The Biggest Four-Wheeler In the World

Are you an ATV fan? Are you ready to experience the thrill of riding the biggest four-wheeler in the world?

In this article, it's time to go big or go home. These monsters can easily tackle any landscape. Not only will they provide extraordinary speeds on tough terrain, but their sheer size makes for a powerful spectacle.

Why Go Big?

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - FEBRUARY 23, 2019 Cfmoto UForce 1000 ATV on display at Motobike Istanbul in Istanbul Exhibition Center

People want to own the largest four-wheelers in the world because they offer an exciting driving experience, a sense of power and control, and are often loaded with luxurious features.

Bigger vehicles provide more space for passengers and cargo, have a greater off-roading ability, pull heavier loads without strain, and offer superior performance compared to smaller models. 

Owning a large four-wheeler is also a great way to make a statement about personal style or lifestyle.

Finally, some people enjoy being able to drive something larger than life. Whether you're looking for something designed for off-roading adventures or something luxurious to cruise around town, having a large four-wheeler will make an impact. 

Why are ATVs So Popular?

Teen riding ATV in sand dunes making a turn in the sand

ATVs, or All-Terrain Vehicles, are incredibly popular amongst thrill-seekers and off-road enthusiasts. An ATV is a four-wheeled motorized vehicle that easily handles various terrain and obstacles. ATVs are popular because they offer an exciting way to enjoy the outdoors while maintaining safety and control.

For starters, ATVs provide an excellent way to explore nature. With the right tires and suspension, ATVs can easily tackle the toughest terrain without a sweat. Plus, the maneuverability of an ATV makes it easy to get around obstacles like mud or rocks.

ATVs also provide an exciting driving experience that is both exhilarating and safe. The powerful engines give drivers plenty of power and control in any environment. In addition, ATVs are easy to use and maintain with features like electric start and automatic transmission.

Now that we've gone over why people choose ATVs let's look at a few of the biggest four-wheelers in the world: The Biggest, The Most Affordable, and The Most Impressive Two-Seater. 

The Winner: Yamaha Viking Vi EPS Ranch Edition

Moscow Russia – 03 02 2019 Camouflage ATV Yamaha Viking 6 with show girls on display stand on exhibition Hunting and fishing - 2019 at VDNH (VVC, ENEA)

The mega Yamaha Viking Vi EPS Ranch Edition holds the size prize for 2023.

The six-occupant Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition offers superior levels of luxury and relaxation for all its passengers. With a class-leading 115.6-inch wheelbase, each seated individual can access their three-point seatbelt and offset center seats with special headrests that provide the utmost comfort on any journey.

Noise control is also optimized in this powerhouse vehicle, so you can be sure your ride will remain tranquil at every turn - perfect for big groups looking to travel smarter.

The Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition is your answer for hard-hitting power and performance. Equipped with Yamaha's Torquey 700 Class 686cc engine, this powerful workhorse won't let you down! Boasting a broad, usable powerband - perfect for tackling any task or adventure - plus liquid cooling to ensure consistent output, its four-valve head (with 10:1 compression) ensures optimal torque no matter the workload. So, ensure you're always ready for whatever comes next with this powerhouse machine.

This beast features a big-time air intake system that guarantees your engine's performance. And with its robustly designed air cleaner box, you can be sure it'll deliver peak performance every time.

The Ultramatic® Transmission, featuring a dual-range (Hi/Lo) drive, includes an automatic centrifugal clutch to maintain belt tension for reduced wear. In addition, with its sprag clutch providing downhill engine braking in 4WD mode and reverse, Yamaha's 10-Year Belt Warranty gives owners the confidence of trustworthiness on every adventure.

Take total control of your off-road adventures with On-Command® 4WD. With three distinct settings, you can easily adapt to any terrain - from open roads, and limited slip surfaces up to fully locked differentials for extreme conditions.

Engine Type 686cc liquid-cooled SOHC 4-stroke; 4 valves

Bore x Stroke 102.0mm x 84.0mm

Compression Ratio 10.0:1

Fuel Delivery Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI)

Ignition TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition

Transmission Ultramatic V-belt with all-wheel engine braking;

L, H, N, R

Final Drive On-Command; 3-way locking differential; 2WD,

4WD, locked 4WD; shaft drive

Suspension / Front Independent double-wishbone; 8.1-in travel

Suspension / Rear Independent double wishbone with anti-sway bar;

8.1-in travel

Brakes / Front Dual hydraulic disc

Tires / Front AT25 x 8-12

Tires / Rear AT25 x 10-12

L x W x H 159.5 in x 64.0 in x 76.6 in

Wheelbase 115.6 in

Turning Radius 244.1 in

Maximum Ground Clearance 11.4 in

Fuel Capacity 9.7 gal

Wet Weight 1,761 lb

Bed Capacity 600 lb

Towing Capacity 1,500 lb


Most Affordable: CFMoto UFORCE 1000 XL

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - FEBRUARY 24, 2019 CFMOTO Uforce 1000 on display at Motobike Istanbul in Istanbul Exhibition Center

Conquer even the toughest tasks with UFORCE utility side-by-sides - they're built to handle any rough conditions that come your way.

With models like the UFORCE 1000 XL, you get a three-person bench seat and other features to keep you comfortable while tackling big jobs.

Are you looking for something just as durable but smaller? Check out the 600's two-person bench seat, perfect for checking on crops or tooling around anywhere. Whether work or play, these machines offer powerful winches and large capacity cargo boxes standard, so nothing is left behind, plus physical (and financial) comfort.

Length: 117"

Width: 63.5"

Height: 72.8"

Wheelbase: 80.7"

Turning Radius: 26.9'

Ground Clearance: 11.4"

Curb Weight: 1,520 LBS.

Fuel Tank Capacity: 10.5 GALLONS

Most Impressive Two-Seater: Arctic Cat Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition

The Wildcat XX, Black Hills Edition, is here and geared up for some intense off-road action. With a factory-installed Garmin Tread GPS, stay connected with friends on your journeys as you discover uncharted territory - aided by 32" trail tires and elevated ground clearance for more maneuverability across obstacles.

Push even further in those tough climbs thanks to an ALL-NEW lower gear ratio transaxle that will help dig through any terrain.

Length: 139.2 in.

Width: 64 in. 

Height: 68.5 in. 

Weight (Dry): 1,918 lbs  

Wheelbase: 95 in.  

Ground Clearance: 16 in.  

Fuel Capacity: 10 gals  

Hitch: Not Equipped

Glove Box Capacity: 4 gals 

Bed Dimensions (L x W x H): 34 x 32 x 9 in.  


We hope you enjoyed reading about the biggest four-wheeler in the world. These vehicles represent awe-inspiring achievements that illustrate just how far technology and engineering have come over the years.

Now that you've learned about these majestic machines, it's time to make plans to experience them first-hand.


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