10 Best Toyota Tacoma Fender Flares

Best Toyota Tacoma Fender FlaresFender flares add style and utility to your Toyota Tacoma. Not only do they look great with any color trim, but they also help repel water and mud. You might opt for flares to help protect your tires while off-roading or crawling. If looks are the focus, you can opt for a paintable product and choose what works for your style.

Not sure what we're even talking about? Here's a quick guide about fender flares and why your truck might need them.

Whether you want to add to your Tacoma’s looks or want to give the tires extra protection from debris, there’s a fender flare to suit. We’ve found the perfect options for every Tacoma driver, so keep scrolling for our list of top fender flare picks.

Best Toyota Tacoma Fender Flares

With all of the great options available on the market, it was tough, but we managed to narrow the field down to the 10 best fender flares for Toyota Tacomas.

Bushwacker Fender Flare

A set of four fender flares from Bushwacker is the ultimate in style and protection. With a reputation for quality and utility, Bushwacker flares are ideal for off-roading style Tacomas like the TRD Pro or TRD Off-Road.

If you love oversized tires and high-clearance lift kits on your Tacoma, Bushwacker’s flares are an ideal fit. They come in an OEM-style and are matte black. You can paint these, too, and the warp-resistant Dura-Flex material takes a beating without bending or cracking.

Installation is simple with minimal drilling required so that you can get on the road (or off it) faster. Recessed stainless steel bolts (included) are the only equipment you need.

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Tyger Auto 6-Piece Fender Flare Set

Tyger’s polypropylene fender flares are impact-resistant and rugged. You can paint over the UV-resistant material or leave it as-is in the matte black finish. Stainless steel installation hardware (you can also opt for factory hardware) is marine-grade for the best performance.

And Tyger has thought of everything—edge trim protects your Tacoma from scratches, too. With a seven-inch height and two-inch tire coverage, Tyger’s flares help deflect debris and have appealing styling.

Installation is straightforward, and you can install and go if you prefer. If you decide to paint these flares, a bit of extra prep work is necessary. You also need to apply the trim pre-installation (it comes in a coil), making this kit ideal for folks who are handy at application. A handful of size options help get the right fit for your year and model Tacoma.

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RDJ Trucks Pro-Offroad Fender Flares

RDJ Trucks delivers a lifetime warranty on their ABS plastic, UV-protected fender flares—peace of mind is a priority. The rugged flares are six inches high and give 2.25 inches of tire coverage, excellent for oversize tires. Bolt-on installation makes things easy, and the Rhino Skin coating ensures your flares will survive anything you throw at them.

These flares have a textured surface, ideal for letting water and mud slip off. Plus, you won’t see nicks and dings, if they can penetrate the hardy ABS plastic in the first place.

Like other fender flares, RDJ Trucks’ option comes with high-quality bolts that add to the look of your truck. No drilling into the truck body necessary, though—the included mounting hardware gets a good fit without creating excess holes.

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TAC Fender Flares

TAC has a reputation to uphold as a vehicle accessories manufacturer, and their no-hassle five-year warranty speaks volumes to that effect. Injection molding and durable polypropylene fit your Tacoma’s fenders like a glove, and the decorative chrome rivets deliver the look you want.

To get started, just pull out the mounting hardware and simple instructions—no cutting or drilling necessary. The front fenders measure 5.62 inches while the rear are 6.45—distinctive and practical at the same time. For Tacoma drivers with extreme lift kits, these heavy-duty flares achieve the look you’re going for.

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Warn Fender Flare Set

Warn has a range of fender flares to suit every Tacoma bed size and model year. The rubber edging is pre-installed, so no mess or extra time when you’re ready to put them on. Satin black finish covers the heavy-duty ABS plastic, and you can add a layer of paint to suit your truck’s trim, too.

Built-in mud flap contouring means you won’t miss your old mud flaps. These are a helpful addition, especially because many flare kits aren’t compatible with your existing mud flap equipment. Minimal drilling is another highlight, but you can feel confident these flares will stay on through any off-roading exploits.

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Trail Ridge Fender Flare Kit

Looking for something durable and not too flashy? Trail Ridge has the solution for older-model Tacomas (2005 to 2011). Pocket rivet style fender flares go on quickly and easy without drilling. ABS plastic is hardy and resistant to weather and road debris. Whether you’re a fan of off-roading or want a simple way to achieve a more rugged look, Trail Ridge’s kit covers the bases.

Plus, Trail Ridge offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty so that you can trust the quality of their product.

Trail Ridge’s flares are six inches high and two ¼ inches wide, and the contouring makes them look seamless on your Tacoma. Paint to complement your truck’s trim or leave them matte black for off-roading with no worries.

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EAG Fender Flares

ABS plastic (Dura-Flex 2000) serves as a base for EAG’s fender flares. A layer of acrylic cap makes them shatter-resistant and resistant to high impact. The UV protection is another notable feature, and the matte black finish is industry standard.

No-drill installation only requires a handful of common tools in a bolt-on format. You will need to apply the rubber stripping to each piece, as it’s not pre-attached.

The front flares measure 5.625 inches high and three inches wide, giving excellent coverage for oversize tires. The rear flares are the same height and 2.75 inches wide, making the set perfect for even the toughest off-road tires.

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Bushwacker Extend-a-Fender Flare

If looks aren’t a priority but you know you need to keep debris out of your wheel wells, Bushwacker’s extend-a-fender flare system might be the ticket. No-drill installation makes quick work of these flares, and Dura-Flex 2000 material stands up to every obstacle.

For a lot of off-roading Tacoma drivers, the lack of mud flap compatibility is an issue for fender flare installation. With Bushwacker’s extenders, you can achieve the benefits of mud flaps without reworking your fender flares or skipping them entirely.

Aesthetic appeal isn’t exactly a priority here, but the tradeoff is effective mud flap styling that keeps debris out of your tires and where it belongs.

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Auto Dynasty Fender Flares

Pocket-style fender flares from Auto Dynasty achieve the look you want in a streamlined package. Front and rear tire coverage measures 1.75 inches, making these some of the trimmest flares available for Tacoma. If you have large—but not overly large—tires, this may be the perfect amount of protection.

Installation is straightforward, but you will need to apply the rubber strip before you get started. ABS Thermo Plastic achieves the utility you need for every on- and off-road scenario.

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Pacer Performance Flexy Flares Fender Extension Kit

Craving the look of fender flares but can’t part with the functionality of mud flaps? Install your desired flares, then add Pacer Performance’s Flexy Flares extension kit. Choose the measurement to suit your fender flare kit, then apply the universal Flexy Flare rubber extenders.

These extenders measure 2 ½ inches wide and help protect your truck’s body (and paint) from errant rocks and other road debris. The kit comes with four pieces of trim (58 inches each). Mounting hardware comes in the kit, which features 1/8-inch thick EPDM rubber.

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