What Is the Size of a Class C Motorhome? [Inc. 13 Examples]

Class C Motorhomes come in a variety of sizes and styles that present quite a few options, so you probably wonder which size would be right for you. Whatever your RV size requirements might be, we've dug deeply into various sizes of Class Cs to give you all the necessary dimensions and weights, so you can determine the size in terms of living space, maneuverability, and storage space.

The size of a Class C motorhome ranges from 22 feet long to 44 feet long; weights range from 12,500 pounds to 72,000 pounds. The size and weight of a Class C will be influenced by floor plan design, vehicle chassis, and added amenities. Class C motorhomes are generally classified into small, medium, and large (or Super C) categories. 

Small Class Cs:

  • Gulf Stream BT Cruiser 5240B - Length: 22ft Weight: 12,500lbs
  • Forest River Sunseeker LE 2250 SLE - Length: 24ft Weight: 14,200lbs
  • Coachman Leprechaun 220XG - Length: 24ft Weight: 14,200lbs
  • Winnebago Outlook 25J - Length: 26ft Weight: 18,500lbs

Medium Class Cs:

  • Entegra Coach Odyssey - Length: 28ft Weight: 22,000lbs
  • Jayco Redhawk SE 27N - Length: 30ft Weight: 20,000lbs
  • Gulfstream Conquest 6316 - Length: 32ft Weight: 14,500lbs

Large or Super Cs:

  • Nexus Ghost 34DS - Length: 34ft Weight: 45,999lbs
  • Thor Motorcoach Magnitude SV34 - Length: 36ft Weight: 40,000lbs
  • Renegade Valencia 38 RW - Length 38ft Weight: 46,000lbs
  • Jayco Seneca - Length: 39ft Weight: 41,000lbs
  • Renegade Verona 40VRB - Length: 40ft Weight: 60,000lbs
  • Newmar Supreme Aire 4575 - Length 44ft Weight: 72,000lbs

Keep reading, as we delve into the special features of these various sized Class C motorhomes. You will soon see why size and weight matter for living space, maneuverability, and overall comfort. We will also discuss how motorhome size affects sleeping arrangements, and where you can park your recreational vehicle based on exterior vehicle dimensions and RV park accommodations.

A Class C motorhome travelling along the road, What Is the Size of a Class C Motorhome? [Inc. 13 Examples]

Considerations for Class C Sizing



Slide-outs are built-in portions of the motorhome wall that slide out to create an additional room or space. Most motorhomes are about 8 feet wide, consequently a slide-out can add a significant 1 or 2 feet of interior floor space.



Floor plans and furnishings are factors that add weight and width to Class C motorhomes. Unique design methods that can make smaller spaces feel larger, and lightweight furnishings can influence vehicle weight. Consider floor plan design if you do not want to drive large recreational vehicle, but still want a Class C that feels spacious in terms of living and storage.

The weight of a Class C motorhome can affect fuel consumption as well. Fuel-efficiency can be influenced by the number of passengers, heavier interior furnishings, appliances, and stored cargo.

Vehicle Safety Requirements

States do not typically require special licensing to drive a Class C sized recreational vehicle unless the vehicle weighs over 45,000 pounds. For larger Class C motorhomes, and especially Super Cs weighing 72,000 pounds, a commercial driving license (CDL) is required. Check your home state, and those states you intend to travel for licensing requirements.

Remember the rules of the road when determining how tall and wide your RV should be because you will need to know bridge and overpass heights, roadway width, and vehicle lane requirements for every drive.

Small Class C Motorhomes

Small Class C Motorhomes are between 22 and 26 feet long. They are typically a consumer top pick because of the versatility of the vehicle. Small Class Cs prove a better maneuverability because they fit better into parking spaces, and save money at the pump with better gas mileage. On the downside, small Class C motorhomes are short on living space and lack some amenities that medium to larger Class Cs offer.

