What Are the Smallest RVs with a Shower and Toilets?

Small RVs have advantages, but not all include a proper shower and toilet on board. If you're shopping around for a lightweight travel trailer or motorhome, you may have trouble finding models offering bathroom facilities.

We've done the online research for you and come up with a list of small RVs -  yet include these necessities.

The smallest RVs with a shower and toilet are -

  • Class A motorhomes: The Forest River FR3 25DS, Fleetwood Discovery 39G, and Newmar New Aire.
  • Class B motorhomes (camper vans): The Nugget Plus, the Pleasure Way Plateau TS, and the RoadTrekZion SRT.
  • Class C motorhomes: The Road Bear C25-27’, Winnebago View 24M, Winnebago Minnie Winnie.
  • Travel Trailers: The Casita Travel Trailer, the Scamp, ICamp Elite.
  • 5th Wheels: Venom, the Cyclone 3000, XTR 720

Keep reading to learn more about each of these models, what they offer owners, and why they made it into our list.

RV parked on an RV campground, What Are the Smallest RVs with a Shower and Toilets?

Why a small RV with a bathroom is a good idea

If you’re looking to enjoy the outdoors on a secluded campsite in the hills for a couple of days, plenty of mobile homes will help you along your journey.

If you're not familiar with recreational vehicles yet, and the terms we used above confuse you, read our post about types of RVs.

It'll teach you the basics so you can tell the difference between a Class B and a Class C or just between a motorhome and a travel trailer.

Whatever type of RV you choose, if you plan to be taking it on the road often, going small makes sense. Carrying weight on the highway can get expensive in terms of fuel costs, and reducing weight can help.

Read more: What's the average gas mileage for an RV?

Choosing a lightweight RV means you'll be giving up on room and possibly on some appliances, too.

What most people are reluctant to give up, though, is a proper shower and toilet. Because when you’re on the go and nature calls, you don’t want to be searching for some bushes out in the middle of nowhere.

With that in mind, let's look at the RVs that made it into our list.

Class-A Motorhomes With A Shower and Toilet

Small class-A motorhomes are relatively rare. They are typically found as converted buses, which are large and occupy significant space on the road.

For those of you who want to leave a smaller carbon footprint and intend to keep a lower profile, then you want a smaller size without sacrificing all the amenities. Being smaller also means they will be less power-hungry and more mobile.

1) The Forest River FR3 25DS

This incredibly nimble and agile class A RV spans only 25 feet, yet it packs all the cool things one needs to live and then some.

The Forest River also includes a king-sized bed, so you don’t have to sacrifice your sleep. It also features a shower and toilet, so you can fully commit to your hygiene needs.

Click here to learn more.

2) Fleetwood Discovery 39G

The Fleetwood Discovery pulls no punches when offering a fully fleshed-out motorhome.

It has an extremely elegant-looking interior that will give most mansions a run for their money. It features a washer/dryer combo, dishwasher, and, of course, shower and toilet. It’s the perfect getaway vehicle.


Click here to learn more. 

3) Newmar New Aire

Here’s another nimble class-A motorhome that has taken the market by storm. Taking one look at it will tell you why.

This spacious yet tiny motorhome is thoughtfully designed for maximum functionality and aesthetics. Of course, it features a toilet and shower, but we’re more impressed by the attention to detail.

Learn more about it here.

Class-B Motorhomes with Shower and Toilet

It is common for most class B motorhomes to only feature portable toilets, while some don’t have any toilets at all.

The good news is that some companies make amazing class B motorhomes with all their bells and whistles, including big toilets with showers.

Here’s our pick for some of the best, smallest models.

1. The Nugget Plus

The Nugget Plus Motorhome had a marketing campaign with an interesting tagline around the words ‘toilets’ and ‘showers.’

Those inconvenienced by traditional vans with no toilets quickly jumped on board with their “shut up and take my money” faces. Best of all, it remains small and agile.

Get more information here.

2. Pleasure Way Plateau TS

This motorhome may not look very imposing from the outside, but once you go inside, you’ll find a nice wet bath conveniently located behind the driver seat.

The shower isn’t spacious enough, but it gets the job done. It has a black water tank with a capacity of only 12 gallons, but don’t let that hold you back.

Get more information here.

3. The RoadTrekZion SRT

Another feature-rich camper with a stovetop and a large sink, complete with an overhead microwave.

It features a bathroom with a toilet. Better yet, the bathroom has a sliding door so guests can come in and go without disrupting anyone sleeping in the back. It also features a convenient 36-liter black water tank.

