16 Best RV Washer-Dryer Combos

Are you looking for a washer dryer combo that fits your RV just right? Lately, the internet has been flooded with many products that claim to be ‘portable’ or ‘RV-ready,’ but choosing one can be difficult. To help you make the right decision, we’ve rounded up some of the best RV washer dryer combos to help you compare your options.

16 Best RV Washer-Dryer Combos

The guide below will help you pick the ideal washing machine that will suit your requirements and in the best case scenario, even go so far as to complete your RV’s interior décor.

1. 2 in 1 Washer Dryer Combo by Super Deal.

This washer dryer model is available in three different capacities of 8.8 lbs, 10 lbs, and 17.6 lbs. The rigid body is constructed using high-density plastic that should last you several years. It will make your life as an avid RV-er easier thanks to all the superior features. This includes an upgraded motor, smart drain pump, True Rinse Technology, and incredibly compact design.

Furthermore, the Spinner Combo is energy efficient, although it draws around 320 watts from your RV when in washing mode, and a modest 130W when drying. Miscellaneous features, such as a cleverly designed drainage tube, allow you to drain the dirty water with few hassles. Despite its compact design, you can toss as many as 10 to 12 medium to XL t-shirts, this makes it possible to wash a large number of clothes in bulk.

You can learn more about the washer spinner combo here.

2. Portable Laundry Washing Machine by Oteymart

If you’re looking for a lightweight and durable machine washer combo, you should give this device by Oteymart a try. It comes with twin tubs, one for washing and the other for drying. You can store loads of up to 8 pounds in the washer while the dryer can hold 5 pounds of load. At full load, the dryer can spin at 1300 RPM to remove all the water out of your clothes in as little as 5 minutes, or one cycle.

A handy drainage tube makes it easy to drain out the dirty water. The washer spinner combo has a durable plastic construction designed for longevity. It also features soft knobs that are easy to turn. One important feature is that the washer does not require any assembly, just plug and play. Keep in mind the power requirements for the device: it requires a voltage output of 115V at 60 Hz.

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3. Portable Mini Twin Tub by Zenstyle

The ultra-compact design of this washer dryer combo makes you think it isn’t very high capacity at all. Yet it is able to handle a large capacity of 5.5 pounds for the washer and 4.5 pounds for the spinner. The spinner, like the previous item on our list, has a powerful rotational motor that can spin at an impressive 1300 RPM.

This guarantees that your laundry will be cleaned off not only dirt and dust but also the used up water. To save you precious minutes, this device is can run both washer and spinner at the same time. The most important selling point of this dryer washer combo is its tiny size, taking up little real estate in your room. It also weighs at a modest 22 pounds, making it easy to carry around. This should appeal to Rv-ers.

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4. KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine

You will appreciate the drain pump which has been built into the washer-dryer to make draining the water relatively easy. Three soft knobs make it easy to control the timer on the washer and spinner. One big disadvantage you’ll have to put up with is the large power requirements. This machine can hog up to 420 watts of power, not an easy resource to come by when you’re driving an RV.

What impressed us most, however, is the wash capacity, at 26 pounds, that allows you to toss all your clothes in and still have room for more. The washer dryer combo is durable and uses stainless steel for longevity. This allows the washer dryer to withstand the corrosive properties of water while being gentle on your clothes. The overall dimensions of the washer dryer are tiny at 26.6*13.9*23.3, consuming little space in your RV and being light enough to carry around.

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5. Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine by Ooscy

This machine’s washer tub can take loads of up to 11 pounds, which is more than sufficient for most occasions. The spin tub has a modest capacity rated at 5 pounds, which means you’ll have to spend a few more minutes to dry your wet clothes. Its high load capacity comes at a cost though, requiring 240 watts of power for a full continuous session. On the flipside, the washing times are low at only 15 minutes. Huge drain and inlet pipes make it easy to drain the dirty water outside your RV effortlessly.

The spinner tub requires a power output of only 120 watts and is efficient enough to extract all the water content of your wet clothes in one cycle or five minutes. This washer dryer has compact features that are specifically designed for recreational vehicles and travel trailers. Furthermore, the machine benefits with a quiet design that efficiently muffles the sound of the machine washer combo.

