RVs without slides (Inc. 13 examples)

RVs without slides (Inc. 13 illustrated examples)RV slides are so common that it's easy to forget you can find RV's without slides. The question you may be asking is why would you want one? Depending on who you ask, slides are either the greatest thing to ever happen to the world of RVs or an innovation that is more trouble than it's worth. There are compelling arguments on both sides. 

The main advantage of slides is the extra space you get when they are out. This is all most people need to hear. You want all the extra room you can get when you are camping with friends and family. Besides maximizing the space in your RV, you can also increase the luxury by installing custom features that you wouldn't otherwise have room for.

Yet, even people who won't own an RV that doesn't come with slides will admit they can have their problems. For one, leaks are common. Over time the seal around the slide can fail, allowing water to seep inside. Water damage in your RV is always something you want to avoid. Slides can also grow stubborn as they age. In the beginning, it is as easy as pushing a button but over time it may require some extra effort to open and shut them. 

As someone who has owned RVs with and without slides, I'm not going to advocate either position. You can decide what makes the most sense for you and your family. What I'll do is give some insight into what is available in slide-less travel trailers, 5th wheels, and motorhomes. This way if you decide you can do without slides, you'll have a few options to consider. 


This is what most people think of when they think of RVs. Basically, living quarters on wheels with many, but not all, of the comforts of home. No towing. You just get behind the wheel and take off.

Winnebago Class B

Ask the average person to name a motor home and chances are good they will respond with Winnebago. You can choose from a variety of Winnebago Class B slide-free floorplans with different looks and options. Whether you are hauling your family around on vacation or traveling the country with your spouse, this motorhome can meet your needs. 

Fleetwood Irok

This Fleetwood Class B Camper proves you don't have to give up roominess when you choose to go with a no-slide model. You also don't have to skimp on your favorite technology when you're on the open road. With a Samsung LED Smart TV, Blu-Ray player, and HD digital TV antenna included, you'll never run out of entertainment options. The exterior is sharp and sleek while the interior is as close to home as you're likely to find in something on wheels.

Find out more at the Fleetwood website.

Dutchmen Aspen Trail 2050QBWE

The name may suggest a cool mountain morning but there is nothing backwoods about Dutchman's Aspen Trail 2050QBWE. This state of the art camper sleeps 3-4 and comes with a luxurious 30X60 Queen Bed. With that much sleeping space, you won't miss slides. You can customize your home away from home with a host of interior designs and features, including Power Tongue Jack, 29" LCD TV, and Tri-Fold Hide-A-Bed IPO Flip Sofa.

Get more details here.

Gulfstream Coach Conquest Class C 6237le

Slides can cause alignment issues which can affect how your motorhome handles on the road. The Conquest Class C 6237le is a safe and spacious option engineered to perform reliably mile after mile. You'll notice the difference when the wheels hit the pavement thanks to the Cradle of Strength construction that employs steel box trusses and cross frame-welds for greater durability and control. Luxury options cover almost anything you can imagine.

Go to their website to learn more.

Minnie Winnie 22M

Don't let a quick glance at the exterior fool you; the Minnie Winnie 22M is deceptively spacious. The master suite provides all the amenities of homes, such as a 60 x 70 bed, nightstand and room for a TV. There is storage to spare, a range and microwave, and a dinette that converts into 2 beds. The ingenuity of design makes slides completely unnecessary.

To see all this motorhome has to offer, click here.

Coachmen Pursuit 27XPS

The Coachmen Pursuit 27XPS is a compact motorhome built to maneuver into tight quarters without sacrificing comfort or space inside. You'll never have to guess if you have enough clearance for slides. Tear down and set up is a breeze which frees up more time to enjoy the outdoors. They use every inch to the best advantage leaving you plenty of room for everything you need when you take your next excursion.

There is more to see of the Pursuit 27XPS.

Forest River Springdale 2020RD

Need more room for family and friends but are committed to avoiding slides? The Forester LE 2351LE sleeps 6, with a 60 x 80 Queen Bed in the rear and a 60 x 80 bunk over the cab. The U-shaped dinette isn't only an inviting spot for meals or coffee; it also folds up to give you 2 more sleeping areas.

See everything this motorhome has to offer.

Travel trailers

With a travel trailer, there is a bit more work involved. You have to tow it which means you'll need a hitch and a decent-sized vehicle, such as a pickup or SUV. Travel trailers come in different sizes with the top end being 30-33 feet long.

Jayco Hummingbird

A travel trailer doesn't have to be bulky to give you the comfort you crave. Like its namesake, the Hummingbird does a lot with a little. There is not much wasted space in this cleverly designed offering from Jayco. It's cozy, compact and loaded with everything you need to enjoy your time exploring the country. You'll have an easier time get this travel trailer into a tight campsite with slides taking up extra space.

Go here to see floorplans and options.

Keystone Springdale 2020RD

What some companies call "extras" come standard in the Springdale 2020RD from Keystone RV Company. And, it manages to offer it all without having to add additional area to your travel trailer with slides. A few examples are Furrion backup camera/observation prep, extended rain gutters, and diamond plate rock guard. Inside you get a 30,000 BTU furnace, 12V 55 AMP converter and Bluetooth stereo. And no, this isn't a comprehensive list.

Check out everything the website.

Crossroads Sunset Trail SS215BH

Even more impressive than the upgrades are the standard features you get with the Sunset Trail SS215BH. These include tri-fold sofas, king bed, glass top range, one-piece countertops and a skylight in the shower. If you really want to trick out your motorhome, you can add an extra air conditioner, theater seats, and electric jacks. Think you need slides to accommodate extras? This model proves otherwise.

You can get even more information here.

Casita Spirit

The lightweight but loaded Casita Spirit is made for family adventures. You don't need slides thanks to the intuitive interior design that makes it easy to transform the interior for mealtime or bedtime. Maybe the best thing about this fun little motor is that its simplicity eliminates much of the stress that goes along with family vacations.

You can take a closer look at the Casita website.

Airstream Classic

Slides are versatile in that they can transform the interior of your travel trailer. Airstream gives you even more options without the added weight. You can choose from 1 of 4 classic floorplans: the Classic 30RB, Classic 30RB Twin, Classic 33FB and Classic 33FB Twin. All four models sleep 5 and range between 30-33 ft in length, with the big difference being the layout of the living space.

Get all the information you need here

Forest River Cherokee Toy Hauler 255RR

Slides are much help when you're taking your ATV or jet skis out for the weekend, then you need a toy hauler. The Cherokee 255RR has room for your hobbies without cheating you on living space. The 90 x 75 ramp door makes it easy to load and unload your favorite recreational vehicle when you reach your destination. 

More details are available here. 

What about 5th Wheels?

Similar to a travel trailer, 5th wheels are towable. However, you need a special hitch in the bed of your truck to tow a 5th wheel. Overall, they are considered safer to haul and easier to maneuver. You'll need something heavy-duty to get this kind of RV down the road. 5th wheels are usually larger and more spacious and often have multiple slides. We couldn't find any without slides, but if you know of any such models, leave us a comment to let us know.

In summary

For RV enthusiasts who decide to forego slides, the main reasons they give tend to be ease of use, size considerations, and maintenance. All the models we have talked about offer abundant room and comfort while still addressing those concerns. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to slides. But, if you've decided they aren't the way to go for you, any of these examples should work well for you and your family. 

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