Towing a Trailer with Your Toyota Camry [Here’s How]

Towing a Trailer with Your Toyota Camry [Here's How]The Toyota Camry may seem like a small vehicle, but if you’ve driven one, you know it’s tougher than it looks. All things have their limits, but the Toyota Camry has surprising towing power for a vehicle of its size. This may leave you wondering if you can tow a trailer with your Camry?

With a class 2 hitch and a well-balanced load, your Toyota Camry can safely haul utility trailers, boats, and even some campers. If you are looking to haul a load, have a look at these Toyota Camry towing guidelines.

Before towing with your Camry, make sure you understand your towing capacity, and how to choose the right hitch for the job. Keep reading for all the details you need to know.

Toyota Camry Towing Capacity

The Toyota Camry has a max towing capacity of 1000 pounds. With utility trailers like Agri-Fab 45 dump cart just under 100 pounds ship weight or the MotoAlliance utility cart at 150 pounds, that’s room for another 850 pounds of gear your Toyota Camry can tow.

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Bear in mind, when towing large weights, a properly balanced load on your hitch is essential to prevent putting undue stress on your vehicle. Be sure to verify the dry weight of your trailer and the weight of your equipment does not exceed the 1000 pound limit of the Toyota Camry.

Can you Put A Hitch on a Toyota Camry?

When selecting a trailer hitch, buying from the original equipment manufacturer is always recommended. These hitches are specially designed by and for use with Toyotas, ensuring the best possible fit for your trailer hitch. When shopping for a trailer hitch, always check if the hitch is compatible with your make and model.

Curt 12107 Class 2 Hitch

Rated for 3500 lbs. gross weight, the Curt class 2 hitch is guaranteed to distribute weight behind your Toyota Camry safely. This square hitch, like all Curt hitches, this hitch is outfitted in a Bonderite coating for resistance to water, rust, and UV.





Draw-Tite 36540 Class II

With robust, all-welded construction, the Draw-Tite hitch is rated to tow up to 3500 lbs. Also a class 2 hitch, the Draw-Tite hitches ensure a perfect fit by custom making each hitch to the make and model they are released for, with the 36540 being the Draw-Tite hitch for the 2017 Toyota Camry.




Weigh safe WS 10-2

This adjustable trailer hitch features ten inches of drop with one-inch increments to ensure perfect height for towing. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, this hitch is lightweight but hard-working, rated up to 8000 lbs. of towing power on the two-inch ball. Easily switch between the 2 5/16 inch ball and 2-inch ball for a perfect fit.



What is Needed to Tow a Trailer With a Toyota Camry?

Before you hitch anything, remember to check your load weight against the maximum towing weight. The Toyota Camry is rated for a maximum towing weight of 1000 pounds. With a class 2 or higher hitch attached to your Toyota Camry, you should be able to handle a load of this size.

Once you know the weight of the boat or trailer you plan to tow is within your limits, make sure your hitch has the right size ball. If you are unsure, refer to the owner's manual of the object you are towing. A tongue jack should lift your hitched object and slowly lower over the ball. Once in place, lock the tongue in place. You can check the fit by lifting the hitch slowly up with the tongue jack like you did the first time. If the tongue slips off the ball, your ball is too small. Try again with a larger ball, and make sure the fit is right before driving off.

Once you have locked your hitch in place, secure it in place with a padlock, and cross the safety chains attached to the hooks on either side of the hitch or vehicle frame. Your chains should have a bit of slack, but should not drag on the ground. Dragging chains are very dangerous on the road as they can cause sparks or become snagged.

Now that your trailer is hitched make sure your trailer lights are hooked up. Your tail lights can be easily connected to your trailer hitch by connecting the color-coded wires within your tail light to a trailer wire connector kit. Installing a trailer wire connector is an easy job that you can do yourself. With a T shaped wire connector kit, no cutting or splicing is needed.  Follow the manual of your particular connector kit and always test your brake lights before driving off.

Any Problems with Toyota Camry Towing a Trailer?

When towing with the Toyota Camry, remember that the added weight you are moving will scrape your breaks thin if you ride your breaks the whole way. Try and be gentle on your brakes, and make sure to assess the state of your brake pads before and after towing.

