't working. The first thing that comes to mind is probably how much it will cost to fix the issue. However, in many cases, there is a quick and simple solution. We delved deeper into the subject, finding several things that could have gone wrong. See our findings and solutions below. 

If your RV kitchen faucet is not working, the first thing you should check is the water valve. You may have forgotten to turn it on. Some other reasons for a malfunctioning faucet could be:

  • A kink in the supply hose
  • Clogged aerator
  • Faulty water filter
  • An empty tank
  • A faulty check valve
  • If you are using the fresh water tank, you may have forgotten to turn it on

Most are simple and affordable fixes, whether your faucet is not working due to a simple mistake or a faulty filter. Keep reading to learn more about how to check for these problems, fix them, and answer other questions you may have. 

Man using a sink in a motorhome. RV Kitchen Faucet Not Working - What To Do

Why is My RV Kitchen Faucet not Working? 

Before you go into panic mode, check to make sure you turned on your water valve. If you did, there are several other problems you can look into. Are you connected to city water, or are you using the RVs fresh water tank? If you are using the tank, it could be empty.

Modern Motorhome Camper Circular Sink. RV Appliances.

However, if you are connected to a city hose, you may want to check with the campsite manager to make sure a problem hasn't occurred on their end. If that is not the case, it's time to make sure there aren't any kinks in the hose and check both the filter and the aerator. Don't forget to make sure your water hose is turned on from the outside faucet. 

Valve Turned Off

three PVC valves in white, close up photo

The valve to turn your kitchen faucet on and off should be located under the sink. Open the bottom cabinet, and make sure the valve is turned to the "on" position. If it's not, turn it on and try using the faucet once again. If this doesn't work or the valve is already turned on, it's time to try a few other methods. 

Campsite Water Issues

Close up of park office camping area registration road arrow sign with passing car in public state park.

If you are hooked up to a water source at a campground, they may be experiencing difficulties. Ride to the office or give them a call to ask if there is a problem with the water. 

Empty Water Tank

filling the water tank of a campervan in campground area

Are you using the fresh water tank in your RV? If so, it may be empty. This seems obvious, but it's an easy mistake to make. Most RVs have a gauge that tells you how much water is in your freshwater holding tank. This gauge is usually located in the kitchen near the sink.

Find the button that is labeled "fresh" or "freshwater." Press the button. It should have lights that will indicate how much water is remaining. If it is empty, find the knob on the outside of the RV to add water to the tank. Run a water hose through the hole and fill it until the sensor shows that the tank is full. 

Kink in Water Hose/Outside Water Faucet Turned Off

A green kinked garden hose

If you are connected to an outside water source, it's time to walk outside and check the hose. If it has a kink, this could be why you aren't getting any water from your kitchen faucet. Remove the kink and try again. While you are out there, check the faucet to ensure the water is turned on. Remember the saying: righty-tighty, lefty-loosey. This will help you remember that turning the knob to the right will tighten it up and turn it off while twisting it to the left will loosen it up and turn it on. 

Metallic faucet with water drop

Dirty/Faulty Filter

Your water filter plays an important role in supplying water to your kitchen faucet. It catches dirt and debris, keeping it from flowing into your drinking water. All those particles build up and can clog the filter. When this happens, the water cannot make its way through the filter and into the faucet. The RV house filtration system is typically located in a compartment near the back tires of the vehicle.

Three cartridge used water filter

Turn off the water valve to your RV. Open the compartment using the supplied key. Once you see the cylindrical filter casing, unscrew and remove it. Open the case and remove the filter. Filters are white when they are new and clean. If your filter is dingy or dirty-looking, it's time to replace it. Toss the old filter in the trash, clean any slime or dirt from the filter casing, and replace it with the new filter. Turn the water valve back on and try the kitchen faucet again. 

Watch this YouTube video to help guide you through the process:

You can find replacement RV water filters on Amazon. 

Faulty/Clogged Aerator

Faucet cleaning. Person's hand holds a clogged aerator. Sediment in water

The aerator is the little piece at the end of the faucet that acts as an extra filter. According to Philadelphia Water, you should clean your aerator and the aerator screen once per year. In addition to replacement, you should also clean the aerator and screen approximately twice per year. Depending on your water use and habits, you may need to replace and clean the aerator more often. 

Using a pair of pliers or a wrench, unscrew it from the faucet. There will be three parts - the housing, rubber washer, and aerator. Soak them in vinegar for approximately three to five minutes, then scrub gently with a cleaning brush. If the parts appear to be in bad condition, it's time to replace them. Otherwise, put the pieces back together and screw the aerator back onto the faucet. 

You can watch a step-by-step guide below:

You can find replacement aerators on Amazon. 

Why does my RV sink have low water pressure?

There are multiple possible reasons for your RV sink having low water pressure. If you have not had any prior trouble with it, the campground could have low water pressure. You can check it with a water pressure gauge. 

Check out water pressure gauges on Amazon. 

If the problem does lie with the campground's water pressure, you can purchase a booster pump to help restore your normal pressure. 

Check out this booster pump on Amazon. 

Other reasons for low RV sink water pressure could be the following:

  • Kinked Hose
  • Dirty Water Filter
  • Faulty Water Pump
  • Leaks

How do I know if my RV water pump is bad?

While water pumps are already quite noisy, if your pump is unusually loud, this could be a sign that your water pump is bad. Additionally, a leaky pump that won't turn on may also point to it needing to be repaired or replaced. 

Will an airlock clear itself?

According to Pulse Plumbers, airlocks happen when the air becomes trapped in the hot water or central heating system. Although they sometimes clear up on their own, waiting for this to happen is risky. Instead, try to clear the airlock yourself or call a plumber. 

Watch this YouTube video to learn how to clean an airlock without calling a plumber: 

How do hand pump sinks work?

RV hand pumps are cheap and easy to install. All you have to do is drill a hole in the countertop and place the pump correctly. Next, connect the hoses; it's that simple. Once it has been installed, pump the handle up and down to create pressure and suction. This will pull water from the tank, into the hose, and out of the faucet.

Some pumps offer prime locks which allow you to leave the handle in the locked position with water ready to flow. However, if you prefer, you can enable the water to revert into the tank once you are finished. 

Check out this hand pump on Amazon. 

In Closing

There are many possible reasons for an RV kitchen faucet not running. We forget to do basic things such as turn on the valve or the water faucet most of the time. Other times, the tank could be empty or an issue with the water connection, such as a kink in the hose.

However, there could be real issues at play keeping your faucet from working. If the previously mentioned reasons don't pan out, you may need to change your water filter or clean/replace the aerator. 

Hopefully, we have helped you solve your faucet problem, but you don't have to leave just yet. We have a wide range of information to help with all your RV needs. Check out these other helpful articles on our blog. 

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