How Do You Start A Ford Mustang With A Key Fob?

The newest technology available in many vehicles is the remote start key fob. This feature makes car keys a thing of the past and allows you to start your engine with just a few simple steps. If you're considering a newer model Ford Mustang, and you've never had a vehicle with fob technology before, you are probably wondering how they operate. We researched the Ford Mustang's key fob using numerous professional sources so you will have a definitive answer on how to start this car.

How you start your Ford Mustang with a key fob will depend on whether or not you are starting it remotely or when inside the vehicle. For a remote start:

  1. Look at the key fob, and note the five buttons. From the top, they are "unlock," "lock," "2x," trunk release," and "hood release."
  2. Press the lock button once.
  3. Immediately press the "2x" button twice.
  4. The Mustang will start.

For starting the Mustang while inside the vehicle, you'll need to have the key fob with you in the car. You'll then:

  1. Leave the car in park.
  2. Apply the brake and hold it.
  3. Press the start button on the dash.

Now that we know the process of starting the Ford Mustang with the key fob, we'll take a deeper dive into this technology. You might also be wondering how to start your Mustang when the key fob is dead or what newer model Mustangs come with remote start. To find out the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what we've discovered.

Red 2020 Ford Mustang at a dealership, How Do You Start A Ford Mustang With A Key Fob?

A closer look at the key fob

Key fobs use low-frequency radio waves to communicate with the electrical brain of the vehicle. This quick way to start, stop, lock, and unlock your Mustang is a technology that is constantly improving with every model year.

Like any technology, there are advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, it's quick and easy to use. You'll also have one less key to carry around with you.

Key fobs make it nearly impossible for someone to steal your vehicle. This theft deterrent system is almost impossible to override and is a giant plus for those who choose to have it.

On the other hand, replacing a missing fob isn't necessarily cheap. A replacement must come directly from the manufacturer and can cost as much as $100.00. Then you'll have to program the new one so that it will work—more on how to do that ahead in this post. 

How to program a Ford key fob?

Need to program a new smart key for your Ford Mustang? Follow these easy steps. It only takes a few minutes to get a new one programmed properly. You'll need your original two smart keys and the new one that needs to be programmed to accomplish this.

  1. Locate the backup slot in the middle of the console. Place the first smart key inside of it.
  2. Make sure the keyring is at the top, with the buttons facing you.
  3. Press the Start/Stop button on the dash.
  4. Wait five seconds, then press the start/stop button a second time.
  5. Remove the first smart key.
  6. Immediately place the second smart key in the backup slot, as you did the first one.
  7. Press the start-stop button.
  8. After five seconds, press the start/stop button again.
  9. Remove the second smart key from the slot.
  10. Insert the new smart key (the one you need to be programmed) into the backup slot in the middle of the console.
  11. Press the start/stop button.
  12. Wait five more seconds, then press the start/stop button one last time.
  13. Remove the smart key.
  14. Test all three to make sure they all function correctly.

How do you start a 2020 Mustang with a dead key fob?

Being in a hurry to get somewhere, only to find out that your Mustang's key fob is dead. If this happens to you, we can help you get back on track by following a few simple steps.

Each smart key fob has an actual mechanical key hidden inside of it. To access it, you'll need to use your fingernail to open the slide lever. This lever is located on the top of the fob.

When the fob cover is removed, you'll see the mechanical key tucked away on the inside. Carefully remove this key, and set the fob aside.

On the driver's side door handle, a keyhole is hidden on the right. You'll see a slot here. Insert the key blade into the slot, and remove the cover. You'll now see the keyhole slot. Insert the key into the slot and turn it a quarter-turn clockwise. The driver's side door is now unlocked and can be opened. 

Once inside the car, you'll need to get it started. Locate the mechanical key slot by removing the rear cupholder between the driver's side and passenger side seats. Once this rubber cover is removed, you'll see where to insert the key fob. Place the key fob here, with the buttons facing forward. The car's electrical components will recognize the fob, even though the batteries inside the fob are dead.

The car will now start. Once it's started, remove the key fob and replace the cup hole cover. Be sure to get the fob's batteries replaced as soon as possible.

For a video tutorial on doing all of the above steps, you can watch it here.

Do all 2020 Mustangs have remote start?

Not every Ford Mustang from 2020 will have a remote start. This is not a standard feature. To get a remote start, you'll need to pay for the upgrade for the Ford Premium Package.

2020 Ford Mustang at a dealership

Does the 2021 Mustang have a remote start?

Remote start is available as an upgrade for the 2021 models. Ford is the only non-luxury automaker to offer a service of remote start for free with the premium package. This service, known as Ford Pass Connect, will allow you to start your Mustang via an app on your smartphone or tablet. This service will also allow you to track your mileage, fluid levels, and maintenance schedules.

In Closing

Keyless start and entry are convenient for the consumer. This technology also makes vehicles much more difficult to steal, as they will not start without the fob assigned to that particular car. While there are some disadvantages, such as occasionally replacing the batteries, they are far outweighed by the benefits. For safety's sake, keep your spare key fob in a safe place, so you'll have it at the ready when and if you need it.

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