11 RVs with an Outdoor Kitchen That Are Perfect for Camping

11 RVs with an Outdoor Kitchen That Are Perfect for CampingIn recent years, an outdoor kitchen has become a feature many RVers enjoy.  An outdoor kitchen does not replace the indoor kitchen in the RV, but gives an additional option for RVers who enjoy cooking outdoors.  While camping, many people spend their time outdoors, so an outdoor kitchen allows campers to prepare meals without having a leave the action outdoors.  It's also convenient to keep odors and heat from cooking outside.

While an outdoor kitchen is not a must-have on everyone's RV list, it is a popular feature you may enjoy.  Outdoor kitchens can vary from having the basic necessities all the way up to having very elaborate features.  All of the RVs we reviewed have a mini-fridge and extra storage space.  Many have sinks and a stove-top range as well.  Bonus features found on a couple of rigs include a microwave or BBQ grill.

We've reviewed our favorite RVs with an outdoor kitchen to take the guesswork away from you.  Read on and check out our list of 11 awesome RVs with an outdoor kitchen.

Class C Motorhomes

Class C motorhomes are drivable motorhomes with an overhead cabin above the cab.  These types of motorhomes are built on a truck or van chassis and the front cab resembles a truck.  In the motorhome category, Class C are usually shorter than their counterparts, the Class A.  Class A motorhomes resemble a long bus with a flat front.

Class C motorhomes tend to have the smallest indoor kitchens out of the three classes mentioned in our article.  Having an outdoor kitchen is a nice option in a Class C, where one might feel the need for more space to prepare meals.

Due to their somewhat smaller size, outdoor kitchens in a Class C may not be as elaborate as in other types of RVs.  However, we were surprised at how many Class C models we found with great options for cooking outside.

Below are a few of the Class C motorhomes with outdoor kitchens that we liked best.

Coachmen Freelander 26DS

The Coachmen Freelander has a complete outdoor kitchen with many amenities: a mini-fridge, microwave, sink and pantry space.  It even has a fold-down counter space for food prep.

This camper measures just under 28 feet, so it's while it's compact enough to park anywhere, you don't have to give up the option of having an outdoor kitchen.

Check out more about the Coachmen Freelander here.

Forest River Forester 2861DS

This Class C does not disappoint with outdoor kitchen features.  There is a spacious mini-fridge, counter space and sink for easy food preparation.  There is pantry space as well as a drawer for storing kitchen tools.  The outdoor kitchen also serves as an entertainment center with an overhead TV mount.  You won't miss a moment of the big game during those tailgate parties.

Learn more about the Forester 2861DS here.

Jayco Redhawk 25R

The outdoor kitchen in the Jayco Redhawk 25R includes LED lighting, and a mini-refrigerator.  The two-burner stove and tank-connected sink will make cooking and clean-up a breeze.  We also liked the extra counter space included in this outdoor kitchen.

Look at the Jayco Redhawk more here.

5th Wheels

A fifth wheel is a towable RV, which requires a heavy-duty truck to pull it.

5th wheel RVs attach to the truck by a kingpin and a hitch, located inside the bed of the truck. By extension, this hitch is the “fifth wheel” of the trailer.  The location of the hitch allows the front of the fifth wheel to ride on top of the bed of the truck and makes it a very stable connection.  It also creates a bi-level floor plan, with taller ceilings than a travel trailer.

The size and spacious nature of a 5th wheel lend themselves to great options for outdoor kitchens.  Check out these 5th wheels that we recommend.

Coachmen Chaparral Lite 29BH

Enjoy outdoor cooking with this spacious outdoor kitchen.  The Chaparral Lite includes a large outdoor refrigerator, slide-out stovetop and attached sink.  There is additional pantry storage for storing groceries needed for your outdoor meals.

Learn more about the Chaparral Lite 5th wheel here.

