10 Top Motor Oil Brands – How to Choose Yours

Every responsible vehicle owner needs to think about investing in quality oil for optimum engine performance. Motor oil is one of the most vital fluids flowing through your vehicle. It is the lifeblood needed to keep your car or truck running smoothly. 

Motor oil-primarily functions as a lubricant. This is extremely important because it helps reduce friction and maintain the necessary space between certain crankshafts and bearings. Without this essential motor lubrication, the metal parts would touch each other and lead to engine failure. Motor oil also acts as a clarifying liquid. As it flows, it brings small particles to the oil filter to prevent internal damage. Also, motor oil helps prevent the engine from overheating. 

As you can see, motor oil is more than just an annoying substance you have to change every few months. The right kind of oil can add years onto your vehicle. This is why top motor brands are highly sought after.  

With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming when trying to decide what oil to buy. Every buyer should consider the specification of their vehicle, their typical driving environment, viscosity, and type of oil when shopping for new motor oil. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top 10 motor oil brands. Keep reading to find out which one is right for your vehicle. 

A collage of motor oil brands, 10 Top Motor Oil Brands - How to Choose Yours

1. Mobile 1

This well-known company has a wide range of motor oils. They were one of the first companies to develop and research synthetic motor oil, making them a pioneer of synthetic oil. It is their specialty. They even produce oil for heavy machinery. 

Mobil 1 offers a premium line of motor oil called Mobil 1 Super. These products extend the life of engines by preventing residue build-up inside the motor and are an excellent value for the quality of oil you receive. 

This is the popular Mobil Super. It is a synthetic blend with friction-reducing and cleaning additives. Click here to see it on Amazon. 

2. Valvoline 

This is another trusted motor oil brand. In addition to being one of the leading companies in automotive services, they are the go-to oil choice for customers who change their oil. You can choose from conventional, synthetic blends, or fully synthetic oils, all with varying grades. 

There are also many affordable Valvoline engine oils available. The high quality means your car or truck will use less fuel to power its motor so that you will save money on gas as well. 

Here is the customer approved Dail Protection conventional motor oil by Valvoline. It is one of their top sellers and exceeds industry standards. To view it on Amazon, click here.

3. STP

Also known as Scientifically Treated Petroleum, this brand creates high grads motor oil you can trust. Their formula is designed to reduced engine wear and tear, so you get more life and performance out of your beloved vehicle. 

With a small selection of just one synthetic and one conventional oil, this company does not try to fool you with too many options. They are simple and have a small selection because they believe in their products. 

This is their conventional oil. It is available in three grades and designed to provide insulation to your engine, so it is impenetrable from corrosion. Click here to see it on Amazon. 

4. Castrol

This British brand has plenty of vehicle products available. Their motor oils are known to be some of the best synthetic products available. Most high-end cars from European companies recommend using Castrol motor oil in their vehicles. 

They have three main motor oil lines: Edge, GTX Magnetec, and GTX. The first two are premium synthetic oils, with the third a more affordable conventional oil blend. 

The Castrol Edge High Mileage is designed for cars with over 75,000 miles. Special components protect high mileage cars that are more prone to engine problems. Click here to see it on Amazon. 

5. Pennzoil 

The next great brand we recommend is Pennzoil. Its unique oil formula is known for clearing out years of sludge built up in engines. If you want to prevent deposit build-up, this is a great brand to choose. 

They have a selection of conventional, blends, and full synthetic motor oils. Each type is recommended for almost all climates and weather conditions, whether you live in an arid desert environment or a snowy mountainous location. 

This affordable conventional oil from Pennzoil it a quality product you can use to clear up years of build up in your engine. To see it on Amazon, click here. 

6. Quaker State

This century-old company has been around for ages.  Just as cars have changed over the years, so has their motor oil formula.

Now, their motor oils are specifically designed for daily drives. Especially city drivers. Frequently stopping and going wears down motors faster than gearing up to a steady speed and maintaining that speed for a long time. Quaker State oil help engines that have to deal with stop and go traffic daily. 

This advanced durability oil from Quaker State is formulated with neutralizing agents to prevent acid from corroding essential parts of your engine. It is also very affordable. Check it out here on Amazon. 

