9 RVs with Washer and Dryer [Inc. Examples, Tips and Ideas]

9 RV's with Washer and Dryer [Inc. Examples, Tips and Ideas]We are going to look at the benefits of having a washer and dryer in your RV. You have bought your RV, or you are looking at getting one, and you want to have it be like a home away from home. One of those things that can make it really feel like that for you is the ability to do your laundry. The big question is do you actually need one, and if you get one what are going to be the issues you might face?

A lot of Class As trailers have them, as they are considered to be more at the luxury end of the spectrum of RVs.

Pros & Cons Of Having A Washer & Dryer In Your RV

As with any choice that you make for your RV there are going to be upsides and downsides, and we are going to look at that.



One of the most attractive things about having the ability to both wash and dry your own clothes without having to use either the park’s facilities or perhaps going to a laundromat.

This may be something that doesn’t bother you so much if you are using your RV infrequently, but if you are on the road for a long time, or are perhaps boondocking somewhere for a while and don’t have access to park facilities, this is going to make all the difference.

Less Unplanned Stopping

If you run out of clothes, or you stop somewhere that doesn’t have the best facilities, you are going to have to find somewhere to stop, and depending on how much storage you have and how many clothes you have you may be doing this much more frequently than you would like.

With your own machine, you can cut this out.

Save On Laundromat Expenses

Again, on a shorter trip, or if you are only using your RV infrequently, this may not be so much of a problem. If you are on the road for a long time it can mount up though, and a lot of people really like about RV living that it is pretty self-contained. Why spend money where you don’t have to?


They Cost Extra Money

Initially, the washer and dryer are going to cost you extra money, both for the equipment and the installation. Given the weight, it may also cost you a little extra in fuel expenses.

In the long run, you may balance this out with what you save in laundromat expenses and having to travel out of your way to find places to wash your clothes.

They Take Up Space

Space is a premium in your RV, and weight is also a consideration. If you are using the kind of RV where you are towing it weight is something you need to think with, and also how it will affect your storage space.

They Use Up Water

What is your capacity for carrying water? Most combination washers and dryers are going to use around 10 gallons of water. If you have a separate washer and dryer, a high-efficiency washer is going to need 15 to 30 gallons, and some older washers are going to require something closer to 20 to 45 gallons.

Types Of Washer & Dryers

There are a number of different washers and dryers that you can put in your RV.

A stackable washer and dryer do save some space but they are unlikely to fit in smaller RVs, and they can also use more water than other models.

An RV washer and dryer combo are the most popular, which makes sense because they represent the most efficient use of space, and you are only having to install one machine, which makes installation easier, and it is also going to weigh less.

The third option is the portable RV washer and dryer, which are often smaller, and also include some models which need some manual labor to get them to work.

Another thing to consider is that they come in vented and non-vented forms. Vented models use the air in the room to dry the clothes and you will have to make a hole for an exhaust vent when installing it. Non-vented models heat air in the drum to dry the clothes, and while that means no hole it also means it takes longer to dry, and these models use more water.

Installing An RV Washer/Dryer Combo?

The first thing you need to find out is whether or not your RV has been plumbed for a washer/dryer.

If it isn’t, you need to ask yourself if you are proficient enough to do it, or if you are going to need a professional to help you.

Getting things added to an RV without the washer dryer set up already installed is going to cost more, and it makes a lot of sense to research what the difference in cost of fitting it after the fact rather than at the time is going to be.

Motorhomes with Washer and Dryer

A motorhome is a type of RV that has a motorized unit, beds, kitchens, bathroom and living quarters that you can live in when away from your fixed home.

Berkshire XL

This beautiful Class A motorhome comes with four possible floorplans, which include washer and dryer prep. It can carry 103 gallons of freshwater, 66 gallons of gray water, and 42 gallons of black water. There is an option to get a stackable washer/dryer with this model, so it would be very easy to get it when you buy the vehicle.

See More On Forest River's Berkshire XL model page.

2020 Precept

This is a great looking RV with a really nice layout. It does include a washer and dryer combination option. It also has two full bathrooms and solid surface kitchen countertops with an integrated stainless steel sink. You get a king-size bed and a set of bunk beds with a TV in each.

See More On Jayco's Precept model page

2020 Seneca

This is an amazing looking RV, that comes with everything that you are going to need for those long haul journeys. It has washer and dryer prep, and in the options packages, you can choose between either a washer and dryer combination or in a stackable configuration. It has five different floor plans and a choice of attractive exterior designs.

See More On Jayco's Seneca model page

King Aire

Another beautiful RV, with 6 different floor plans. The King Aire comes with a great entertainment set up, with Blu-ray player and a Bose soundbar. It has generous storage and a two-piece washer an dryer as a feature. A wonderful choice for an RVer who ant ultimate luxury.

See More On Newmar's King Aire model page

Dutch Star

Talk about a lot of choices - this model has 13 floor plans. It has washer and dryer preps, and you can get a stacked washer and dryer as an option when you purchase the RV. It is well set up for the washer and dryer and has a lot of space, with a lot of appliances already fitted as standard.

See More On Newmar's Dutch Star model page

37.1 Miramar

The 37.1 Miramar has setups for a washer/dryer combo, amongst the many great key features that come standardly. The king-size bed has a tilt a view inclining bed mechanism, there are great solid surface kitchen countertops, a wifi extender, and so much more.

See More On Thor's 37.1 Miramar model page

Travel trailers  with Washer and Dryer

A travel trailer or caravan is a type of RV that is towed behind a vehicle such as an SUV, or a truck, or in the case of some smaller trailers, a car. It provides a place to sleep, and some of the larger ones have toilets and kitchens.

338RETS Eagle Travel Trailer

This large travel trailer has a spacious floor plan including a walk-in pantry. You have the option of a king-sized bed and a 2nd hide-a-bed, and there are a washer and dryer prep. A really attractive choice that you will be really happy with.

See More On Jayco's 3338RETS Eagle Travel Trailer model page

5th wheels with Washer and Dryer

A 5th wheel often has the same amenities as a conventional trailer but is constructed with a raised front section that gives you a raised two-level floor plan. They are designed to be towed by a pickup truck using something called a fifth-wheel hitch.

Cardinal Limited

The Cardinal has Washer/Dryer Dual Electrical Outlets (Operates Washer/Dryer at the same time) which are listed as being in the bedroom under the features and options. There are 11 different floor plans with this model, and it really is a wonderful choice.

See More On Forest River's Cardinal Limited model page

4011 ERD

This fantastic looking RV comes with a whole host of standard features that make it a beautiful choice for any RVer. The water and dryer prep are not part of this standard set up though, and you are going to have to get the Independence Package.

See More On Heartland's 4011 ERD model page


There are definitely some things that you want to consider when getting a washer and dryer, but as you can see from the examples above, there are plenty of models that are set up for them, and it really isn’t much more than an initial investment standing between you and being able to do your laundry in your RV. If you have a model without the setup, there are solutions, and if you haven’t bought your RV yet then this should give you a great starting point.

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