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6. Pyle Portable Washer & Spin Dryer

This portable washer and dryer combo benefits from twin tub dual functions that will shave off precious minutes from your washing and spinning times. The machine’s incredibly compact design makes for a great addition to your recreational vehicle, making laundry day much easier. The dimensions are as follows: 22.2'' X 13.9'' X 23.6''. Moreover, you have full control over the washing and spinning cycles thanks to specially designed soft knobs that turn easily.

We were a little unimpressed with the 11 lbs washing capacity of the washer, but that is the price that comes with an extra-compact design. You can select up to 5 minutes for the spin cycle and 15 minutes for the wash cycle. The total power consumption for the machine is rated at 120 watts, so prepare to invest in a generator and suitable inverter. A drain pipe makes it easy to empty the washer tub in minutes effortlessly.

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7. Portable RV Dome Clothes by onestops8

When it comes to portable washer dryer combos for RVs with solid designs, you might want to take a look at this lightweight device. Its washer utilizes a superior and visually appealing dome design that can store loads of up to 8.8 pounds with ease. The power requirements are a bit steep at 1400 Watts and 120 volts, but the results are definitely worth it.

We really enjoyed the eclectic see-through windows that let you monitor your clothes while they spin. This washing machine is so tiny you can actually install it on your walls without it crashing down. A wall mount kit is included with the washing machine, so you won’t have to look elsewhere. A handy feature that will make maintenance much easier is the removable lint filter.

You can learn more here on Amazon.

8. Portable Mini Washer Dryer Combo by Bert Direct Deals

This washing machine is an impressive model that should appeal to owners of recreational vehicles for several reasons. For one, the highly compact yet spacious washer tub can store up to 8 pounds of load while the spin tub can hold up to 5 pounds. You just put your clothes, add your favorite detergents, and fill it up with water and call it a day. Laundry day for RV-ers couldn’t get any easier.

Three soft knobs make it easy to activate the twin tubs. The washer cycle can go up to 15 minutes while the spin cycle goes up to 5 minutes. Furthermore, you will appreciate the save spacing compact design that allows you to add the device where spaces are limited such as RVs and trailers.

You can get this feature-rich washer dryer combo here.

9. Mini Portable Compact Washing Machine by Best Direct Deals

When shopping around for mini portable washer dryer combos, you should consider this model for its space-saving design and spacious storage options. The quiet but powerful washer and spinner are powered by a 1300 RPM motor that should efficiently deal with stubborn laundry. Once you’re done cleaning your clothes, use the attached hose to easily drain out the water to a place of your choosing.

The washing machine has a durable plastic body that is designed to handle to take all the road bumps (which are inevitable!) in stride.

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10. RV Trailer Combo Washer by Splendide

If you’re looking for stackable washer and dryer combos, then you should check out this model by Splendide. Its dimensions are as follows; 2323-1/2" by 32-3/4" by 22-3/4. This allows you to fit the machine into smaller areas such as travel trailers and RVs. The washer combo is feature rich having handy tools such as air fluff, easy iron, and auto dry. This allows you to wash and dry your clothes in one single cycle.

The extra-wide opening has a capacity of 4 cubic feet, which maximizes airflow around your clothes. This minimizes creasing and dries your laundry in a shorter amount of time. What truly impressed us was the 13-pound capacity, allowing you to practically haul in all your dirty laundry with room to spare. You will appreciate the motors which are designs to work quietly and efficiently during operation.

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11. Stackable Washer Dryer Combo by Westland

This Splendide stackable washer dryer combo by Westland is a superior product that boasts a loading capacity of 13 pounds, allowing you to clean your laundry in a relatively short amount of time. The machine’s tub material uses a 4 cubic foot stainless steel drum that increases the lifespan of the washer and its ability to wash your clothes well.

Moreover, the washing machine features vents that make drying much more efficiently. One welcome feature is air fluff which lets you dry your clothes without the use of heat. This is a great way to freshen items that do not require washing such as throw pillows, drapes, and other bed sheet linen. This setting also allows you to save down on electricity. Furthermore, you will love the 1-year warranty that comes with this washer combo, protecting your investment for the next 12 months.

