RVs with Two Bathrooms [Inc. 17 examples]

If your traveling with family or friends, why wait in line every morning? These 2 bathroom RV's can solve the problem! Check out the list of campers, 5th wheels, and motorhomes that actually have two bathrooms!

RVs with Two Bathrooms [Inc. 17 examples]Anyone searching for the perfect motorhome, travel trailer, or 5th wheel with a double-bathroom floorplan has come to the right place! In this article, we will first examine some of the advantages and disadvantages of this layout. Next, follow along as we explore 17 great RVs that offer the luxury of twin bathrooms. Some offer a full and a half bath, while others go all the way with two complete bathrooms. Let's get started!


Pros of having two bathrooms in your RV

There are a couple of good reasons why you might want to buy an RV that has two bathrooms.


If you like to host a lot of people in your RV, or even if it's just you and your spouse, it can be great to have two bathrooms. One can be reserved just for you, so you can keep all of your favorite items in there without feeling the need to clear space for your guests to use the lavatory.

Better for Large Groups

Anyone who camps with multiple children, especially older ones, will appreciate the flexibility offered by dual bathrooms. This is especially nice at night and in the morning - you won't have to queue to use the loo!

A backup toilet and shower

With two bathrooms, if one toilet gets clogged, or there is any other form of malfunction, you can still use the second bathroom while working on fixing the first.

Cons of having two bathrooms in your RV

Before getting a motorhome, 5th wheel or trailer with two bathrooms, you should consider the disadvantages as well.

Bathrooms take up Space

When installing a second bathroom, RV makers must rob that space from another area. That means you will have a smaller bedroom or living area. Naturally, RVs that contain two bathrooms are big, sometimes really, really big. Maybe you want a huge trailer or motorhome and that doesn't matter to you, but for anyone looking for a small RV with two bathrooms, you are simply out of luck.

Double the maintenance

You need to clean and maintain the second bathroom too. That could involve deep cleaning, and placing certain products through the toilet and possibly handling malfunctions too (yikes!).

Larger black tank

With a second bathroom in use, you may be dealing with a larger black tank and/or more frequent black tanks. After all - the waste has to go somewhere! A larger black tank means more weight to carry with you. And more frequent dumps simply means spending more time on one of the least favorite tasks RV'ers face.

Still, all things considered, more and more people prefer the comfort and luxury of two bathrooms, so let's take a look at what's available on the market.

Motorhomes with two bathrooms

First, let's discuss motorhomes: these big RVs are different from 5th wheels and travel trailers because they do not require a tow vehicle. Instead, you simply get in and drive the RV from inside - no towing required (unless you want to bring a smaller vehicle along, that is).

Coachmen Mirada Select 37TB

[PIN id="835347430866200300" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Coachmen's Mirada is a gas-powered class A motorhome, which means it has plenty of space but costs less than some other diesel-powered rigs. And it's ideal for RV owners who need their space: A king bed is flanked by two full bathrooms. Whether you have guests or love to have separate baths for you and your spouse, this Coachmen has it all.

Check out all the Mirada has to offer here.

Fleetwood Discovery LXE

[PIN id="835347430866200450" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Fleetwood's top-of-the-line Discovery LXE series features all of the amenities you could ask for, including diesel power and double bathrooms. Again, we find a spacious king-size bed in the rear of the RV, with a bathroom on either side. Four of the five Discovery LXE models include two bathrooms, but not one of them has two full bathrooms - only a sink and toilet in the secondary loo.

See it for yourself on Fleetwood's website by clicking here.

Fleetwood Bounder 36FP

[PIN id="835347430866201039" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

In the gas-powered Bounder range, choosing the 36FP means getting another great double-bathroom motorhome. Next to the bedroom are a pair of bunks, with a bathroom on either side of the king bed. This is a great layout for anyone who likes keeping their kids close to them at night.

See all the details on this great layout on Fleetwood's website by clicking here.

Forest River Legacy SR 340

[PIN id="835347430866201227" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Forest River claims that their Legacy model offers everything you could ask for in an RV - including diesel power and dual bathrooms. Notice that both of those restrooms include a shower in the SR 340 floorplan. That makes this a great RV to share with friends and family.

You can explore this on Forest River's website in full detail here.

Newmar Dutch Star 3709

[PIN id="835347430866201301" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Do you really love your bathroom space when you are on the road? Well, this Newmar coach might just be your perfect RV. The rear bath is plenty big to stretch out while getting ready for the day, even if the shower is on the small side. Between the bedroom and kitchen sits the other bathroom, this one offering just a sink and toilet.

See everything the Dutch Star line has to offer here on their website.

Tiffin Open Road 36UA

[PIN id="835347430866201460" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Stretching out on your memory foam mattress in the Tiffin Open Road 36UA and rest easy knowing you have two bathrooms within easy access. One offers a spacious, seamless fiberglass shower, while the other contains a sink and toilet. As an option, one can even fit a washer and dryer inside so you can really feel at home.

