11 Toy Haulers That Can Fit A Side By Side (UTV)

While side-by-side is fun to take with you on your camping or vacation adventures, a lot of work goes into choosing the correct toy hauler and transporting your UTV correctly.

If you have a UTV that you want to transport, you might be wondering what toy haulers are available that can fit a side-by-side. We have done the research so you can spend more time enjoying your UTV.

The ideal toy hauler for a side-by-side is a 14- to 16-foot trailer. Trailers of this size ensure that you have enough room to fit your side-by-side securely. Here are 11 toy haulers that are best suited to fit a side-by-side:

  1. Winnebago Spyder 24FQ
  2. Coachman Adrenaline 27KB
  3. Cruiser Stryker 
  4. Forest River XLR Hyperlite
  5. Grand Design Momentum G-Class
  6. Eclipse RV Iconic Widelite
  7. Luxe Toy Hauler 48FB
  8. Dutchmen RV Triton Toy Hauler
  9. Jayco 2020 Seismic 
  10. Dutchmen Endurance 
  11. Forest River XLR Boost

Each of these offers garages that are at least the recommended 14 feet. Many of them offer garages as large as 17 feet to accommodate larger side by sides or provide room for other recreational vehicles.

We will describe each of the models to help you decide which one best fits your needs.

side by side vehicle known as UTV on a countryside road doing fun stuff. 11 Toy Haulers That Can Fit A Side By Side (UTV)

11 Ideal Toy Haulers For A Side By Side

1. Winnebago Spyder 24FQ

This toy hauler is an excellent choice for camping and hauling your side-by-side.

With a kitchen area including an oven and stove, plenty of seating, and a sleeping capacity of six, the Winnebago Spyder provides everything you need for an outdoor weekend.

The Spyder's cargo area measures 14.33 feet long by 8.5 feet wide, making it big enough to accommodate UTV.

2. Coachman Adrenaline 27KB

The Coachman Adrenaline comes in different floor plans depending on what you need for cargo and living space. The 27KB floor plan offers a 15-foot garage that is big enough to haul the average-sized side by side.

The garage area features moisture-resistant flooring so you don't have to sacrifice your hauler's appearance when you bring your side-by-side along.

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3. Cruiser Stryker

The Cruiser Stryker's ST2714 floor plan offers a 14-foot garage that can accommodate a four-seat side-by-side.

With a king bed and larger appliances, the Stryker is a good option for families. If you need a slightly larger garage, the ST2816 floor plan includes a 16-foot garage.

4. Forest River XLR Hyperlite

The Hyperlite by Forest River offers two-floor plans suitable for hauling side by side.

The 2815-floor model includes a 15-foot garage, cargo tie-downs that can hold up to 5,000 pounds, and a weatherproof ramp door, making hauling your UTV convenient.

5. Grand Design Momentum G-Class

The Momentum G-Class comes in seven-floor plans with garages ranging from 11 feet to over 20 feet. Whether you have a youth UTV or multiple larger UTVs, you are bound to be able to find a floor plan that will accommodate your side by sides.

In addition, the garages come equipped with tie-downs that are already anchored and a full-size ramp door. Loading and unloading your side-by-side will be simple with this toy hauler.

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6. Eclipse RV Iconic Widelite

The Eclipse Iconic Widelite provides options, allowing you to choose the floor plan with the garage that best suits your hauling needs.

Five-floor plans are offered, with garages ranging from 14 to 18 feet. With features such as LED lighting, an electric fireplace, and a Bluetooth stereo, you can enjoy a touch of luxury while you haul your side by side.

7. Luxe Toy Hauler 48FB

Luxe is a good word to describe Luxe's luxury toy haulers. Featuring a bedroom with a king bed and barn doors, a fireplace, and a loft, Luxe manufacturers had comfort and luxury in mind.

The 48FB floor model offers a 16-foot garage to fit your side by side comfortably.

