RVs with a Loft (Including 7 examples)

RVs with a LoftRVs with a loft are a popular choice for anyone who wants to maximize the interior of their motorhome, travel trailer or 5th wheel. Don't overthink the name. An RV loft is no different than the loft in your home; it's extra space above your main living area. But unlike most lofts that you see in structures, these are more functional and provide more sleeping area. 

Now that you understand what an RV loft is, it is pretty easy to understand the value of having one. Space is a precious commodity when you are living in your home on wheels. Having an extra sleeping spot or two is invaluable. Like slides, this feature expands the available space in your RV. However, it really isn't practical for anything other than sleeping or storage.

Unless you're like me and have kids or grandkids, you aren't likely to get much use out of a loft. While adults also can sleep there, it is a space designed to accommodate the kiddos. But, if you have decided this is a feature you want in your RV, I have found a few examples of what's out there. 

Travel Trailers with a loft

You tow travel trailers behind your vehicle which means you'll need a hitch and something of decent size to pull it. There isn't much difference in the interior of a travel trailer and a fifth wheel. One big advantage over a motorhome is being able to unhook from your travel trailer at the campsite and have full use of your truck or SUV.

RV loft bedroom

Cedar Creek Cottage

The Cedar Creek Cottage comes with the living room area in the front and the sleeping quarters in the rear. Up in the loft, you've got two bunks that are perfect for kids or adults who don't mind literally crawling into bed (you only get three feet of headroom). There are a couple of windows in the loft area so you don't feel like you are sleeping in a box. For most people, it wouldn't be their first choice of where to spend the night in an RV but younger campers shouldn't mind at all. Check out the floorplan here.

Cherokee Destination 39CA

With the Cherokee Destination 39CA, the loft looks more like an actual bedroom. The two 36x74 bunk mats, which kids or adults will sleep soundly on, are separated by a nightstand. It even includes cabinets for storing the kid's bedding or pajamas. A couple of touches that add a minor bit of luxury to a no-frills space. All in all, it comes with more standard features than a typical RV loft. You'll find more information at the Forest River website.

Wildwood Lodge 42DL

It doesn't seem adequate to say the Wildwood Lodge 42DL has a loft; it is more like a second floor. The stairs split the upstairs space into two separate rooms, with two bunks on one side and a single bunk on the other. It's like a miniature version of a two-story home. Adults still have to crawl around if they snooze up top but the kids will love having their own floor to themselves. You can take a closer look here.

Jay Flight Bungalow 

The open floor plan of the Jay Flight Bungalow avoids the claustrophobia you can get from some RV interiors. Above the master bedroom, the loft has room for two and includes a nightstand, counter space, and ward. Children may feel more like they are in a hotel or having a sleepover at a friends house, rather than sleeping an RV loft. With the extra room afforded by the slides, even the biggest brood shouldn't feel cramped in this model. You find more information at Jayco's website. 

5th Wheel with a loft

The main difference between a fifth wheel and travel trailer is how you hook up to the unit when it's time to hit the road. Rather than a ball, you attach your 5th wheel to a U shaped hitch. The best option for towing is a pickup, with the hitch connected to the bed of the truck. Some people find this type of RV a little easier to back into a campsite than a travel trailer but that's based more on individual preference than design. 

Forest River Hemisphere 378FL

There are a few details that make the loft area in the Forest River Hemisphere 378FL an attractive option. For one, the built-in shelving and cubbies give you plenty of space for storing bedding and anything the else the kids want to take along. Staying organized is a must when you are camping. There is also a TV hookup and electrical outlets to ensure access to their favorite programs, movies, and electronics. You can see it for yourself here.

Jayco North Point 377RLBH

If you don't need a full loft you might be interested in the Jayco North Point 377RLBH. The loft bunk only has enough room for a mattress which is all you need if you are using it as a sleeping area. Plus, you have a Queen sized bed and hide-a-bed which should be enough to ensure everybody on the trip can get a good night's sleep. If you would like to learn more, visit the Jayco website. 

Bighorn Traveler 39MB

Another model that offers the loft bunk set-up is the Bighorn Traveler 39MB. Located right above a bunk room, which features two beds and a TV, the loft area is a cozy little nook that resembles the top spot in a bunk bed. Older kids may call dibs on the more tricked out bunk room while the younger ones may get a kick out of having a bird's eye view of everything. Again, not much room for doing anything other than getting some shut-eye but there is abundant room elsewhere for gaming and hanging out. You can take a peek here

The Gateway 3810RLB is equipt to sleep seven to eight people. The loft is above the bathroom in the rear of the 5th wheel while the master bedroom is at the opposite end. There is nothing extravagant about the loft, especially compared to the main bedroom. It's just a place to lay down. But, after a long day of outdoor fun, your kids are going to be ready to hit the hay, not roam around the RV. See for yourself by visiting the Gateway website.


Kids love having their own room, even in an RV. With a loft you can give them the privacy they crave while making the best use of the limited space available. The main things to keep in mind when shopping around for an RV with a loft is the size of your family and the age of the kids you'll be traveling with. However, with the other sleeping options offered in most of these models, kids don't have to relegated solely to the loft. The older kids will probably be comfortable on the hide-a-beds and fold-outs, while the younger members of your clan will be happy to snooze in the loft. 

As you have seen, some models offer more sophisticated accommodations than others. There isn't likely to be much difference in the quality of sleep your smaller passengers will get in a loft that only contains mattress versus something that resembles an actual bedroom. Still, for some, aesthetics are an important consideration even when roughing it.

We've talked about several models of travel trailers and 5th wheels that offer varying degrees of loft luxury and capacity. The final decision comes down to what will make your family the most comfortable when you head out for your next road trip. 

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