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12. White Vented Combo Washer Dryer by Westland

Like other models on this list, this washer dryer combo is one of the best options for RV owners who are looking for a durable and reliable machine, and this is due to the use of heavy-duty springs, shock absorbers, and an impressive stainless steel drum. A powerful motor rated at 1200 RPM helps you wash and dry heavy clothes up to 12 percent faster. Furthermore, the self-cleaning filter takes care of lint automatically.

The most useful feature of this washer dryer combo is the massive 15-pound wash capacity that makes laundry day little more than stuffing clothes and pressing a few buttons. Moreover, extra control options such as low heat, water temp, extra rinse, and low spin help you custom tail your wash cycle.

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13. PAN56MGW2 by Panda

Panda is well known for making durable washing machines that can last decades. The PAN56MGW2 is a versatile device that can be used in RVs, mobile homes, and travel trailers. It boasts a generous capacity rated at 6 cubic feet allowing you to add a load of up to 11 pounds of clothes. Panda stuffed plenty of features into their device while maximizing aesthetics, for instance, we really liked the curvy shape and smooth lines. The washer combo should elevate your RV’s interiors.

Panda decided to completely do away with the knobs and opted for electronic controls instead. You can choose from 10 washing programs and 8 water levels, all seamlessly displayed on a bright LED display. The washer’s steel drum has a stainless steel construction which resists rust and chipping. Being both portable and spacious, we feel this device is the complete package.

You can learn more here on Amazon.

14. Gizmos Portable Washing Machine

Opening up to rave reviews is the portable Compact Washing Machine by Gizmos. It is fully automated and when left to its own devices, it can wash and dry your clothes according to given specifications. This saves you precious time to more productive things than to wait for the washer cycle to end in order to initiate the spinner cycle.

You can choose from five different programs and 3 water levels, all of which can be effortlessly adjusted using push-buttons and a handy switch. Despite all these features, the washer dryer combo is lightweight and has a compact design, allowing you to carry it with ease in your RV. A built-in aluminum pump and drainage tube allows you to drain out dirty water with ease.

You can learn more here on Amazon.

15. Mini Washing Machine by Giantex

When you first take a look at this washing machine, its captivating design will instantly catch your attention. Blue transparent tubes that look straight out of a sci-fi novel make it blatantly obvious which one’s for washing and which one is for drying. The washer has a capacity rated at 8.8 pounds while the spinner is rated at 6.6 pounds, this combination is sufficient for most operations.

The washer combo has three knobs on the panel: wash selector, spin timer, and wash timer. Furthermore, the machine minimizes water wastage by using only as much water as needed. It is an energy efficient device that consumes less power than other washer dryer combos. The washing machine is as simple as plug and play and does not require any extra installation on your end.

You can learn more about it here.

16. HLP21N by Haier

Haier’s Pulsator Washer benefits from a small design that can fit into motorhomes and recreational vehicles. It uses a durable stainless steel tub that resists wear and tear by water and clothes. The machine is easy to put together and easily plugs into most 120-volt outlets. There is no need for complicated electrical connections to make the device work.

The powerful dryer spins out most water out of your clothes in just a few minutes. A standout feature of the washing machine is the use of a pulsator system instead of a traditional agitator to create an effective washing without the added side effects that agitators are known for. This allows the motor to be gentle on your clothes, making it ideal for delicate linens and baby clothes.

You can learn more about this device here.

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  1. I have chosen for myself a convenient washer dryer combo. It is Portable Mini Twin. This thing gets my clothes cleaner than the top brand regular washers! It got stains in my daughters dress out that I couldn’t get out previously, even with stain remover. The spin cycle is awesome! Clothes come out almost dry! I love the black vs the blue which is why I choose this one!

  2. The washer and dryer combo from Giantex is also a great option. I really like the dual tub side-by-side style of this device, which is capable of both washing and drying. The washing tub can accommodate 8-pound loads, while the spin-drying tub can accommodate 4.5 pounds.

    • This little twin tub washing machine also features timer settings for both spin-drying and washing. These options make using the product a lot easier than I had anticipated.

  3. I want to buy a washer dryer combo or stackable for my RV. I don’t know what the differences between them are and what better is. Hope someone can give me some suggestions. Thanks!

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