10 Things Every Tesla Model Y Owner Should Know

As a Tesla Model Y owner, you're already familiar with the basics of your electric SUV. But there's always more to discover about this cutting-edge vehicle.

Whether you're a new owner or have been driving your Model Y for a while, these insider tips and lesser-known features will help you get even more out of your Tesla experience.

Let's cover some things you might not know about your Model Y.

Brand new 2023 Tesla Model Y

1. Maximizing Range Beyond Basic Tips 

The energy consumption graph shows real-time energy use. Check it to spot and adjust habits that drain your battery quickly.

Try using "chill mode" for acceleration on long trips. It can increase your range without adding much time to your journey.

In cold weather, seat heaters use less energy than cabin heating. Use them when possible to extend your range.

Consider elevation changes when planning routes. It's more efficient to tackle uphill climbs early in your trip when the battery is at its fullest.

Remember, these tips are in addition to the basics you already know, like using regenerative braking and maintaining efficient driving speeds.

2. Hidden Gems in Software Updates 

Your Tesla Model Y is a treasure trove of hidden features and continually evolving capabilities, thanks to frequent software updates.

For instance, the "Boombox" feature allows you to customize your horn sound or play external sounds, adding a personalized touch to your Model Y.

During charging stops, explore the sketchpad in the "Toybox" menu for a creative diversion.

If you previously found the automatic windshield wipers lacking, give them another try—recent updates have greatly improved their performance.

Additionally, voice commands offer more convenience than you might realize. You can adjust your steering wheel and seat position based on your driver profile without lifting a finger, which is particularly useful when switching between drivers.

For quieter rides, especially with sleeping passengers, activate "Joe Mode" in the audio settings to lower the volume of alert chimes.

Also, remember your key card's capabilities. When your phone key isn't working, you can start the car by tapping it on the center console.

Perhaps most impressively, your Model Y has a pothole detection system. It remembers the locations of potholes and automatically adjusts the suspension for a smoother ride on future encounters.

To fully benefit from these features and updates, make it a habit to explore your Model Y's menus and read the release notes after each update.

3. Supercharging Secrets

While you're familiar with Superchargers, here are some tips to optimize your experience:

Charging speeds are fastest when the battery is between 20% and 50%. Plan your stops accordingly for maximum efficiency.

If a station has multiple stalls, choose one without a paired neighbor for potentially faster charging.

While waiting, be mindful of the "vampire drain." To reduce power consumption, use your phone instead of the car's screen.

Remember to move your car once the charging is complete. Some locations now charge idle fees.

Electric vehicle plugged in on the charging station by the sea

4. Your Maintenance Schedule

Your Model Y requires less maintenance than a traditional car, but there are still some important checks:

The cabin air filter replacement every 2 years is more critical than you might think. Beyond improving air quality, it plays a crucial role in your car's efficiency.

A clogged filter forces the HVAC system to work harder, which can subtly but significantly impact your range. In dusty areas, check this filter more frequently.

The biennial brake fluid check is often overlooked but vitally important. Despite the reduced wear on brake pads due to regenerative braking, brake fluid still absorbs moisture over time.

This can lower the fluid's boiling point, potentially compromising braking performance in extreme situations. Your battery coolant, which should be replaced every 4 years or 50,000 miles, is part of a sophisticated thermal management system.

For those in snowy regions, lubricating brake calipers annually is more than just routine - it's a preventive measure against a unique EV issue.

The reduced use of friction brakes due to regenerative braking can lead to caliper seizure, especially in harsh winter conditions.

Additionally, consider having your wheel alignment checked annually. EVs are heavier than traditional cars due to their batteries, which can lead to faster tire wear if the alignment is off.

Removed electric car battery tesla

Are you curious about how your Model Y handles winter conditions? Our detailed guide explains Tesla's approach to snow driving.

5. Aftermarket Upgrades That Actually Matter 

Upgrading your Model Y can enhance its performance and your ownership experience. A high-quality ceramic coating protects your paint from environmental damage and makes cleaning easier, potentially saving time and preserving your car's value.

Aftermarket performance wheels aren't just about looks - they can improve range and ride quality by reducing weight and air resistance.

Consider a plug-and-play dash cam to supplement Tesla's built-in cameras, offering additional security features like parking mode surveillance and cloud storage.

Dual dash cam cover both front and rear angle on rear mirror in car for protection and peace of mind on the road. Monitoring the roads ahead and behind the car.

For road trips, a CCS adapter expands your charging options beyond the Supercharger network, reducing range anxiety and increasing flexibility.

While these upgrades aren't necessary, they can address specific needs or preferences, making your Model Y even more suited to your lifestyle. When choosing upgrades, focus on those that offer tangible benefits rather than just cosmetic changes.

6. Troubleshooting Common Issues

Every Tesla Model Y owner should be prepared to handle common issues that may arise. If your touchscreen goes blank, a simple two-button reset often solves the problem - press and hold both scroll wheels on the steering wheel.

