Toy Hauler Dimensions [How Wide And Tall Are Toy Haulers]

If you're thinking about purchasing a toy hauler, you need to understand the layout and dimensions to ensure you get one that works for your lifestyle. We've put together information about various toy haulers that you'll find helpful during your search.

Toy hauler dimensions vary in length, but the width and height remain more consistent to not exceed the federal and all the various state guidelines for travel vehicles. Most toy haulers will have a width between 96"-102" and a height between 160"- 168". Any toy hauler exceeding the upper range limit is considered an oversize vehicle and must follow different guidelines, including special permits to travel on roads. 

If you still have some questions about toy hauler dimensions, don't worry. In this post, we'll discuss the topic in more detail. Keep reading to learn more about toy hauler dimensions, including important questions to help you decide which one is right for you. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Camping trailer at a forested area just before sundown, Toy Hauler Dimensions: How Wide And Tall Are Toy Haulers

How tall is the average toy hauler?

Most toy haulers have a maximum height of 13'6" or less to meet travel guidelines that ensure safe driving underneath overpasses, although some states allow RVs to be 14'. When researching toy hauler specifications, you want to make sure that the dimensions include the AC unit on top. 

Heartland recreational vehicles

Below are some popular toy haulers with no worries about height restrictions. 

Stealth Nomad

The Stealth Nomad offers four basic layouts, each available in multiple lengths to meet your needs. The height of each ranges between 9'9"-10'1" without the AC unit. Adding the AC unit adds 13" to each one. The cargo space ranges between 10'-19'5".

Lithium by Heartland

The Heartland Lithium toy hauler series has four different floor plans with garage space ranging between 13'-16'. The height for each one is 12'2", comfortably below the maximum requirement. Units range in length from just over 29' to just under 39'. 

Stryker by Crusier RV

The Stryker toy hauler has nine different floor plans available, ranging in length from 27'-39'. This toy hauler is a large travel trailer, so you'll need a truck with a towing capacity between 10,000-13,000 lbs. to comfortably tow it.

All models have a height under 13' except one—the STG 3212 has a height of 13'2", which is still under regulation height. 

How wide is the average toy hauler?

Fifth wheel trailer that is a toy hauler

Most RVs are a standard width of 8'5'' or 101" to remain under state and federal roadway regulations that require RVs to be no wider than 8'6" or 102" with some exceptions. However, if you plan to travel across multiple states, you have to meet the requirement for all states or you could face a fine. 

Here are some smaller toy hauler options under the width requirement that will have no issues meeting any travel regulations. 

KZ Escape

The Escape series by KZ launched a new model called the Hatch. While KZ doesn't officially list it as a toy hauler, the back panel door opens, allowing easy loading of cargo like bicycles and kayaks.

The Hatch is an ultra-lightweight model, so it's limited in weight capacity to 730-930 lbs. depending on the model, but it's still exciting to have an option in this class with cargo flexibility.

Forest River Wildwood FSX

The Forest River Wildwood FSX was voted the RVPro Best Model of 2022. The complete lineup of Forest River Wildwood FSX toy haulers has a width between 90"-96" which easily meets width requirements.

There are five models of toy haulers and two max toy haulers available, so everyone can find a layout they like. 

How long can a toy hauler be?

The most common length allowed for travel trailers in most states is a maximum of 40' with a larger size allowable for motorhomes. Some states defer to a combined length of 60'-65' feet for vehicle and trailer. However, you must check the acceptable guidelines for each state when you travel. 

Longest Toy Hauler

The longest is the Luxe Toy Hauler 48FB. At just over 48', it's over the allowable length for many states. Only seven states allow a trailer this large on their roadways.

Luxe toy haulers feature the FlexSpace Garage which offers versatility. The garage space on the Luxe 48FB is 16'4'', which is impressive for a toy hauler garage, giving you plenty of living space and enough room for the big toys. 

Mid-Size Options

Mid-size toy haulers are a happy medium. You can expect the garage size to be 12-16 feet. 

Consider the units below if you're looking for a mid-size toy hauler. 

Fuel by Heartland

Fuel by Heartland is a travel trailer that sleeps up to 6 with plenty of room for the toys fitting in the 13'4"-14" garage space. The balance between storage and living space makes the Fuel a value. 

 Carbon by Keystone

Keystone's Carbon toy hauler is a travel trailer model with two floorplans available. Each sleeps six, has approximately a 12' garage, and is 38' in length but still under 10,000 lbs.

