Super White Vs. Blizzard Pearl Car Paint – What’s The Difference?

Car paint color is one of the most significant factors people consider when buying a vehicle. It can be difficult to choose between two different shades of the same color family, such as the Super White and the Blizzard Pearl car paint. We researched the difference between them, and here's what we found.

Super White (color code 040) is a glossy and solid white car paint color, a purer variant of white that's easier to paint a car with. Blizzard Pearl (color code 070) is dominantly off-white with a pearl-like shade and shimmer. It also has some sparkling blue pigments. 

Now that you know the main differences between Super White and Blizzard Pearl, you might be wondering which one you would like for your next car purchase or car repainting project. Read on as we elaborate more on this topic.

2021 AMG GT 43 4-door Coupe driven by a easy going fellow pulled up to our amazement, Super White Vs. Blizzard Pearl Car Paint What's The Difference?

Super White

Super White belongs to a classification of car paints called standard, solid, or non-metallic automotive paints. 

Solid paints are very common in the automotive industry and have many available colors.  These paints have consistent hues and a glossy finish that protects the base color from the weather and even some minor impacts.

White Toyota Highlander Sport Utility Vehicle speeding in Boston Mass Avenue Bridge (2)

Toyota introduced the Super White automotive paint color in 1984 and still uses it primarily for entry-level and mid-spec models today.  There are two methods to achieve this color shade:

  • Single-stage method: the white acrylic base color and hardening/gloss components are combined into a single mixture that does not require a clear coat; the process requires two to three coatings of the single-stage paint mixture.
  • Two-stage method: this requires two to three coats of white base color plus another two to three coats of clear coat paint.

Single-stage painting is cheaper and faster than two-stage painting.  Some people prefer this method for after-market auto paint jobs because it offers convenience, affordability, and a toned-down gloss finish.  

Two-stage painting is more expensive and takes longer to complete.  However, many people prefer this method because of the resulting durability and gloss that the numerous coatings provide.  

Check out the Toyota Camry year model 2000 in Super White finish below.

Blizzard Pearl

White Toyota Highlander Sport Utility Vehicle speeding in Boston Mass Avenue Bridge

Blizzard Pearl is a type of pearlescent automotive paint.  Toyota introduced the Blizzard Pearl auto paint in 2003 and still applies it mainly to mid-spec to high-end models today.  There are two methods to complete a pearlescent paint job:

  • Two-stage method: two to three coats of  base color standard paint pre-mixed with pearlescent pigments, plus another two to three coats of clear coat paint
  • Three-stage method:  two to three coats each of (1) base color standard paint, (2) a translucent "medium" paint that carries the suspended pearlescent pigments, and (3) clear coat paint

The Blizzard Pearl color requires the three-stage method as the translucent paint coatings help create a more distinct "pearl-like" appearance.  The three-stage method is more expensive due to the additional materials, labor, and processing time.

Below is a 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser in Blizzard Pearl finish.

How much more expensive is Blizzard Pearl Car Paint?

Toyota is a popular brand among auto buyers because of its reliability

Blizzard Pearl and other white pearlescent car colors can cost more than other color options for brand-new cars.  Depending on the car brand or dealership, this extra charge can usually range from $300 to $500. 

Dealerships typically charge this premium for mid-spec models as it is an upgrade, albeit just in exterior color.  They do not usually charge this premium for high-end models, especially luxury and ultra-luxury brands.

Blizzard Pearl will cost more than Super White and other single-stage or two-stage paint colors regarding after-market auto paint jobs. 

Check out this article for more detailed information on the cost of painting or repainting a car.

 If you need to touch up your car paint, you can do it yourself at home using a touch-up kit!

Check out this Blizzard Pearl 070 touch-up kit on Amazon.

If your car has Super White paint, you can also use a touch-up kit to cover imperfections and refresh its look.

Consider getting this Super White 040 touch-up kit on Amazon

Read our article on fixing car paint imperfections to learn more about this topic. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Super White

Mercedes Benz GLA 250 2019 white car

Super White Advantages

Appealing color

Super White has a solid and consistent hue.  It may appeal to those who want their cars to be distinct but not too wet-looking.

Easy maintenance

Repainting and touch-up jobs are easy and less time-consuming.

Affordable price

The Super White standard auto paint is more affordable than pearlescent and other types of automotive paint.

