Best RV Ovens and Stoves That Will Make Camping Even More Delicious!

Best Rv Ovens and Stoves That Will Make Camping Even More Delicious!Your RV is a luxurious vehicle, offering you plush sleeping accommodations, a full bathroom with a shower and a toilet, and gorgeous living spaces that rival yours back at home. Your kitchen is nothing to sneeze at, either, but your oven/stove is a little lacking.

Perhaps you’ve had your RV for a while and these appliances are a little older and just not getting the job done anymore. Maybe you’ve expanded your family and you need more space to prep and cook meals. You also just might want another stove or oven for outdoor cooking.

Whichever describes your situation best, we think you’ll enjoy this list of RV ovens and stoves. We have all sorts of picks for a variety of kitchens, including bigger ones with plenty of room to more compact counters that still need some cooking oomph. Don’t miss the end of this article, either, where we provide a helpful Q&A to help you narrow down your options.


1. Atwood Range 21-Inch Stainless Steel Oven

With three impressive burners, the Atwood Range 21-Inch Stainless Steel Piezo Ignitor would be a great oven for your RV. The front includes a toaster and a broiler for crisping bread or rolls. The dual rear burners can achieve 6,500 British thermal units per hour (BTUH). Need more power? The front burner is the high-output one, capable of reaching 9,000 BTUH. That means faster cooking times on your RV.

The Atwood Range oven comes with linear gas control valves so you’re in charge of your meals. If you want to nuke your food, you can, but you can also set the burners to a barely-there simmer. All the burners are sealed so there are no messes or spills to worry about. Stamped grates and piezo ignition are other nice features of this Atwood oven.

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2. Camp Chef Outdoor Oven

For a highly-rated oven from Amazon, we recommend the Camp Chef. This black/silver appliance measures 18 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 31 inches tall. It runs with a propane can (one-pound) but can be used with a bulk tank. You’d need to get a separate adapter for that setup. Make sure you only use those two fuel sources, as anything else can be dangerously flammable.

Camp Chef’s 35-pound oven can stash several pans that are at least 9x13 inches. Even better is that, with only a single can of propane, you get five hours of high-heat cooking. The internal temperature of the oven can reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll always know which temperature you’re cooking at with an included thermometer.

Running at 3,000 BTUs on average, you also get dual igniter range burners that can achieve up to 7,500 BTUs. This is like an oven and a stove all in one. No wonder this is such a favorite for RV owners.

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3. Dometic Stainless Steel Three-Burner Oven

Dometic is one of the best names in RV appliances, so you already know their stainless steel three-burner oven is going to be a good one. While it’s more expensive than some other RV ovens you might come across, you could have this bad boy for a long time to come.

The rear burners run at 6,500 BTUs and the front burners at 9,000 BTUs. Those front burners have some of the highest output you’ll find in an RV oven. This heavy-duty appliance weighs 53 pounds, so it’s definitely not designed to be portable. It fits best in countertops and spaces that are 20 ¼ inches wide, 16 inches high, and 17 ¾ inches deep.

All the features you’d expect in an RV oven are here, such as stamped grates and piezo ignition. You also get a toaster and broiler included with the oven. The burners are sealed as well so no messes can build up beneath the range top. With a two-year Dometic warranty, this is a solid choice for an RV oven.

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4. Flame King RV Cooktop Stove

If it’s just a stove you need for your RV, try the Flame King. This inexpensive cooktop stove weighs about 14 pounds and measures 18.5x13x4.5 inches. It’s designed for counters that are 16 1/8x11 5/16 inches.

Flame King’s stove features adjustable knobs that let you control the size of the flames. There’s also a cover to keep your stove free from dust, dirt, and kitchen debris. Although you only get two burners, they run at 7,200 BTU each, making them quite mighty for fast and varied cooking. Both burners are surrounded by a 5200-circular grate. They should stay cleaner longer, but make sure you wipe them down from time to time.

The Flame King is designed for portability, so feel free to bring it outside if you so desire. The abovementioned cover will also prevent your stove flames from being blown out by the wind. If you want, you can get this cooktop stove permanently installed in your RV kitchen counter. Either way, we think you’ll enjoy the Flame King quite a lot.

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5. Thorne Electric Company 4-Burner LP Stove

This bronze four-burner LP stove from Thorne Electric Company would suit your RV kitchen as well. It’s heavier than the Flame King, as it weighs 16.3 pounds. It’s 20.25 inches long, 24.25 inches wide, and 4.875 inches high.