Find out more here.

Class-C Motorhomes with a Bathroom

Class-C motorhomes hit the sweet spot between size and functionality.

You can pack as many as 6 to 8 people without getting too crowded; there’s ample room for everyone involved. Of course, class C motorhomes have many extra features that higher-end models proudly boast about.

This doesn’t mean that class C motorhomes are completely deprived of amenities since they feature impressive floor plans with many key features under the hood, including a shower and toilet.

1. The Road Bear C25-27’

This is the ideal motorhome for a family of four who love visiting the countryside. It is packed with a queen-sized bed, a sofa bed, and a dinette bed.

Best of all, it boasts powerful Ford V10 gasoline engines that effortlessly keep this beast of a van moving along with amazing agility. And, of course, it features both a toilet and shower.

Road Bear C25-27’

Get it here.

2. Winnebago View 24M

This chic-looking motorhome boasts a giant slide that can extend your living space when parked.

This Winnebago had to make a few sacrifices to pack some extra features. For example, it does not have a bed in the back to provide a shower area and a spacious bathroom.

 Learn more about it here.

3. Winnebago Minnie Winnie

Winnebago is a popular manufacturer that produces feature-rich motorhomes, and their class C line up no less impressive. The aptly named Minnie Winnie is a walking home with a shower and toilet.

This impressive motorhome provides plenty of sleeping arrangements and cool interior décor.

Learn more about this product here.

Small Travel Trailers with a shower and toilet

Travel trailers make traveling much easier because they provide a real bed to relieve fatigue. Yet most models scarcely featured a shower and toilet to make hygiene less chore.

To make your adventurous camping journey even more comfortable, here are 3 travel trailers with showers and toilets.

1) Casita Travel Trailer

Casita travel trailer is your perfect companion, featuring a deluxe sleeping area that provides space for two people.

It also includes a shower and toilet at the back, conveniently located next to each other. Furthermore, it boasts 17 feet of comfortable space with a roof vent.

Click here to access its floor plans. 

2) Scamp Trailer

The Scamp Trailer offers many different layouts for their 16’ trailer, many of which don’t include a bathroom. There is one that does, so make sure you select the one with the shower and bathroom.

Click here to find a lot more information on their official website.

3. iCamp Elite with Shower and Toilet

This travel trailer is only 14’ in size, yet boasts many key features, including a shower and built-in toilet. It has a 3-way refrigerator, smoke detector, hot water heater, and a bunch of high-end features you wouldn’t expect in most travel trailers, hence the term ‘elite.’

Click here to learn even more about this travel trailer. 

Lightweight 5th Wheels with a bathroom

These fifth-wheel toy haulers will surprise you with all the features they boast. Take a look.

1) Venom

This luxurious fifth wheel is fully equipped with a luxurious shower and boasts a convenient kitchen with stainless steel sinks. Furthermore, its fully vented attic system means you won’t worry about unwanted moisture buildup anytime soon.

Click here to learn more.

2) Cyclone 3000

This 5th wheel toy hauler has many things you’d be interested in, including a mammoth 55-inch LCD HDTV. It packs a lot in a tiny 12.5’ space, including a lofty shower and a toilet. All these features make for a worthy travel companion.

Click here to learn more.

3) XTR 720

Marketed as a fully ‘self-contained’ toy hauler, this XTR 720 is available in several floor plans, including options that include a bathroom with shower and toilet. Furthermore, it has ceramic toilets, stainless sinks, and more.

Learn more about this 5th wheeler here. 

Pop Up Campers that have a bathroom.

You would be surprised how convenient modern, pop-up campers have become, boasting all the modern amenities and features you can expect from technology. This includes, of course, a shower and a toilet.

With pop-up campers, these facilities will be more rudimentary by nature. These are more like mobile tents with a frame than an RV. Still, we hope you find this list helpful.

1) 21’6 Jay Sport

Jay Sport is the most luxurious popup camper you’ll find. It has a separate compartment for a portable potty. It features a convenient outdoor shower. If you frequently go out camping with friends and family, it would make an excellent option.

Click here to learn more.

2) Rockwood Pop up Camper by Forest River

Another reliable and trustworthy RV brand, Forest River has some of the most impressive lineups of RVs and campers. Their pop-up camper is no different; it has four different floor plans, each offering something sleek.

The best part is that it includes a residential flush toilet inside, with an outdoor shower compartment.

Click here to learn more about it.

So, which would you choose?

Which smallest RV with a shower and toilet captured your heart? Leave us a comment below to let us know.

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Bon voyage!

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