Super White Disadvantages

Quick to peel off

Super White paint, if applied improperly, can fade or peel off more quickly, especially if it is a single-stage paint.

Reputation for being cheap

As pearlescent and other auto paint types gain popularity and prestige, some may consider Super White a somewhat cheap paint option.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blizzard Pearl

Pickup truck Toyota Tacoma in the city street

Blizzard Pearl Advantages

Premium option

The Blizzard Pearl auto paint is considered by many as a premium paint option and can raise the car's prestige and even its resale value.

Exceptional at concealing flaws

The translucent coats of Blizzard Pearl help conceal minor scratches better than two-stage standard paint.

Blizzard Pearl Disadvantages

Costly price

A car with a Blizzard Pearl color from a dealership is usually more expensive than other vehicles.

High-maintenance nature

Repainting and touch-ups are expensive, challenging, and time-consuming.

Not available everywhere 

Complete paint materials or components are not readily available even at large auto paint dealers or service centers.

Now that you know more about Blizzard Pearl and Super White, you might be thinking of a new color for your current car or considering which color your next car should have. Read on to learn more information to help you make your decision.

Pros and Cons of Having a White Car

A Cadillac CT5 brings all to a stark halt in downtown

In its annual color popularity study, PPG (a global supplier of paints, coatings, optical products, and specialty materials) revealed that white is the most popular car color in the world in 2021. 

White has always been among the top vehicle color choices, along with other neutral colors like black and gray.  White's popularity may be due to the fact that it has more advantages than disadvantages for car ownership.



In a 2007 report published by the Accident Research Centre of Monash University, white comes out as the safest vehicle color in terms of vehicle crash risk.


As a neutral color, white looks good on almost every vehicle category, and white can be suitable for almost every occasion.


White reflects light and heat more than dark colors; white cars have literally cooler interiors, especially during hot and sunny weather.

Color Durability

White car paint can hide minor blemishes better than other colors do. As such, white cars tend to look fresh and new for a longer time.

High Car Resale Value

All the previous advantages add appeal to white cars, even ones on the second-hand market.  



Due to white's popularity, it is also a very common car color.  If you want to turn heads with your car, white may not be the color for you.

Difficulty keeping clean

Mud, dirt, and other road stains show up easily on white cars.

Other Types of Auto Paint

choosing color of his car with color sampler.

Aside from standard paint (e.g. Super White) and pearlescent paint (e.g. Blizzard Pearl), you may also want to check out other types of automotive paint.

Metallic Auto Paint

This type of paint is a combination of standard auto paint and microscopic or powdered metal, usually aluminum.  The standard paint provides the coverage and the main hue, while the powdered metal gives the extra glittery shine and depth.  Most metallic auto paints are two-stage.   

The powdered metal makes metallic auto paints more durable compared to standard paint.  Metallic paint hides blemishes better and tends to look shinier and newer longer than standard paints do.  This paint type can maintain a car's resale value better than a standard paint can.

Metallic auto paint also has some drawbacks.  Larger paint scratches and dents are more challenging to repair or touch up as it is harder to match metallic shades than standard hues.  Also, metallic auto paints have a smaller color range compared to standard auto paints.

See below for the 1/18 scale car model of the Lexus LC500 in Metallic White finish.

Matte Auto Paint

Matte auto paint is a flat, muted color sheen that some consider dull.  Professional painters can achieve this matte effect through a combination of a high epoxy content primer coat, a high PVC content in the auto paint, and/or a flattening chemical agent on the topcoat. 

Matte auto paint is not very common, so it's considered premium, especially for gray and black cars.  It is a relatively expensive auto paint option as it is more difficult to apply than standard paints and even metallic paints. 

This difficulty in application also translates to difficulty in maintenance and repair.  Scratches or imperfections in a matte auto finish cannot be fixed by the usual polishing compounds as the process will leave a shiny spot that will stand out from the rest of the car's exterior.

See below for the Range Rover Sport in Matte White finish.


2021 AMG GT 43 4-door Coupe driven by a easy going fellow pulled up to our amazement

The Super White and the Blizzard Pearl auto paints are variants of white and as such have intrinsic advantages and disadvantages unique to that color family. 

Super White is more common, affordable, and easier to maintain, retouch or repaint completely.  Blizzard Pearl is more exclusive, expensive, and challenging to retouch or rework. 

Choosing the type of white for your car boils down to personal taste, practicality, and of course, availability.

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