7. Shell

You may only know them for their gasoline and diesel fuel, but Shell also has a variety of motor oil available. They have four oil lines from which to choose. Each one is designed for a specific type of vehicle, cars, motorcycles, light-duty, and heavy-duty.  

Shell is known for its affordable options. If you are looking for a deal with the quality to match, this is the brand for you. 

This oil improves fuel economy and keeps your engine sludge free for longer than some other brands. Click here to see it on Amazon. 

8. Liqui Moly

This highly-praised brand goes above and beyond typical motor oil standards. Liqui Moly is a German company that offers a variety of highly specialized oil. New cars need different oil than vehicles made 20 years ago, so they claim to have the perfect oil for every new car in the world. Classic motor oil brews are not their thing. They are all about innovation and incorporation of new formulas into their line of products.

The New Generation by Liqui Moly is one of their synthetic motor oils. It has low viscosity and extends engine life with regular use. See it on Amazon here. 

9. Amazon Basics 

You may be hesitant to start buying your engine oil from the Amazon Basics brand themselves, but it meets all industry standards. It is even supposed to help reduce fuel emissions and is a bargain when it comes to price. They have both conventional and synthetic motor oils, so you can try whichever you prefer. 

This is the standard conventional motor oil. Click here to see it on Amazon. 

10. Royal Purple

This company has been producing motor oil for over 200 years. Unlike some other companies, they only make synthetic and conventional oils. They don't focus on any other products, so all of their time and energy go into perfecting them. 

Royal Purple oils tend to be more expensive, but the price reflects their high quality. Their unique formula increases the oil ionic attraction to cling to the metal with ease. It also decreases oxidation within the engine. All of this keeps your engine running longer. 

Each is one of their superb oils. Check it out on Amazon here. 

What Is Engine Oil Viscosity?

Engine oil viscosity is an essential factor in choosing the best oil for your car or truck. The viscosity is a liquid's resistance to flow. So, high viscosity is thick, and low viscosity is thin. 

Higher viscosity is useful when your engine is going to be running at an extremely high temperature. This happens in hotter environments or when pulling heavy loads. Lower viscosity is better at cold temperatures. If you are driving during the middle of winter in a harsh climate, the lower vicious your oil is, the better. 

Most motor oils have a viscosity grade using the formula "XW-XX". The "W" stands for winter. The first "X" represents viscosity in low temperatures, and the "XX" represents the viscosity in high temperatures. 

Is It OK To Change My Car's Oil From Conventional To Synthetic?

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to change to a different oil type. Each oil type can mix, so you don't even have to flush your engine before you switch. Synthetic is regarded as the superior of the two, but it may not always be necessary for your vehicle. To find out if you need synthetic oil for your car, check out this blog post

Does Expensive Engine Oil Make A Difference?

Hand mechanic in repairing car,change the oil close up selective focus

Expensive engine oil can make a difference. It all depends on your car or truck. If your wheels have been spinning for a long time and you have driven well over 100,000 miles, a more expensive synthetic blend can extend the life of your vehicle and help with sludge build-up. 

Synthetic oil is proven to prevent engine wear, increase performance in extreme temperatures, and be better for towing. Is does make a difference. 

It may be a little more expensive every time you change your oil at the mechanics or by yourself, but it can extend the life of your car. So, over time investing in a more expensive oil may save you thousands of dollars. 

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

Changing engine oil is essential to the life of your vehicle. To see what happens if you don't change it, read this. It is a widely held belief to change your oil every 3,000 miles of driving. If you use conventional oil or have a very old car, this is still the recommendation. However, if you are using high-quality synthetic oils, you may only need to change it every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Of course, changing your oil sooner than this will only be beneficial to the engine. 

Find Your Perfect Motor Oil!

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Now that you know ten excellent motor oil brands, you have plenty of options to choose from the next time you are shopping for new oil. Check your owner's manual for the recommended grade and see what brands sell it. You are sure to find the perfect match no matter the type of car you have, the environment you drive in, or how much you drive. Fill up your engine with some quality oil today!

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