Subaru Touchscreen Not Responding? Here’s What To Do

The Subaru touch screen display or infotainment system is handy for navigation or simple entertainment. So, what should you do when the touchscreen freezes or doesn't respond? We've searched the web for some answers, and these are what we've found.

Your Subaru touchscreen may not be responding for several reasons. There could be a bug, an operating system problem, a short circuit, or a power supply problem. The basic things you can do are:

  • Reset or restart the screen.
  • Check your connectors and fuse.
  • Ask for a car electrician's help.
  • Contact your car dealer if the problem isn't resolved.

Now that you know the causes of a not responding touchscreen let's elaborate more on what you need to do with this kind of problem. We'll tackle several additional pieces of information and some of the FAQs. We've also included five must-have accessories for your Subaru.

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Here's What To Do When Your Subaru Touchscreen Is Not Responding

Subaru Outback Dashboard

As we've mentioned, there are three main causes why your Subaru touchscreen isn't responding. Let's find out more and how to fix the system.

A Bug In The Operating System

A bug or error in the operating system can cause the touch screen to become unresponsive. You may unexpectedly encounter this problem, so resetting the system is very useful. Soft resets often do the trick, and it doesn't erase any data or setting.

Short Circuit In The System

Sometimes, an electrical current flows through a different route instead of the circuit. Clear signs of a short circuit may be melted metal on wires, flickering lights, and a burning smell. Check the connectors, and seek a car electrician's help.

Power Supply Problem/Blown Fuse

Another cause would be the power supply, so you should inspect if the fuse is detached. You'll find the power supply beside the touch screen.

It is also possible that the fuse blew. The blown fuse stops the power supply from getting to the car head unit and forces the touch screen to close.

Extract the blown fuse and exchange it with the correct amperage fuse.

A Busted Operating System

You may have a defective operating system if your Subaru touch screen stays frozen after resetting it. You should consult with the dealer about fixing the problem.

Final Solution(s):

If the following solutions don't make your Subaru touchscreen work, take your car to a dealer for an assessment. You may need to replace the head unit entirely. And the dealer may recommend updating your software.

How Do You Turn On A Subaru Screen?

ouching a touch screen of a car

Turning on your Subaru screen or center display is pretty simple. Just press the Power or Volume control, and your screen will turn on. Pressing it again will turn it off.

How To Reset My Subaru Touchscreen

 Images Search by image or video Male hand touching car sensor panel.

The Subaru touch screen or head unit has many knobs and buttons. But which one should you press to reset it if you encounter a problem such as freezing or not responding? Here's a handy guide for you.

How Do You Reset The Touchscreen On A Subaru Crosstrek?

If your Subaru touch screen or head unit on your Subaru Crosstrek isn't working or not responding, here's a simple but effective solution. Press and hold power, tune, and CD ejector buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. Doing this will reset and restart your head unit system.

Where Is The Reset Button On A Subaru Forester?

Like on a Subaru Crosstrek, pressing the power/volume, tune/scroll, and CD ejector knobs on your Forester will do the trick. Press the three buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds. Continue pressing until the screen turns off and reboots.

You can find the tune and volume knobs below the screen, and the CD ejector is just above the tune/scroll button.

Where Is The Reset Button On A Subaru Outback?

You can locate the reset button of the Subaru Outback on the left volume knob of the touch screen display. Hold the knob until a message pops up saying, "Would you like to turn the display off?" Don't let go and keep on pressing until the screen turns black. The system will reset and reboot itself.

Why Is The Radio In My Subaru Not Working?

Car interior - devices, the concept of driving.

There are several problems and causes why your Subaru radio isn't working. Here are some of the most common ones.

The Radio Won't Turn On

Like on the touchscreen, your Subaru radio may not turn on if the fuse blows. If the fuse connected to the car stereo has blown, the circuit will be incomplete, and electricity won't reach the stereo.

No Reception

You likely have an antenna issue if your radio can't connect to any of your favorite stations. If you have an older car model, ensure that your antenna is set up, safe, and lengthened correctly to avoid damage.

Cutting Sound Or No Sound At All

If the radio turns on but has a cutting sound or no sound, it may have a wiring issue. If the wire at the back of the head unit gets loose or disconnected, the speakers won't get any signal. You may need a pro or technician to check and repair the wires to secure them in their place.

Subaru Must-Have Accessories For Your Touchscreen

We've compiled some must-have accessories for your Subaru touchscreen. 

Subaru Car Navigation Screen Protector

Click here to see this Subaru screen protector on Amazon.

This car navigation screen protector is compatible with your Subaru Crosstrek, Forester, and Impreza. It has a glossy finish and a measures 6.5 inches.

Key Features:

  • Touch sensitivity
  • Scratch resistant
  • Bubble proof
  • Easy installation

Touchscreen Wipes

Click here to see these screen wipes on Amazon.

These wipes will clean and shine your touchscreen in just a few simple steps. Use the wet cloth to clean it, then the included microfiber cloth to wipe off the liquid and buff it. 

Subaru Touchscreen At Its Best

Now that we've solved the case of freezing or not responding touchscreen on your Subaru, you'll know what to do in case it happens to you. It's also a good idea to clean, maintain, and care for your automobile to minimize the risk of damage and errors.

A Subaru automotive is one of the best with its awesome features and technology. Just remember to give your car a monthly check-up and clothe it with essential accessories to last longer.

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