Excessive battery drain, often called phantom drain, is usually caused by features like Sentry Mode or cabin overheat protection running unnecessarily. Check your settings and adjust them based on your needs to maximize efficiency.

Don't be alarmed if you notice reduced regenerative braking in cold weather or when your battery is nearly full - this is normal behavior designed to protect your battery.

Familiarize yourself with the manual release cable for the charge port located in the trunk. Knowing how to use this can prevent a costly service call if your port gets stuck.

7. Advanced Safety Features

As a Tesla Model Y owner, you already benefit from basic Autopilot, but several advanced safety features should be fully utilized to enhance your driving experience.

Customize your Autopilot activation to a double pull of the gear stalk for added safety, reducing the risk of accidental activation. The built-in dashcam viewer allows you to review footage directly from your car’s screen, which is essential for analyzing driving incidents.

Setting up a PIN to Drive adds an extra layer of security by requiring a secure four-digit PIN before the vehicle can be driven, preventing unauthorized use.

Familiarize yourself with Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance, which can steer you back into your lane even when Autopilot is off, providing an additional safety net.

Autonomous self driving car technology concept, internet of things car tracking

The Model Y is also equipped with a cabin camera positioned above the rear-view mirror, which helps detect driver inattentiveness when Autopilot is engaged.

This camera’s images and videos remain within the vehicle unless you enable data sharing. The security alarm system activates if someone tries to open a locked trunk or door without a valid key, alerting you and deterring theft.

Enabling Sentry Mode when your vehicle is parked and locked allows it to monitor its surroundings, record suspicious activity, and alert you via the Tesla app.

8. Customizing Comfort Beyond the Basics 

Your Model Y offers more personalization than you might realize:

Create driver profiles for each family member that adjust not just seat and mirror positions but also steering mode, regenerative braking level, and even music preferences.

Use the Tesla app to set up geofenced settings. For example, automatically engage 'Chill Mode' in school zones or max regenerative braking in hilly areas.

Experiment with the cabin overheat protection settings. You can set it to run without using the air conditioner, which saves energy while still keeping your interior cool.

Customize the ambient lighting in your Model Y. You can adjust the color and intensity to create the perfect atmosphere for your drive.

Use the steering wheel heater for added comfort during cold weather. This feature warms up quickly and helps keep your hands warm without needing to turn up the cabin heat, conserving battery life.

Enable Easy Entry mode, which moves the steering wheel and seat to a more accessible position when you park. This makes it easier to get in and out of your car, especially in tight spaces.

9. Warranty Insights and Service Hacks 

Make the most of your warranty and service options:

Did you know your battery warranty covers degradation below 70% capacity within the warranty period? Keep an eye on your max range to ensure you're covered if needed.

Tesla's mobile service can handle many repairs right in your driveway. Always ask if this option is available to save time and hassle.

If you're considering aftermarket modifications, understand which ones might void parts of your warranty. Generally, software mods are riskier than hardware upgrades.

Keep detailed records of any issues you experience. Tesla's over-the-air diagnostics are great, but your documentation can be crucial if you need to make a warranty claim.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee concept on virtual screens,Employees use laptop check conditions quality assurance pare part of car in digital document and customer rating to service experience online

10. Your Climate Control Efficiency

Climate control in your Tesla Model Y is about more than just comfort—it's also key to optimizing energy efficiency and battery life. Here are some tips to get the most out of your climate control system:

Use the Tesla app to precondition your car's interior while it's still plugged in. This helps you avoid using battery power to heat or cool the cabin once you're on the road.

In cold weather, preconditioning also warms the battery, which improves efficiency and range.

Set a scheduled departure time in your car’s settings. This feature not only ensures your cabin is comfortable when you start driving but also optimizes battery temperature for the best performance. You can find this setting under "Charging" in the touchscreen menu.

Activate the Cabin Overheat Protection feature to keep the interior temperature from exceeding 105°F (40°C).

This feature uses minimal energy to protect your vehicle’s interior and electronics from extreme heat. You can enable it in the climate control settings on the touchscreen.

In colder weather, use the seat and steering wheel heaters instead of the cabin heater. These features consume less energy and can keep you warm without a significant impact on your battery's range.

Adjust the ventilation settings to recirculate air inside the cabin. This can be more efficient than constantly pulling in outside air, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Find these options under the climate control settings on your touchscreen.

Your Tesla Model Y Experience

Owning a Tesla Model Y is more than just driving an electric car; it's being part of a constantly evolving technological ecosystem. Remember, your vehicle is designed to improve over time through software updates, so stay curious and keep exploring.

Whether it's squeezing out extra range, personalizing your comfort settings, or mastering the latest safety features, there's always something new to discover.

Happy driving, and welcome to the future of automotive technology!

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