RVs with a Dishwasher [Pros, Cons and 7 Examples]

RVs with a Dishwasher [Pros, Cons and 7 Examples]When it comes to buying an RV with a built-in dishwasher, you'll find that it's a feature reserved for the larger and more expensive units, typically Class A motorhomes and 5th wheels. Even then, most models don't offer this feature and you'll need to search around to find one that does. We searched the websites of all leading RV manufacturers to find you some awesome examples of RV's with dishwashers built into them.

Before getting into examples, let's take a quick look at the pros and cons of having a built-in dishwasher in your RV.

Pros and cons of having a dishwasher in an RV

Whether or not you should have a dishwasher in your RV is somewhat of a controversy in the RV world. Some people swear by their dishwashers, preferring to have one on their rig over a washing machine. Others feel that this is a waster of power, water, and space.

As you know, handwashing dishes isn't something many people like to do. It also wastes a lot of water, which isn't great when dealing with the limited supply while boondocking. Having a dishwasher inside your rig removes the need for handwashing entirely. In RVs with dishwashers, you don't have to deal with their dirty dishes lying around either. You simply put them into the dishwasher and don't have to be embarrassed when guests come over.

Dishwashers use hotter water than what comes from the tap as well. This warmer water may make your dishware and utensils cleaner than a typical hand washing. So, that's another advantage for an RV with a dishwasher.

But there are some negatives to having a dishwasher onboard your rig too. These devices will take up cabinet space and can make your kitchen feel more cluttered. Their inclusion will raise the RV's price quite a bit because it's a costly product. Last - but certainly not least - dishwashers take up water and electricity. There are no 12V dishwashers either. Which means you either have to be fully hooked-up in a campsite, or be prepared to run your generator and use water from your fresh water tank, when boondocking.

If you feel the benefits outweigh the negatives, here are some examples of RVs below that include this useful device. As mentioned earlier, dishwashers are typically offered only in large high-end Class A motorhomes and 5th wheels. If you're new to RV'ing and aren't familiar with the concepts, we'll give you a quick overview first.


Motorhomes are rigs with their own engine and don't need towing from place to place. As you can imagine, this description fits a long list of rigs. This issue is why motorhomes are put into three separate classes: class A, class B, and class C.

Class A motorhomes are the largest option. Think about what a tour bus represents, and that's what a class A motorhome offers. It has a wide range of appliances and makes life on the road feel like home. Class B and Class C are much smaller. You can read more about all of these in our post about the 7 types of RV's you should know about.

As a result, it should be no surprise that our five motorhome examples will be class A types. It's just the logical choice when looking for a motorhome with a dishwasher.

Tiffin Phaeton 40 IH

This luxurious RV comes with an optional drawer type dishwasher to limit its impact on your cabinet space. You'll still have enough room to place all your clean dishes, even with its inclusion. Don't worry about it impacting the other kitchen amenities either. This RV still comes equipped with an oven connection, full sink, and microwave. Tiffin did a great job making sure this RV's kitchen will mimic the one at your home.

Click here to see more of the Tiffin Phaeton 40 IH.

Tiffin Zephyr 45 PZ

Tiffin's Zephyr 45 PZ uses all of its 45 feet to good use. It ends up with a full dishwasher and a much wider sink than the previous Tiffin model. These two amenities will offer even more comfort in the kitchen.

But it still comes with a microwave, stove, and plenty of countertop space to cook an entire meal. I didn't even mention that these new inclusions don't affect the cabinet space much. You shouldn't have issues finding a place for all your dishes and utensils.

Click here to see more of the Tiffin Zephyr 45 PZ.

Fleetwood RV 40G Discovery LXE

The Fleetwood RV 40G Discovery LXE has its dishwasher placed right under the skin. It's a setup that'll open more space for other amenities a stovetop, microwave, and a flat-screen TV.