You will not get a hose or regulator with this LP stove, so you’ll have to buy those separately. The stove runs on manual ignition and is not supposed to be used indoors. Still, this is one powerful stove, as it has four burners that run at 16,000 BTUs each. With flame control and a standard canister LP gas fuel source, the stove is easy to use. You can anticipate many more homemade meals cooked and enjoyed on your RV.

You even get a warranty good for one year, giving you some peace of mind with your purchase.

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6. Deli-kit 30 inch Gas Cooktops Dual Fuel Sealed 5 Burners 

Another awesome pick from Deli-kit is their Stainless Steel Drop-in 2-Burner Stove. The dual burners are different sizes and run at different BTUs to match. The smaller burner can achieve 5,200 BTUs. It also has a standard circular grate. The bigger burner is encircled by a sizable oval grate and can get up to 7,200 BTUs.

There is no included wind protection cover, but Deli-kit says one can be designed as a special order. It might be worth considering if you enjoy outdoor cooking.

What you do get is an appealing drop-in styled stove that’s meant to fit in compact areas of your RV. The stove itself weighs 10 pounds. It measures 18.9x15.8x7.1 inches.

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What You Need to Know Before Buying an RV Oven or Stove

Investing in a new RV oven or stove is an expensive venture. You want to be confident in the choice you make. That’s why we’ve put together this brief Q&A. Here, you can get more information on RV stoves and ovens before you buy yours.

What’s the Difference Between a Range and Cooktop Stove?

While we didn’t provide any cooktop options, range stoves came up a lot in the above products list. What is a range stove and how’s it different from a cooktop?

Cooktop stoves are for smaller RVs or even travel trailers. They can squeeze in next to cabinets or wherever you have a bit of empty countertop space. The BTU power of the burners is not typically that high, especially when compared to range ovens. Still, if you need to warm up food or keep it toasty on a simmer setting, a cooktop is plenty suitable.

Range stoves are the real deal, the full appliance that is often permanently installed in your RV kitchen. These are heavier and take up much more space. You’ll need a larger kitchen to accommodate a range oven. The BTU range is typically much higher, given you greater versatility when it comes to cooking your meals.

Do All RV Stoves Run on Gas?

Almost all RV stoves you come across will use gas to heat up the burners and cook your food. This gas is most commonly liquified petroleum gas, or LPG, often LP for short. LP gas canisters are convenient for stoves because the containers that house the gas can be quite small. As mentioned, sometimes the cans weigh just a pound. That makes them convenient for storing. You can even fit several at once in your RV without having to worry about vehicle weight distribution. Just make sure you keep them out of a flammable environment.

There you have it. Whether you’re looking to invest in an RV oven, stove, or even both, we hope this guide gave you some great brands and appliances to look into. Happy RVing!


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  1. I have a friend who loves cooking so I decided to give her an oven for her rv. I think she would be very happy. Can you give me some advice on a good oven? thanks

  2. I bought a Camp Chef to make an outdoor kitchen on my lanai. It is perfect! It lights every time. I can fit 2 full-sized skillets on the burners (bacon and eggs for the family) and I have used the far to bake a cake, cinnamon rolls, and meatloaf…it keeps me from heating up my house in the summer. I absolutely love it.

  3. Atwood is installed in a converted cargo trailer and will work very well. The positive reviews about the style and functions were correct. The gas control valves work very well. Our camper would turn off the gas on low flame and we would have to re-light the burner. The controls on this cooktop go down to a minimum flame but do not go out. This is a very handy feature. It is easy to take off the grills and the top for cleaning. We are looking forward to many good memories with this cooktop.

  4. I am using the Atwood stove range. I noticed that there are three different burners placed on a 17-inch grate surface. It’s compact, ensuring users that it will not take up too much space at all.

    • The only problem that I have about this Atwood cooktop is that the grates are a bit too high from the burners for my tastes. I would have liked it better if it was just a bit lower, and not made of a round bar. It would have made my pans and pots lie level on the burners.

  5. Flame King was purchased to replace the Suburban cooktop installed in the outside fold-down “camp kitchen” on my fifth wheel RV. It appears to be a far superior product even at its modest price. The other shock and surprise I got are that this stove has dual ignitors (no batteries or power required). The stove is relatively lightweight, but once installed is plenty sturdy. In summary, I am extremely happy with this and impressed by its quality.

  6. I really love Atwood stove and oven. Yes, the oven is small, and I debated getting one of the larger Atwood units instead prior to purchasing this. The space in my trailer is quite limited, and this has turned out to be a perfect fit, so I have no regrets.

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