What are the Smallest 5th Wheel RVs? [Inc. 11 examples]

Since you've arrived at this article, I assume you are looking for a great small 5th-wheel RV. And you're not alone; modern half-ton trucks are so capable that their owners are now able to consider 5th wheels an option. And while many trailers in this class are huge 40-plus-foot behemoths, we nevertheless have some wonderful smaller options on the market. To assist you in your quest, I have searched high and low for all of the smallest 5th wheel RVs available today. Here are the 11 lightest:

  1. Scamp 19' 5th Wheel: 19', 2,400 lbs
  2. Winnebago Micro Minnie 2405RL: 26'9", 5,640 lbs
  3. CrossRoads Cruiser Aire CR24RL: 28 ft 9 inches,  6,754 lbs
  4. CrossRoads Volante VL240RL: 28 ft, 6,977 lbs
  5. Keystone Laredo 255SRL: 27'6", 7,113 lbs
  6. Forest River Flagstaff Superlite 524LWS: 28'5", 7,149 lbs
  7. Forest River Rockwood Ultralite 2441WS: 28'5", 7149 lbs
  8. Winnebago Minnie Plus 25RKS: 27'3", 7,220 lbs
  9. Jayco Eagle HTX 26BHX: 30'8", 7,355 lbs
  10. Coachmen Chaparral Lite 25MKS: 29'3", 7,549 lbs
  11. Gulf Stream Sedona 26FRKW: 29'1", 7,550 lbs

Wow, so many great 5th wheels under 8,000 pounds. Want all the details on these great half-ton towable 5th wheels? You're in luck - all you have to do is keep reading.

A small 5th wheel RV parked under the shade of the trees, What are the Smallest 5th Wheel RVs? [Inc. 11 examples]

Smallest 5th Wheel RVs

1. Scamp 19' 5th Wheel

Length: 19'

Weight: 2,400 lbs

If you truly want the smallest and lightest 5th wheel, by far the best option is the Scamp 19'. Depending on the model, these trailers can weigh as little as 2,4o0 lbs, with a hitch weight of just 400 lbs. That's pop-up trailer territory! That means you can easily pull this 5th wheel with any midsize truck (Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, etc). Inside, you will find a queen-size bed up front, with a dinette in the rear that can convert to another sleeping area. And while it might not be as spacious as the other, much larger models on this list, it still manages to offer all of the conveniences you would expect, including a full bathroom and a kitchen with hardwood cabinets. Because Scamps are so rare, they can be hard to find, so it's worth checking used listings anytime you are in the market for one of these special little 5th wheels.

Check out the crazy small Scamp by clicking here.

2. Winnebago Micro Minnie 2405RL

Length: 26'9"

Weight: 5,640 lbs

As you would guess with "micro" in its name, this Winnebago is another extremely light trailer. This and the Scamp are the only trailers that can realistically be pulled by a midsize truck - Toyota Tacomas, Chevy Colorados, and the like. Fully loaded, all Micro Minnies max out at 7,700 lbs, meaning it would still be best to use a half-ton. Sure, it's small and light, but you still get tons of great features that we normally find on larger trailers - queen bed, pass-through bathroom, and decent-sized living space complete with sofa and dinette. The main difference you will notice, at 7 feet wide, is the narrower interior space.

See all this Winnebago has to offer here.

3. CrossRoads Cruiser Aire CR24RL

Length: 28'9"

Weight: 6,754 lbs

It appears that CrossRoads understands that, just because you are looking for a small 5th wheel trailer, it doesn't mean you want the cheapest-looking trailer. From the upscale kitchen appliances to the luxurious furniture, great pains have been taken to make this a very nice space to inhabit. At 6,754 pounds, this Cruiser Aire model is the lightest mainstream 5th wheel on the market today. Many half tons will be able to take on that weight - just make sure the 1,250 lb hitch weight doesn't exceed your truck's weight rating. And, if you love to load up your trailers for the long haul, you will love the huge 3,296-lb carrying capacity.

Find out more about this amazing 5th wheel on the Winnebago website here.

4. CrossRoads Volante VL240RL

Length: 28'

Weight: 6,977 lbs

The CrossRoads Volante was built to appeal to price-conscious shoppers. But there are still tons of great features to appreciate, including a 30-inch fireplace, stainless-steel sink and faucet, and residential wood blinds. At just 28-feet long, this nearly 7,000-lb trailer is actually 9 inches shorter than the lighter Cruiser Aire, making it even easier to maneuver in tight campgrounds. The "HP" package adds some luxury features to the trailer with touches like aluminum wheels, electric leveling, an 18-cubic foot refrigerator, and much more. Popular options include a 39" LED TV, a 2nd A/C unit in the bedroom and a free-standing dinette with 4 chairs.

Click here to find out everything this CrossRoads has to offer.

5. Keystone Laredo 255SRL

Length: 27'6"

Weight: 7,113 lbs

As the weight goes up, the length goes down. So far, at least. That's right, even though this Keystone Laredo eclipses the 7,000-lb mark, it is actually 6 inches shorter than the previous trailer. While this "super-lite" trailer might not be very long, it still offers plenty of great features. Like all Laredo models, it includes the Ground Control system which automatically levels the trailers with no manual effort involved. Once you enter the Laredo, you will find a large living area complete with a sofa and dinette, as well as a corner kitchen unit. Upstairs, we find the bathroom and bedroom, which includes a queen bed and slide-out wardrobe.