You'll be able to chop up peppers and onions while watching your favorite shows. I can't think of a kitchen set up I'd rather have than one with a flat-screen TV. It just makes those cooking tasks so much better.

Click here to see more of Fleetwood RV 40G Discovery LXE

Monaco 40J Marquis

Another kitchen setup with a flat-screen TV is the Monaco 40J Marquis. The difference between this one and our previous option is the dishwasher's location. In this setup, it's on the right side of the sink rather than under it.

This setup provides more storage area where you can put sink related items such as Drano and extra sponges. It also comes with all the other amenities like a full fridge, microwave, and stovetop.

Click here to see more of the Monaco 40J Marquis.

Newmar King Aire 4569

Our last motorhome gives the dishwasher its own section. This setup provides more room for overhead cabinets, your sink, and counter space. It does lack a microwave but makes up for it with a full fridge, stovetop, and a large pantry.

The dishwasher is located on an island, making room for a large dinette as well. This dinette will offer more seating for your guests. It's just another area where Newmar seems to provide a bit more comfort than its rivals.

Click here to some of the Newmar King Aire 4569.

5th Wheel Trailers

5th wheel trailers don't have their own engine as a motorhome does. These rigs need towing from campground to campground. But you must understand these RVs aren't your standard travel trailers. Towing a 5th wheel is done using a special 5th wheel hitch, where the rig "sits" on top of your truck's bed. This makes towing easier and more secure, allowing for a much larger and heavier trailer than you could have with a regular camper trailer.

5th Wheels are therefore the larger towable RV's and are typically better-equipped, including things like a full-size residential fridge, a larger oven, a washer and dryer, and other appliances. High-end models may even offer you a dishwasher.

Forest River 3525SOX Cardinal Luxury

Our first 5th wheel trailer comes with an optional countertop dishwasher. This dishwasher would be right in the middle of your kitchen. It is a part of the island countertop located in the floor plan.

This location's perfect because it provides room for a fully stocked kitchen. You get an oven, stove, microwave, fridge, and a modern sink. Forest River even managed to fit a fireplace into this kitchen for when it gets cold.

Click here to see more of the Forest River 3525SOX Cardinal Luxury.

Forest River 39FKTH Riverstone

Forest River's 39FKTH Riverstone might feature the most kitchen space among these RVs. It comes equipped with a full dishwasher that's built into the island within in rig's center.

This island's placement allows for a ton of cabinet, counter, and drawer space. The kitchen even comes with space for a full oven and fridge. Its large dinette or flat-screen TV on the kitchen's boundary doesn't hurt either.

Click here to see more of the Forest River 39FKTH Riverstone.

Lots of Options Make Choosing Easy

We hope looking through these seven dishwasher-equipped RVs gives you a better handle on what to expect. Clearly, there are other aspects you might want to consider when buying your next RV. It doesn't all begin and end with the dishwasher! Here are some posts we think you might find interesting too -

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  1. So great for ful timers who are not vacationing. 99% of us use our RECREATION VEHICLE for recreation. I can see why you cater to those who have no home other than a huge monster that is hugely impractical except as a permanent living space. why then not just buy or rent a house?

  2. This is an interesting article…I wish many more manufacturers would offered a dishwasher as an “option”, yes, it would be a pricey option, but, if you want it you will pay, I include self leveling and on-demand hot water heaters in that caregory as well.
    Im an engineer and I wanted a Fisher Paykel dishwasher in my 2017 Highland Ridge Open Range Light 216RBS. I wanted it simple as that, so over a period of about 6 months, I completely redesigned the kitchen slideout, adding water and drain plumbing, new steel slide pass thru to the underbelly of the trailer, new poplar wood cabinets and a Furrion residential size convection microwave. Where the gas oven once was is now where the new Fisher Paykel dishwasher is locared with a new Furrion gas cooktop above. I may not have a luxury class A diesel pusher, but, i have my dishwaher.
    Manufacturers should offer these options. If you dont want it, dont buy it…

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