10 Best RV Toilet Brushes [And how to choose the right one for your rig]

10 Best RV Toilet BrushesHaving the freedom to travel at your own leisure is one of the greatest advantages to owning or using an RV. RVs are perfect for weekends spent camping or for longer travels. But there are several considerations to keep in mind when using your RV. One of those considerations is how to clean the toilet.

RV toilets are very distinct from home toilets. It is important to understand these differences as it will impact the products you should use to keep them clean, including the toilet brush. 

What Are RV Toilets Made of?

The toilet in an RV is not made of the same materials as your home toilet. This is crucial to know so you can choose the safest cleaning products. Most standard toilets for RV’s are made of plastic or porcelain. It is important to know this because you do not want to use products that may scratch or harm the materials of your toilet. If your RV toilet becomes scratched or pitted, it is possible for waste to stick to these cracks and crevices. When this happens, you will not be able to thoroughly clean your toilet and it is possible for odors to linger. 

Best Toilet Brushes For an RV

1. StorMate Soft Swab Toilet Brush

This toilet brush is a nice option for your RV’s toilet. It is constructed of soft fibers that will not scratch plastic or porcelain. The fibers are also designed to be chemical resistant. The StorMate Soft Swab Toilet Brush is just 15”, so it is compact and will not take up extra space in your RV. This toilet brush features a plastic cone cover that helps to remove excess water, as well as provide storage space. 

This compact brush with soft fibers will help clean your toilet and last a long time. 


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2. Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl Swab

The toilet brush swab by Fuller Brush is a great option for your RV toilet. It is constructed of synthetic yarn.  This yarn makes the brush both safe for plastic or porcelain surfaces as it will not scratch. The fibers also allow you to thoroughly clean the toilet bowl. 

The Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl Swab has an attached cup. This cup serves two purposes; it allows you to pour cleaner in it and it also protects your hands while scrubbing. And the synthetic yarn will dry quickly and it is able to resist bacterial growth. 

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3. Don Aslett Johnny Mop

This toilet bowl swab is scratch-resistant, making it ideal for cleaning the toilet in your RV. The fibers are soft, yet capable of deep cleaning. The plastic cone is attached to the wand. This allows you to pour cleanser into the cone first before applying to the toilet and it also protects your hands from the water. The cone is also designed to help squeeze out excess water. 

This is a set of 3, so you will always have one on hand to clean your toilet. 

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4. Mr. Siga Soft Toilet Brush

This toilet brush is made using soft fiber bristles that will not scratch. In addition, this brush has an attached under the rim brush made with the same soft fibers. Mr. Siga toilet brush comes with a brush holder for convenience. 

This brush is great for RV toilets since the bristles will not scratch plastic or porcelain. 

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5. TreeLen Toilet Brush and Holder

This toilet brush set is perfect for use in your RV. The bristles are constructed of rubber, this prevents any scratching of the bowl. In addition, there is an under the rim brush attached to the wand. The rubber bristles also help drain all excess water, which prevents bacteria and odors. 

The TreeLen toilet brush is compact in size and includes a storage caddy. The handle is ergonomically designed for user comfort. His toilet brush is perfect for your RV toilet. 

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6. Tryoler Toilet Brush

This toilet brush is great to use when cleaning the toilet in your RV. The soft fibers are made from 100% silicone. This brush will not scratch or damage the toilet surface. The brush will not lose its shape or hold on to waste and dirt. You can be sure this brush will be odor free and good to use for many years. 

In addition, this toilet brush has a comfort grip handle and a storage canister. 

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7. Scratch Free Toilet Bowl Brush

If you are looking for a scratch-free brush for your RV toilet, this one is a good option. This toilet brush is made from nylon fiber, which is scratch resistant. The shape of this brush prevents water from splashing when cleaning. 

The design of this cleaning head makes it easy to clean under the rim, in addition to the rest of the bowl. Since this brush has a compact design and a long handle, it is ideal for cleaning the toilet in your RV.  

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8. So-Mine Hygienic Toilet Brush

Here is a unique toilet brush. This one is actually a flexible silicone head. When you clean with this head, you are able to clean a wider area without scratching and eliminating virtually all germs and bacteria. 

This cleaning tool is angled so that you can use it to clean under the rim. The ergonomic design is also drip-free so that your bathroom area stays clean. 

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9. Jasiway Silicone Toilet Brush

Here we have a toilet brush made of silicone bristles that will not shred or scratch the toilet. This set has a stainless-steel handle and includes a silicone glove and a cloth. You will find that the brush is able to get into all the tight areas of a toilet for a deep clean and the silicone fibers dry quickly and without retaining odors. This is a great set for your RV. 

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10. Glendan Toilet Brush and Holder

This toilet brush is constructed from a thermoplastic rubber, so it will not scratch the toilet in your RV. There is no metal, so you do not need to worry about any rust. The Glendan Toilet Brush is designed to be compact, yet maintain a full shape for maximum cleaning. The rubber material guarantees that you can easily fit it into any small spaces to truly get your toilet clean. 

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  1. Thetford toilet brush is made for RV toilets. Cleans well, the cup allows you to squeeze out the water in the sponge/scrubber part before putting it away. I can’t say enough good things about this. This softer type is a must-have for an RV toilet.

  2. The Thetford toilet brush is the best RV toilet brush I’ve found. It has a compact design and soft fibers, two design features that allow the brush to clean plastic or porcelain bowls without causing damage. I was also intrigued by the design of the relatively lightweight product. This aspect makes it much more convenient to use. After all, I didn’t get tired of scrubbing away those nasty stains and buildup. Its 15-inch length is also perfect for RV bathroom setups.

    • Aside from the holder issue, this product offers top-tier performance qualities and features. It more than makes spending some extra time looking for a holder worth it. I don’t know what else a rig owner could want when it comes to performance. This Thetford toilet brush offers everything required to ensure a toilet becomes spotless.

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