Want to learn more? Click here.

6. Forest River Flagstaff Superlite 524LWS

Length: 28'5"

Weight: 7,149 lbs

At just over 7,000 pounds, the fourth trailer on our list is still a very light 5th wheel. The Flagstaff Superlite is built for trailer shoppers who may not even realize their truck can pull a 5th wheel (ie, half-ton truck owners). In addition to making their Flagstaff 5th wheel light enough for an F150, Forest River also strived to create a value-packed trailer. That means, even though these trailers are among the least expensive on the list, they still offer tons of features. Some of those include large flush floor slides, modern appointments throughout, and large dinettes. Looking at the floorplan, it's hard not to notice another great addition: a standard ceiling fan in the living area. To differentiate them from the similar Rockwood series, Forest River builds the Flagstaff Ultralite with a Champagne-colored exterior (white is optional) and a slatewood/granite interior color scheme. See all the details for yourself in the Flagstaff brochure.

If you would like to learn more about this Forest River 5th wheel, click here.

7. Forest River Rockwood Ultralite 2441WS

Length: 28'5" long

Weight: 7,149 lbs

Forest River's other entry on the list, the Rockwood Ultralite, has identical dimensions to the Flagstaff. But they aren't exactly identical trailers. Sure, they use an identical layout, but the color schemes used in each model make them feel very different. For starters, Rockwood Ultralites come with a standard tan (or optional white) exterior as well as a "slatewood and pebble" interior design. While both the Rockwood and Flagstaff use a modern color scheme, they are nevertheless unique. The lighter-colored interior of the Rockwood provides it with an open, airy feel while the darker colors used in the Flagstaff create a cozier, warmer environment. Take a look at the brochure for each trailer to get an idea of which one appeals to you most before you decide on one of these Forest River products.

See all the great details on this Rockwood by clicking here.

8. Winnebago Minnie Plus 25RKS

Length: 27'3"

Weight: 7,220 lbs

At just over 27 feet long, Winnebago's Minnie Plus 25RKS is one of the shortest trailers on our list. And its 7,200-lb base weight is still a very manageable amount for many modern half-ton trucks. Marketed as the 5th wheel of your dreams, it's clear that Winnebago has put a lot of effort into the design of this trailer. Bold exterior color options include Royal Blue, Cherry, and Green, making it a stylish standout in a field of white and beige trailers. Inside, a residential-size queen bed provides you with plenty of space to sleep inside the stateroom. The pass-through bathroom makes accessing the restroom convenient from both the front and rear of the trailer.

Explore this trailer in more detail here.

9. Jayco Eagle HTX 26BHX

Length: 30'8"

Weight: 7,355 lbs

Jumping up to the Jayco, we are still well under 7,500 lbs. The newly-released HTX was designed specifically for use with a half-ton truck. In this unit, unlike most others, we find the bathroom situated at the rear of the trailer, as far away from the bedroom as possible. It's clearly a personal preference whether that is an advantage or a pain - note that a second door gives direct access to the loo from outside of the trailer. Inside, we find a decidedly upscale motif, with many luxury features to appreciate. This slightly different design should be considered before making your final 5th wheel decision.

Visit Jayco's website here to find out more.

10. Coachmen Chaparral Lite 25MKS

Length: 29'3"

Weight: 7,549 lbs

Billed as "lite" trailers, Chaparral Lites all weight between 8,000 lbs and 9,500 lbs. Except for the 25MKS, that is. With a 7,549-lb unloaded weight and just 1,307 lbs of hitch weight, this model is another great lightweight 5th wheel option. Designed from the ground up with half-ton trucks in mind, the 29-foot Chaparral uses advanced aerodynamics to make your towing experience as pleasant as possible. And you will find that the interior is a mighty nice place to reside. A large entertainment center (fireplace included) sits at the rear of the trailer, perfect for viewing from either the sofa or dinette. The standard queen bed is accessed via the stairs or a pass-through bathroom.

Click here to explore the Chapparal's website.

11. Gulf Stream Sedona 26FRKW

Length: 29'1"

Weight: 7,550 lbs

Gulf Stream's Sedona lineup gives you some great features not found on other small 5th wheels. Step into this Gulfstream, and you will find a wonderfully luxurious trailer. The rich wood surfaces throughout create a very upscale feel in this 29-foot trailer. There are other great features to appreciate as well, including a huge 60-gallon freshwater tank - most others on this list offer less than 50 gallons. So, sure, this one is slightly heavier than most on this list, but with such great big RV features like this, it packs a big punch.

Interested? Click here to see all this trailer has to offer.

Test Some Trailers!

Now that you have an idea of what you can expect in the small 5th-wheel market, it's time to get out there and tour some trailers. Make sure the layouts and designs all work for you and your tow vehicle, explore the features and make sure they have the quality you expect from a 5th wheel trailer. Only then will you really know which trailer is truly right for you. Enjoy!

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  1. Escape 5.0TA
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    3810 pound dry weight
    3180 axle weight
    630 hitch weight
    manufactured in Canada with options to customize interior

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