Gulf Stream BT Cruiser 5240

At 22 feet long and 12,500 pounds, this is the smallest Class C motorhome on the list. The Gulf Stream BT Cruiser comes equipped with one slide-out to create room for the full-sized, fold-out Murphy Bed. Updated LED lighting, modern decor, and a full bathroom make this little recreational vehicle unique. Furthermore, the short and lightweight body design helps keep gas mileage at a minimum. The Gulf Stream BT Cruiser 5240 sleeps two people.

Forest River Sunseeker 2250SLE

The Forest River Sunseeker offers compact freedom in an efficient package. The private interior features one slide-out, creating a master bedroom in the rear. Additional sleeping bunks over the cab area are located in the front. Under the hood, a Chevy engine provides great pickup and acceleration for an easy drive. This 24 foot long, 14,200-pound motorhome sleeps six people.

Coachman Leprechaun 220XG

The Coachman Leprechaun 220XG has some big features for such a small Class C motorhome. At 24 feet long and 14,200 pounds, unique interior features include a walk around, queen-sized bed provided by the single slide-out. Equipped with WiFi Ranger Sky4 technology you can boost weak WiFi signals at campgrounds. Additionally, people looking for extra headroom in the shower will appreciate the added space provided by a bubble sunroof. This Coachman model sleeps six people.

Winnebago Outlook 25J

Winnebago has a longstanding reputation for quality motorhomes. The Outlook 25J features many of the classic amenities expected from Winnebago. The newest updates include a full solar backup system and a spacious interior without using slide-outs. The Winnebago Outlook 25J features a queen-sized bed in the rear, a sofa bed in the mid-lounge area, and a sleeping bunk above the cab. Altogether, the Outlook can comfortably sleep between six and nine people.

Medium Class C Motorhomes

Class C motorhomes between 26 and 34 feet are considered medium-sized recreational vehicles. This size offers additional slide-outs, extra floor space, and multiple special features.

Entegra Coach Odessey 26D

When it comes to Class C motorhomes, the Entegra Coach Odyssey is at the top of the chart. This recreational vehicle has all the latest features wrapped up into a 28 foot long, 22,000-pound package. Theater-style seats, personal LED televisions in each bunk, and a panoramic sunroof are just a few of many luxurious features. The Odyssey has two slide-outs to create ample floor space for the dinette and queen-sized bed. This Entegra Coach model comfortably sleeps eight people.

Jayco Redhawk SE 27N

Jayco is a long-running recreational vehicle company, offering a multitude of floor plans and trusted by many owners. The Redhawk SE 27N is a 30 foot long, 20,000-pound classic motorhome. Similar to Winnebego, this Redhawk model does not include a slide-out. In fact, many owners prefer not having a slide-out, especially if it does not affect the room inside. The Jayco Redhawk SE 27N sleeps eight people. 

Gulf Stream Conquest 6316

At 32 feet long and 14,500 pounds, the Gulf Stream Conquest 6316 is one of the longest and lightest motorhomes on the market. Storage is a prime feature of this recreational vehicle. Cherry wood cabinets can be found in the lounge and kitchen areas. Additionally, the bedroom features matching cherry wood closets on either side of the bed and beautiful cabinetry. One large slide-out provides an extra spacious dining and sofa area. The Conquest sleeps eight people.

Large, Super Class C Motorhomes

Looking for large and wondering what is a Super C motorhome? Class C motorhomes in the size range between 32 and 44 feet are considered Super Class C motorhomes. The frame is substantial on these designs because Super Class C motorhomes are attached to the equivalent of a tow truck frame (or chassis). This gives the vehicle more power and support under the large engine it needs. The weight Super C motorhomes ranges between 20,000 and 72,000 pounds.

Nexus Ghost 34DS

The Nexus Ghost 34DS is a diesel-powered, 34 foot long, 45,999 pound Super Class C motorhome. Nexus RVs are fully customizable, built to each owner's specifications. The Ghost model features three slide-outs to extend the master bedroom area, sofa area, and dining area. Slide-outs provide comfortable floor space. The Nexus Ghost is also equipped with the Mobileye Collision Warning system; a feature sure to be useful when driving a motorhome this size. Provide ample sleeping accommodations in this RV for eight people.

