Top 15 RV Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

If you’re looking for good RV tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) that will let you monitor your RV’s tire, then we’ve rounded up a list that will let you hit the roads in style.

Tire monitoring systems make it possible to keep you up to speed about your tire’s current state. This significantly lowers the chances of having flat and blown out tires which could be responsible for causing a road accident down the road.

Top 15 RV Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

While it makes sense for cars to make use of TPMS, they’re not at risk of being stranded in the middle of nowhere because of a flat tire since help is just a phone call away. Unfortunately, this does not apply to RVs especially when they’re out of town.

The market is full of models and manufacturers that make it difficult to decide the best RV TPMS that will do a good job of keeping you informed. This is why we’ve prepared a list of the most functional TPMS that will make sure you’re always prepared when on the go.

1. Smart TPMS by TireMinder

Everything is done on smartphones these days, so it makes sense to keep tabs on your RV’s tires by simply whipping up the phone. This is where the Smart TPMS by TireMinder comes in, it can monitor over 22 tires and detect a pressure reading of up to 232 psi simultaneously. It also offers temperature readings.

Smart TPMS can monitor your RV’s tires for all kinds of issues and leaks. The moment anything comes undone, the system promptly sends an alert to your smartphone. This device is compatible with iPads, iPhones and most Android devices.

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2. TPMS6 by EEZ RV Products

If you’re in the market for a good TPMS, you can’t go wrong with TPMS6 by EEZ RV Products. It is one of the most functional types of equipment on the market to give you peace of mind. Furthermore, it is equipped with state of the art anti-theft sensors to ensure your vehicle is safe from thieves and other people with nefarious intentions.

This product can sense pressures and temperatures for up to 26 tires simultaneously, who even needs this many tires in the first place? The best part is that it can read as much as 210 psi per tire! This is an investment that will keep your RV sound and safe.

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3. TPMS by TST

Truck System Technologies (TST) is a name you’ll frequently run into if you’re an RV enthusiast. They produce some pretty useful devices that are robust, durable, and versatile all at the same time. The 507 TPMS is one such product that you will appreciate for its ease of use and a high degree of accuracy. This system will keep you up to date in terms of pressure and temperature.

The monitor features a fancy color display, which is always welcome. We were worried that the system might fail at longer distances, but were happy to learn that it can remain functional for up to a distance of 90 feet! That is impressive.

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4. RV-6 TPMS by Tire-Safeguard

RV-6 is highly regarded by RV enthusiasts because of its smart features. The system has powerful sensors that have replaceable batteries. It is possible to properly secure the sensors in place to prevent them from getting dislodging out o place, or worse getting stolen. You will also get a portable monitor, which is perfect for RV owners without the need to install signal boosters.

Furthermore, warning levels on the system are completely user adjustable, so you can define your own system pressure temperature settings to trigger alarms. The system can only monitor up to 6 tires at the same time, not that it is a bad thing. A downside to the RV-6 TPMS is that it is not very easy to install, you might need a hand with installation.

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5. Wireless TPMS by CACAGOO

This TPMS system by CACAGOO provides real-time updates for up to 4 tires simultaneously. To make readings easier, each tire has its own unique ID code, so you’re never confused about pressure and temperature readings for any particular tire. The system is versatile enough to provide you with early warnings for leaks and other bad situations.

Each sensor is powered by an easily replaceable CR1632 battery while the monitor can be powered with an onboard cigarette lighter. Furthermore, each sensor is sealed against water, dust, and snow damage. The monitor is designed to provide RV owners with visual and audio warnings if the pressure or temperatures go beyond the predetermined range.

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6. A1A TPMS by TireMinder

Regarded by many RV enthusiasts as by far the best TPMSs on the market, the AIA is packed with features you would appreciate during your travels. The system can provide real-time readings for up to 22 tires, ranging from 0 to 232 psi. A highly functional alarm system goes off the moment pressure readings reach warning levels. The robust self-diagnostics software provides useful visual cues through the display monitor to give you an idea of what went wrong.

This can prevent accidents and blowouts.  Another neat feature you would certainly appreciate during travels is the large, colorful display. It’s useful when the lighting isn’t bright enough. You can also get instant alerts should the temperature reach 167 degrees Fahrenheit.

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7. Bellacorp TPMS

One of the main selling points of the Bellacorp TPMS is that it can sense up to 34 tires. A neat dashboard allows you to define your own alarms systems, ranging from as low as 15psi to the highs of 175 psi. It even monitors your tire’s temperatures and can provide readings up to 186 degrees. In terms of durability, Bellacorp TPMS can’t be beat, it is fully waterproof and built with commercial grade equipment to last a lifetime.

