How To Start Honda Fit Without Smart Key

Car keys have evolved from the simple mechanical cut key to chipped keys. The newest ways to get in and start your car don't involve an actual key at all! Your newer model Honda Fit may not even have a place to put a key. If so, you may be wondering how you can start your car without a smart key. We have thoroughly looked into this and have found some answers.

Though new models are released with remote start through an app, if you own a Honda Fit with push-button ignition and a smart key, you will need the key in the car with you to turn it on. A smart key is equipped with a transponder chip that the vehicle's system reads. If the system does not find the correct smart key, even if you managed to turn on the engine following a workaround, it is designed not to remain running for security purposes.

If you have the smart key to your car, but it is not working, there are still some tips we can give you to get you on the road. Keep reading to find out what you can do if you lose your smart key and how to start your car with a fob that has a dead battery.

An orange colored Honda Fit displayed at the car show, How To Start Honda Fit Without Smart Key

How Do You Use A Honda Fit Key Fob?

The newer Honda Fit models that have a push-button start come with a key fob. This smart key contains a chip that communicates with your car's system and allows you to lock and unlock doors and start your car without turning a key.

Have the fob on you or in the vehicle to start your car using the key fob with push-button ignition. Once inside, without pressing the gas, press the brake and then the push start button.

What Does The Panic Button Do?

The panic button will flash your lights and sound the horn until you turn the key in the ignition or the key fob is detected upon pushing the start button in the car. To use the button, press down and hold for a few seconds.

Some models may turn off on their own, but in most, to cancel, you would need to start the car or use the emergency key in the lock.

How To Unlock And Lock Your Honda Fit With The Smart Key

To unlock and lock your car using your key fob, press the icons on the fob. Your vehicle's settings can also be configured to lock and unlock the car automatically.

Once the car is in range (32 inches) with the key fob on your person, the car will unlock, and when you walk out of range (5 feet) the vehicle will lock.

Note that the Honda Fit is different from other models in that the menu for the car door settings is found on the screen behind the steering wheel—not on the center dashboard.

Use the up-down buttons on the side of the steering wheel to toggle the screen. When you come to the vehicle door setting screens, choose the options you would like by pressing the select button on the side of the steering wheel.

This video shows how to use your vehicle's menu to adjust the door settings for your Honda fit key fob:

What Do To Do If Smart Key Battery Is Dead

If your smart key battery dies, the chip will still emit a signal, but a weak one. You may not be able to unlock your car door if the battery is too low.

If this happens, use the emergency key that is inside the fob to open the door.

Release the key by using the latch on the fob. Once inside your car, touch the fob to the push-button start. With your foot on the brake, press the start button while the fob remains in contact with the button.

How Do I Change The Battery In My Honda Fit Key Fob?

If your battery is low enough that your car doesn't start with the fob in the vicinity, then you'll want to change the battery in your key fob. To change the battery in the key fob, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the emergency key using the key release notch on the case.
  2. Use the key to slide in the center of the fob; apply pressure until the case separates into two parts.
  3. Use the key to remove the battery.
  4. Replace the battery with a CR2032 circular battery.
  5. Click the case closed and replace the emergency key.

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How Long Does A Honda Key Fob Last On A Low Battery?

A CR2032 battery has a life of around 2 to 3 years. Once the low battery light comes on, most familiar with smart keys agree you have a least a few weeks to change the battery.

Since the batteries are simple and inexpensive to replace, we recommend not waiting! If you are unable to change the battery yourself, most dealers will do it for you, costing on average between $5 to $15.

How much does it cost to replace a Honda Fit key?

If you lose your Honda fit smart key, you'll need to get it replaced. You can buy blank keys for some models and years online and go to your local locksmith or dealer to get them cut and programmed.

This will sometimes be more cost-effective than if the dealer provides you with both the keys and the programming.

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If you replace it yourself via an online source, you may pay less than $200 for programming and cutting. Depending on the specific model and year, having the dealership replace your keys and program them can cost anywhere from $170 to $480 for a new key.

To replace a key at a dealer or locksmith, there may be a slight difference in requirements, and you should always call before you go. In general, you'll need the following to get new keys cut and programmed.

  • Proof of ownership
  • VIN
  • The exact year, make, and model of the car

Read more: Where To Get Car Keys Made

How To Keep From Misplacing Your Smart Key

There are now a variety of ways you can easily find this important key. One popular idea is to paint the casing with a glow in the dark paint or attach the fob to a glow in the dark key chain.

The makers of the key chain featured below say it uses the brightest light of this type available.

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Another option for locating your smart key would be to use a Bluetooth key finder. This chip attaches to your key chain so that you can use the manufacturer's free app to locate your key.

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Does Honda Fit Have A Remote Start

Most models of Honda have now come out with options to start the car remotely using a remote or using the HondaLink app. The Honda Fit does not seem to have this as a standard option yet.

There is some discussion that though we have not seen it standard on the Honda Fit, you may be able to get this option as an accessory. Honda does not appear to mention remote start capabilities for their Honda Fit line currently. 

You may be able to install an aftermarket remote start on your Honda Fit. Though available for the smart start, push-button models, these are more common for key-to-start models.

Consult your warranty and ownership manual before making any changes to your vehicle, as this can void some warranties and service plans.

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Keep Your Smart Key In A Safe Place And Back It Up!

Now that you know that you won't be able to start your Honda Fit without its smart key—as there is no remote start or backup ignition currently available standard on push-button start models—you'll want to keep this important key safe!

Whether it's a special drawer or a hook by your front door, keep this key where you'll be able to get it. Consider having a second key made and kept in a safe place as well so that you won't ever find yourself without a way to start your Honda Fit.

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