8. Dutchmen RV Triton Toy Hauler

The Triton toy hauler by Dutchmen offers two-floor plans with garages that are large enough to haul a side by side.

The garages come with tie-down and flooring that is tough enough to resist damage. The Triton also focuses on residential comfort, offering features such as a 50" TV, heated massaging sofas, and upgraded air conditioning.

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9. Jayco 2020 Seismic

The Jayco Seismic offers garages from 11 feet to 16 feet, accommodating side by sides of any size. LED ramp lights, non-skid flooring, and a spring-assisted ramp door make loading at UTV easy and safe.

Keeping with the focus on safety, the Jayco Seismic also offers safety features such as a rearview camera to make driving safer.

10. Dutchmen Endurance

Dutchmen brings us another hauler on our list with the Dutchman Endurance. Again, the variety of floor plans offers garages up to 17 feet.

Aside from the ability to haul your side by side, another feature that stands out with this model is cost. With a base price of $60,000-$70,000, the Endurance costs significantly less than the average toy hauler.

11. Forest River XLR Boost

The Forest River Boost series offers eight-floor plan options in their Boost line and five-floor plan options in their Micro Boost line to give you the right balance of living space and cargo capacity.

With garages up to 17 feet and trailers as small as 26 feet in length, you can have plenty of room for your side-by-side without having a bulky hauler.

What Are The Dimensions Of A Side By Side?

4x4 Side-by-Side off-road vehicle, UTV ATV with a beautiful mountain range in the background

Most side-by-sides measure an average of 60 inches wide by 120-150 inches long, depending on whether the UTV is a two-seater or four-seater. Youth UTVs measure smaller at 48 inches wide by 85 inches long.

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What Is The Smallest Side By Side?

Can-Am Maverick on the sand beach. Built to perform on long rides & new trails alike with reliable, thrilling capability.

UTV Driver lists the Maverick Trail as the smallest side by side. According to the UTV retailer Can-Am, the Maverick Trail measures 50 inches wide by 118 inches long. It is also one of the lightest side-by-sides weighing 1,256 pounds.

How Much Does A Side By Side Weigh?

While weight varies based on the number of seats and function, a side-by-side weighs an average of 1,500 pounds.

What Is The Best Way To Tie Down A Side By Side?

Before you haul your UTV for the first time, make sure that the weight of the UTV doesn't exceed the weight limit of the vehicle.

Loading Your UTV

Once you are sure your hauling vehicle is appropriate for the job, you must load your UTV. Here are the steps to load the UTV:

  • If you are using a trailer, hitch it to your hauling vehicle
  • Position the loading ramps securely onto your hauling vehicle
  • Ensure that the UTV wheels are aligned with the ramp
  • Drive the UTV slowly onto the hauling vehicle
  • Make sure your UTV is closer to the front of the hauling space

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Tying Down Your UTV

After you properly load your UTV, you can begin tying down your side by side. Here are the steps to tie down your UTV:

  • Set your UTV to neutral
  • Locate or install the anchor points for your straps
  • Secure the straps to the lower part of your UTV's wheels
  • Tighten the straps to secure your UTV

Click here to see this tie-down kit on Amazon.

For more information on how to load and tie down your UTV, take a look at this article: How To Load A UTV in Toy Hauler And Tie It Down 

A tour group travels on ATVs and UTVs on the mountains. 11 Toy Haulers That Can Fit A Side By Side (UTV)


When shopping for a toy hauler, paying close attention to the cargo capacity is very important.

While there are many hauler options to choose from to accommodate side by side, there are even more that are simply not big enough to haul a UTV. Careful research is imperative to avoid getting stuck with a hauler that doesn't meet your needs.

Aside from the cargo capacity, you may have noticed that each model offers different features to meet your camping or traveling needs.

It is essential to look at these features as well so you can purchase that hauler that will make your adventures comfortable and enjoyable.

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