Forest River Flagstaff Classic 8529FLS

The Flagstaff Classic has an outdoor kitchen complete with a swing-out stove, a 4 cubic foot refrigerator, and overhead pantry storage.  There's even an outdoor gas grill at the rear of this RV, so you don't need to bring a separate BBQ grill with you.  Entertaining outdoors will be a snap with this 5th wheel's outdoor kitchen.

Explore the Flagstaff Classic more here.

Keystone Cougar Half-Ton 29RKS

This 5th wheel is on the shorter size, at just 33 feet, but it still includes a complete outdoor kitchen.  The star of this outdoor kitchen is the large slide out Capital grill, which can also double as a stovetop.

In addition, there are two overhead cabinets for pantry storage and a 4 cubic foot outdoor fridge.  With plenty of counter space for food prep, you'll enjoy cooking outdoors with the Cougar Half-Ton.

Learn more about the Keystone Cougar Half-Ton here.

Heartland Gateway 3230 CK

The Heartland Gateway 5th wheel has the outdoor kitchen located in the slide-out on the passenger side of the rig.  This kitchen is a little more minimal than others mentioned, but it still has the essentials.  It features a mini-fridge, an attached sink, and some counter space.  There's also a drawer for storage underneath the mini-fridge.

Check out the Heartland Gateway 3230 CK here.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are a good option for families who are new to RVing.  These RVs are towable and lighter than a 5th wheel.  They can be pulled by lighter pick-up trucks and even some heavier SUVs.

Travel trailers attach to the tow vehicle with a ball and hitch mechanism at the back end of the vehicle.  These types of RVs have a lower price point and are popular with campers who enjoy the weekend and shorter-term outings.

While they are smaller and more lightweight than their 5th wheel cousins, some models have efficiently used space to include amazing outdoor kitchens.  Let's take a closer look at these models.

Forest River Flagstaff Classic 832FLBS

This travel trailer is similar to the 5th wheel mentioned earlier with the same name.  If you're interested in a great outdoor kitchen, but not in pulling the heavier 5th wheel, the Flagstaff Classic travel trailer is an option for you.

The Flagstaff Classic 832FLBS has an outdoor kitchen complete with a stove that slides out from under the sink and a spacious outdoor refrigerator.  You'll also find plenty of pantry storage and a gas grill that slides out from the back of the rig.  With plenty of space for food preparation and storage, you have the option to do all of your cooking outdoors with this RV.

Explore the Flagstaff Classic more here.

Dutchmen Aerolite 2733RB

This travel trailer has one of the more spacious outdoor kitchens on our list.  A 2 burner stove with an attached cover slides out from under the counter.  This kitchen also has a sink and 2 overhead pantry cabinets.  Another drawer slides out from under the 4 cubic foot refrigerator for extra storage.

The door which covers this outdoor kitchen also can be propped up to work as a canopy, providing shade for the chef.  We think Dutchmen did a nice job with the design on this outdoor kitchen!

Learn more about the Dutchmen Aerolite here.

Winnebago Minnie 2201DS

This travel trailer features a neat and clean outdoor kitchen.  The fridge is set into it's own cabinet space, which gives it a streamlined appearance.  We also like the way that the sink is set to the right side, giving more counter space on the left.  Underneath the counter, a 2 burner stove slides out for your cooking convenience.

Check out the Winnebago Minnie travel trailer here.

Gulf Stream Main Line Trailers Conquest

The Conquest outdoor kitchen is definitely a complete package.  It contains a spacious outdoor fridge, overhead pantry space as well as drawers for storing kitchen utensils and tools.  There is a small sink and counter space for food preparation.  A two burner stove pulls out from under the counter, eliminating a need to bring along an extra camp stove.

Like the Dutchmen Aerolite, this rig also has a door that can be propped open to provide shade while you cook.

Look at the Conquest in further detail here.

We hope that our list of 11 awesome RVs with outdoor kitchens has helped you with your search.  If you discover an outdoor kitchen that's worth mentioning, please leave us a comment and let us know!

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