When towing, it is best to stay under 55 MPH. Any faster than this could put extra stress on your hitch as your load moves from side to side. Not only is this a good recommendation for safe driving, but it is also the law in most states. Driving faster than 55 MPH while towing can get you a ticket in much of the U.S.

Most importantly, take some time to familiarize yourself with your new dimensions. Before setting out on your adventure, take a moment to test drive your hitch to see how it feels while turning and breaking.  It does without saying, your extra weight means you need more time to break, and react slower when braking. Use caution when braking and tap the breaks rather than riding your brakes, particularly when on a decline.

When turning, remember you are longer than you used to be. Allow for the extra-wide turns you will need with your trailer hitch, and take those turns slow to avoid putting too much torque on the trailer hitch, which could be dangerous.

When parking, it can be easy to forget you are towing a load and bash that beautiful boat into a concrete bumper. Stay aware of your surroundings and your new size, and don’t be afraid to ask someone to signal to you while you park.

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Can a Camry Tow a Pop-up Camper?

Now that you’ve seen the power of your Toyota Camry, you must be wondering, can it tow a camper? While many campers are just too heavy for the Camry, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The Sylvansport Go popup camper boats a modest 850 of dry weight, which is within the tow limit of the Toyota Camry! Bear in mind that “dry weight” means without anything added. Every pillow or blanket you leave in your tent adds to your maximum weight, so use caution.

While many pop up campers on the market are heavier than 1000 pounds due to the kitchenette or table included in their design, more traditional pop-up campers with fewer features may fit under your weight restriction. When shopping for pop up campers, make sure to check the dry weight and for best results do not exceed 950 lbs.

Can a Camry Tow a Teardrop Camper?

Teardrop camper with open door
Teardrop trailer at Prins Bertil Memorial 2008 | Photo by Liftarn

If you are looking to put a bit more of a wall between you and the weather, you might be interested in a teardrop camper. While you can’t tow a seven-bed RV, don’t discredit your Toyota Camry just yet! This hard-working car can haul some of the lighter models of teardrop campers on the market.

Once again, most teardrop campers are too heavy for the Toyota Camry, as more and more teardrop campers include new features such as stoves, sinks, and TV. Older models of teardrop trailers can be found under 950 lbs, but remember to use caution when hauling a trailer of this size. Every item you leave inside adds to the total weight and could potentially unbalance your hitch.

Of course, if you are looking for the future of camping, you could consider the Earth T300. This teardrop trailer is made of a revolutionary mesh of fiberglass and chicken feathers (no, really) and weighs just under 300 pounds! If you wish to camp in the teardrop trailer of the future and drive a Toyota Camry, have no fear. This made to order teardrop camper may be the lightest teardrop camper on earth to date and is definitely within your towing weight.

Toyota Camry Towing

Whatever you decide to tow, make sure to carefully check your weight and respect the 1000 pound limit of your maximum towing capacity. By correctly using class 2 trailer hitches and lightweight trailers, your Toyota Camry can be a surprisingly effective tow for utility trailers, boats, and even campers. The Toyota Camry is a powerful car for its size, boasting up to 300 horsepower to help you haul that 1000 pounds. When towing with the Toyota Camry or any other vehicle, always maintain safe speeds and proper braking techniques to avoid damage to your car or trailer.

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  1. Can I tow a U haul trailer which has weight of 900 pounds with my 2015 Toyota Camry? How far can I go? Anyone has such experience?

    • Thanks for the comment, Chris. Hopefully other readers can discuss their experience towing with a Toyota Camry, but we wanted to give our two cents as well. A quick Google search of a Camry’s towing capacity showed that it has a towing capacity of ~1,000 pounds. You mentioned that the trailer in question weighs 900 pounds, which means the payload inside the trailer must be 100 pounds or less to avoid exceeding the maximum towing capacity. But it’s also worth mentioning that it can still be unsafe to tow loads that are below the towing capacity depending on a number of factors. We suggest checking the towing specifications for your specific model for more information. We also have a number of posts here on VEHQ that discuss towing. Be sure to check those out. Be safe!

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