There are tons of luxurious touches inside - you can see it all here on Tiffin Motors website.

Tiffin Phaeton 40 IH

[PIN id="835347430866201506" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

The popular Phaeton offers some incredible luxury features, including a twin vanity in the master bathroom. Pass through the bedroom to find the other powder room, which is smaller but every bit as luxurious as the first, with gorgeous wood cabinetry, a stone backsplash, and even an under-mount sink. Anyone seeking the ultimate luxury RV should look no further - actually, they should because the next one is equally impressive.

Check out TIffin's website to see the glorious Phaeton in full detail here.

Thor Tuscany 40RT and 45MX

[PIN id="835347430866201618" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

The Tuscany is one fancy motorhome, and it has space a-plenty. Behind the inclining (it can tilt up) king bed is a huge master bathroom. The 45MX model even features a dual vanity, and both models offer generously-sized showers. Guests, meanwhile, can access the half-bath directly across from the kitchen.

See this mega-motorhome here on Thor's website.

Thor Miramar 37.1

[PIN id="835347430866201681" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

It's great that Thor also offers a double bathroom on the smaller and less expensive Miramar 37.1. The rear bathroom sits right off the bedroom and features a small shower. The second bathroom features a toilet, sink and even smaller shower. This would be a great option for a family RV.

Check out Thor's website to see the Miramar by clicking here.

Winnebago Horizon 42Q

[PIN id="835347430866201822" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Winnebago has included many great functional features on their Horizon motorhome, including an extendable sofa, inclining king-size bed, and two bathrooms. The master bathroom is wonderfully spacious with a large shower and storage galore, while the second offers just the basic toilet and sink.

Check it on Winnebago's website by clicking here.

Travel Trailers with two bathrooms

Travel trailers are RVs that you can pull with a truck or SUV. That's because you hitch them to your vehicle at the bumper. Many people enjoy this flexibility, but most of them can't match a motorhome or 5th wheel for their storage and stability on the road.

Crossroads Sunset Trail SS331BH

[PIN id="835347430866201917" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

This Sunset Trail is a rare travel trailer that contains two bathrooms. The first is situated between the rear bunkhouse and the kitchen/living area and features a toilet and small sink. The other, larger, bathroom lies between the master bedroom and kitchen and offers a shower as well.

You can explore all it has to offer on Clrossrod Rv's Website - just click here.

Forest River Sierra Destination 404QBWD

[PIN id="835347430866202138" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

You can host the campground block party in the 42-foot Sierra Destination. Not only does it offer a large master bath complete with a washer and dryer space, but it also has a secondary bathroom with outside access. It doesn't get much more spacious than this in the travel trailer world.

Check out both bathrooms and everything else here on Forest River's Website.

Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow 40BHQS

[PIN id="835347430866202201" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Bring the whole family along in the Jayco Bungalow - there are enough beds and baths for everyone. Next to the queen-bed at the front, we have a full bathroom complete with shower, sink, and potty. Then, at the back, we find a large bunkhouse with an adjoining half bathroom.

Visit the Jayco Website to see the floorplan and pics here.

5th Wheels with two bathrooms

5th wheel trailers are also pulled by a vehicle, but in their case, it has to be a pickup truck. That's because they hitch to your vehicle in the bed. This provides more space in a shorter overall length, as well as increased stability on the highway.

Dutchmen Voltage 3915

[PIN id="835347430866202289" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Dutchmen's big 3-axle, nearly 43-foot Voltage gives you plenty of space for two bathrooms. The first is right behind the bedroom and it includes a shower, sink, and toilet. The other bathroom lies in between the living area and the 15-foot garage. This small lavatory contains just a toilet and a sink.

You can read all about the Voltage on the Dutchman website here.

Forest River Cardinal Limited 3720BHLE

[PIN id="835347430866202332" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

This Forest River 5th wheel is all about making your trailer experience as comfortable as possible. Next to the bedroom is a full bathroom, while a second bath is accessible from the outside of the trailer. If you love to spend time outside the trailer at the campground, this is a great option for you.

See all the details by clicking here on the Forest River website.

Heartland Milestone 389TB

[PIN id="835347430866202436" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

You can really feel at home in the Heartland Milestone. The 389TB floorplan offers two full bathrooms, including one with a small bathtub at the rear of the trailer. The other bathroom sits adjacent to the bedroom and features a shower, sink, and toilet.

Visit Heartland Rvs website to explore the Milestone 389TB here.

Jayco North Point 379DBFS

[PIN id="835347430866202503" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

The North Point 379DBFS is another great option for anyone who wants to live large in their 5th wheel. It offers a master bath as well as a rear-positioned bathroom, both with showers. The rear restroom can be accessed via a door at the rear of the trailer.

Check it out on Jayco's website by clicking here.

Perfect for a family, or just a party!

No matter what your reason, having two bathrooms in your RV is a luxury that can't be denied, especially if you travel with several people. Choose the one that's right for you!

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