Thor Motorcoach Magnitude SV34

The Thor Magnitude SV34 is 36 feet long and 40,000 pounds; to put it into perspective, the average school bus is 35 feet long. The full wall slide-out creates an impressive amount of extra living space inside. Quality accessories like leather furniture, a king-sized bed, power window shades, and a WiFi sound system give you all the modern luxuries of home. Sleep eight people with ease in the Magnitude.

Renegade Valencia 38 RW

The Renegade Valencia has an overall exterior length of 38 feet, 2 inches. This is one Class C with plenty of room for your family and guests. Double slide-outs provide extra floor space to accommodate a full kitchen, master bedroom, and walk-in bathroom. At 46,000 pounds, the fuel usage of this recreational vehicle may be intimidating, but the 100-gallon fuel tank is an added bonus. Sleeping is provided for seven people.

Jayco Seneca 37L

Jayco motorhomes are an American classic and this Super Class C Jayco Seneca 37L is a beautiful, modern example. The Seneca is a 39 foot long, 41,000 pound recreational vehicle available in five different, customizable floor plans. This motorhome also has a unique feature many other Class C motorhomes do not, two bathrooms. Three slide-outs create plenty of room for everyone, with sleeping arrangements for eight to 10 people.

Renegade Verona 40VRB

At 40 feet, long this Super Class C motorhome is considered a Freightliner by its builders. Equipped with a massive chassis essential to haul this mobile living space weighing in at 60,000 pounds. It is a tremendous recreational vehicle, but features like the electronic cruise control, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes, and rear air suspension help the driver maintain control. The Renegade Verona has two slide-outs, one for the master bedroom and a second for the sofa and the dinette area. Sleeping is provided for six people.

Newmar Supreme Aire 4575

The Newmar Supreme Aire is a 44 foot long, 72,000-pound motorhome. Its size, plus luxurious features and accessories, make this recreational vehicle a truly Super Class C. The interior is full of the finest quality appliances, furnishings, and designer items. There is plenty of room by using four slide-outs to provide a full bedroom and tons of floor space in the living and dining areas. Additionally, the engine and transmission are top of the line. The Supreme Aire comes complete with the newest technology in sound, satellite, and WiFi making this motorhome the true king (or queen) of the road. You can comfortably have six people sleep in Newmar's Supreme Aire.

How Many People Can Sleep In A Class C Motorhome?

The number of people that can sleep in a Class C Motorhome depends on the size and model of the motorhome. An average motorhome can sleep anywhere from two to six people. Moreover, just because the motorhome is large does not mean it has sleeping accommodations for several people. The floor plan determines the number of beds and type of beds used inside.


What is the Average Height Of A Class C Motorhome?

Due to road and highway regulations, Class C motorhomes have an average height of 10 to 11 feet. This is regardless of how long they are or how much they weigh.

What Is The Average Width Of A Class C Motorhome?

The width of a Class C Motorhome is 8 feet because all vehicles are subject to the standard width for state and federal roadways. The lanes on most roadways are 8 feet wide, and vehicle width does include side mirrors and any other protruding items on the vehicle.

What Is The Largest Recreational Vehicle Allowed In State Parks?

State park rules regarding Class C motorhomes rarely change. State parks have to regulate the size of vehicles due to parking, campsite space, and available resources. The largest recreational vehicle allowed in a state park is 27 feet long though there are a select few parks that do allow up to 30 feet long vehicles. 

What Is The Largest Recreational Vehicle Allowed In National Parks?

National parks and state parks have very similar rules on how large a recreational vehicle can be. The largest recreational vehicle allowed in a national park is 27 feet long. Additionally, there are some national parks that can accommodate motorhomes up to 40 feet long. 

In Conclusion

A Class C motorhome is one of the most versatile recreational vehicles you can find, and now that you know what to consider in terms of size, check out our other blogs for great Class C floor plan ideas as you shop around:

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