Shortest Toy Hauler

inTech RV Flyer Explore Off-Road RV

The smallest toy hauler is the inTech Flyer Explore. This microlite unit is under 14' with room to sleep up to six adults. It's built to go off road, making the Explore live up to its name. 

This unit has a cargo-carrying capacity of up to 1,500 lbs., so you can easily take a motorcycle, dirtbikes, or small ATV. The GVWR is under 3,000 lbs., so you don't need a full-size truck to haul it. 

However, with a compact unit like this one, you have garage space, but you sacrifice some amenities like a full inside kitchen and bathroom. 

Small Possibilities

The Sylvan Go doesn't technically identify itself as a toy hauler, but it's worth mentioning if you're in the market for something small to take anywhere adventure leads you. 

The Go is a camping trailer with a tent pod for pop-up living space. The feature on the GO that makes it comparable to a toy hauler is the adjustable gear deck which can double as a utility trailer when not being used as a camper.

The deck holds up to 960 lbs. so that you can haul a variety of gear or small toys, including a small ATV. There's even an equipment rack on top with a capacity of 165 lbs. that can hold multiple bicycles or kayaks, so you don't have to leave anything behind. 

Toy hauler garage sizes - which one do you need?

Adequate garage size depends on what you plan to transport with you on your adventures. Smaller items like bicycles, kayaks, or dirt bikes will easily fit into 10-12 feet or less with room to spare. Many units contain 13'-14' in the garage area. 

Multiple toys and oversized items like a small car or golf cart require an oversized garage and high cargo capacity. You're probably looking for a garage that's over 16'. 

When hauling heavy items, you have to consider more than just the dimensions of the garage space. You also have to look at the cargo capacity of the unit. If you're hauling a lot of extra cargo, you have less capacity for heavy toys like a small car. 

Don't forget to consider how many people are traveling with you. Garage space doubles as living space, so you want to make sure to purchase one with space to accommodate everyone, especially when sleeping.

Look for power-retractable beds or fold-down beds; maybe check for loft space. If you aren't careful, you can sacrifice living space for garage space, especially if you are trying to avoid units over a certain length.

Can a toy hauler carry a side by side?

A Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV), also known as a side by side, is an upgrade from an ATV. The average sport model is between 48"-60" wide, with utility models ranging between 58"-64".

UTV ATV with a beautiful mountain range in the background

The length depends on the passenger capacity, so two-seaters will range between 110"-125" while a 4-person model will be between 135"-160" in length. The weight will range between 1,200-2,000 lbs. 

Many toy haulers can accommodate a side by side with no issues. If you want to haul two, you will need one with garage space of at least 17'. Below are some popular options that can haul a toy hauler. 

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Forest River XLR Boost

The XLR Boost series by Forest River is a full line of toy haulers with both travel trailer and fifth wheel models available. All models can haul a UTV, but some can't accommodate larger ones.

The smallest garage area is 11', which is still enough to haul a small 2-seat UTV. The others have larger garage spaces which could easily carry a larger side by side. Only the XLR Boost 301LRLE  fifth wheel toy hauler with a garage space of 17' is large enough to haul 2 UTVs. 

Genesis Supreme 40-SRSS6

The Genesis Supreme 40-SRSS6 is a fifth wheel option large enough to haul two UTVs with room to spare. The cargo area is just over 29', and there's a cargo capacity of over 6,000 lbs. However, you'll need a truck with a towing capacity of at least 20,000 lbs. to fully utilize this model's cargo capabilities. 

Winnebago Spyder 24FQ

The Spyder 24FQ toy hauler by Winnebago is a fifth wheel unit with three floorplans and plenty of room in each one. The garage space ranges between 13'-14'9", so there's plenty of room for any UTV plus more. Each unit sleeps between 7-8 adults, so there's plenty of room for family and friends. 

What is the largest garage in a toy hauler?

The largest garage area in a toy hauler is just under 21' and is found on the Momentum 3oG by Grand Designs. This unit doesn't compromise beauty or comfort for garage space. The layout has all the conveniences of a home with options to upgrade the garage space for even more luxury. 

In addition to space, this unit has a GCWR of 13,000 lbs., so it can haul about anything, including a small vehicle.  

Happy Trails

Toy haulers are excellent RVs for those whose adventures require toys. Many sizes can accommodate all size toys.

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