The screen measures between 3.5 by 1.5 inches and is fairly easy to read. It is one of the most recommended types of equipment for the price you’re paying.

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8. B-Qtech TPMS

This TPMS by B-Qtech has all the features you would expect from a modern device, but that is to be expected given its slightly steep cost. The wireless display can provide accurate pressure and temperature readings for up to 6 tires at the same time. You can expect fairly accurate pressure readings for up to 215 psi.

The system is designed to function over longer distances, providing you real time updates even if you’re more than 30 feet away. There are 6 built-in sensors powered by RF wireless technology that can go off the moment you receive abnormal pressure and temperature readings. Furthermore, each sensor has a protection grade of IP5K4K, so you won’t have to worry about inaccurate readings.

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9. TT-500 by TEireTraker

If you’re after bleeding edge technology that has all the bells and whistles you could ever want, the TT-500 by TireTraker is a great option. While it comes with a steep price tag, it is powered with a lifetime warranty. Each sensor is powered by an easily replaceable CR1632 battery for long-term use.

The monitor has a cool user-friendly dashboard that lets you program the alarm system with an intuitive interface. This device comes with four sensor batteries, four sensor locks, USB charging cord, anti-seize compounds, and a mounting bracket included.

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10. Tymate Solar-Charging Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The Tymate solar-charging tire pressure monitoring system provides you with accurate, real-time tire pressure readings to keep you safe on the road. The system displays and monitors the temperature and pressure of up to 6 tires at a time. The 6 external sensors are built to withstand all types of weather conditions. 

The system can be charged in two ways: solar power and USB charging port. It even has five alarm modes, so you'll be aware if almost anything goes wrong during your travels. 

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11. Solar Powered TPMS by TireMinder

If you’re looking for a feature-rich TPMS that is user-friendly, durable, and highly accurate, then look no further than the solar-powered TPMS by TireMinder. It can monitor the temperature and pressure for up to 4 tires simultaneously. The system is designed to provide readings for up to 25 feet, so if you’re planning to use it over long distances, you will need repeaters.

Each sensor is powered by cr1632 batteries which are replaceable. The monitor can be charged using solar power and USB cables (not included). Each sensor has a fairly limited range of 70 psi, which is significantly less than what most devices on the list are capable of. But in many cases, 70 psi is just fine. The monitors can go off when temperature and pressure readings reach abnormal levels.

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12. 6BU Sensors by Bellacorp

Bellacorp’s TPMS should be compatible with most vehicles including small trailers to 18 wheelers. It has a massive signal range between 40 to 60 feet, so you would be spared of using a repeater. An interesting feature is a long-lasting battery; the TPMS should be able to last for days without the need to recharge each time.

Each sensor is designed to remain durable due to anti-corrosion caps. This ensures you won’t have to worry anymore about air leakages. The sensors are fairly resistant against water, which makes them a perfect fit for wet terrain or rainy weathers.

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13. Solar Powered TPMS by Yokaro

This feature-rich system by Yokaro can be powered using solar energy. It has highly advanced sensors that provide accurate pressure readings of up to 87 psi. You will also receive temperature updates in real time ranging from as low as -20°C to a maximum of 80°C. One of the most important selling points of this system is that each sensor weighs a mere 10 grams, so you won’t have to worry about the tires getting knocked out of place.

Furthermore, the system comes with a warranty of 12 months, but that is to be expected given slightly expensive the product is.

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14. Universal Solar TPMS by VESAFE

No TPMS list is complete without including a product from Vesafe. Featuring a visually pleasing wireless monitor with colorful LEDs and a unique clutter-free dashboard that lets you keep tabs on each tire seamlessly, it’s the perfect device for RV owners. You can choose the slightly cheaper variant of the product that comes with a gray display instead. All sensors are coded to uniquely represent each tire.

The sensors are fairly durable and waterproof. They weigh in at a mere 9 grams, so you won’t have to worry about the tires getting off-balance due to the additional stress. Furthermore, Vesafe provides you with their 18-month warranty, which should give you the peace of mind that your investment is safe and sound.

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This TPMS by Deewaz features multiple alarm modes to keep the driver notified about different problems plaguing the tires. Each sensor has Infineon SP376-2520 chip for extra high accuracy. Furthermore, each sensor is designed to last all types of weathers and terrains, being fully water and dust proof.

A large LCD screen provides a neat layout to keep track of each tire, the backlighting ensures you won’t have to squint your eyes when the ambient lighting isn’t too bright. The device also comes with an 18-month free warranty to protect your investment.

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We hope you find this post helpful in choosing the right tire pressure monitor for your RV. Happy traveling!

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