How Do I Track My Ford Factory Truck Order?

Sometimes what you want isn't on the dealership lot, forcing you to have an order placed directly from the factory. While your dealership can handle this, you might be wondering if you can easily track these orders. If you placed an order with Ford, we could help. We researched the Ford truck factory order process from multiple professional sources, so you'll know how to track your order quickly.

Tracking your Ford factory truck order online is easy and can be done by taking a few steps. 

  • Visit the Ford vehicle order tracking page
  • Enter your order number
  • Enter your VIN
  • Click "Accept and track."

Now that you know how to track the order from Ford, we'll break down each step in more detail. You might also be wondering how long it takes for a new Ford truck to be delivered or how many 2021 Ford Broncos have been delivered. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

Ford F-250 display at a dealership - How Do I Track My Ford Factory Truck Order

Steps in tracking your order from Ford

For you to be able to track your order from Ford, you'll first need to visit the Ford vehicle order tracking page. You can find this by navigating through the Ford website. Or you can click here to be taken directly to the page you'll need. 

On the page, you'll see two boxes. The top box is for the order number that your dealership should have given you. The second box is for your truck's VIN.

Enter those two numbers into their respective boxes. At the bottom of the screen is a disclaimer about accepting the terms of use of their website tracking system. Read the terms, then click the "accept and track" button below it. Your order will be tracked, and the progress and ETA will be posted on the following screen.

What if I lost my order number or VIN?

If you try to track your order without the order number or the VIN, you'll get an error message preventing you from going to the tracking screen. We tried tracking the order with one or the other and discovered that it's not possible. 

If you have misplaced the paperwork from the Ford dealership that has these essential numbers listed on them, don't worry. You can call the dealership or visit them in person and get them.

If your salesperson isn't there, the dealership will most likely need identification, so go in prepared.

Ford sign at Ford dealership in knoxville

How long does it take for a new Ford truck to be delivered?

Something as big and powerful as a Ford truck isn't built overnight. But the process of ordering one and getting it delivered to you won't take forever. According to the dealerships we've researched, the process will typically take eight to ten weeks from start to finish. 

Under normal circumstances, you'll get an acknowledgment of your order from the factory a week after it has been placed. Two to three weeks later, you'll get another update with a VIN that will allow you to track your order online. Some dealerships will give you frequent updates, so you won't have to track them on the website.

Supply chain issues that have recently impacted the automotive industry might further delay your order. The above information outlines the typical process and timeframe as of March 2022. But as certain parts are back-ordered for specific vehicles, it might take longer than expected for your truck to be delivered.

How long does it take to order a 2022 Ford F-250?

Super duty trucks can take more time to construct, making the wait longer than the typical Ranger or F-150. As we stated earlier in this post, normal circumstances as of March 2022 would dictate an eight to ten-week turnaround for most Ford trucks. But with the supply chain issues that manufacturers are now facing, getting your truck delivered to you takes longer than usual.

While many dealerships say 10 to 12 weeks for F-250 trucks, the user forums tell a different story. Several users have stated that their trucks took about 18 weeks, while others complained that they had to wait nearly 22 weeks.

Ford F250 Super Duty display at a dealership, How Do I Track My Ford Factory Truck Order?

How many 2021 Broncos have been delivered?

The popular Ford Bronco is one of the most in-demand vehicles sold today. Its rugged styling and up-to-date onboard features make it a great vehicle to drive on or off-road.

Ford recently confirmed the delivery of 25,000 Broncos in late December of 2021. This is just ahead of the 2022 models being finally released. 

How many miles will a Bronco last?

Many consumers cannot afford to replace their vehicles every five years. This makes getting a car or truck that can last a priority when shopping at dealerships. And for that shopping in the used vehicle market, you'll want to know how much more life you can expect on a prospective vehicle that might already have a lot of miles ticked on the odometer.

Our research shows that Ford Broncos will last well over 100,000 miles. It's not uncommon for this model to exceed 200,000. But to achieve high mileage milestones, you'll need to make sure that the recommended care and maintenance schedule is followed precisely.

This means regular oil changes, filter changes, and inspections of moving parts. Take care of your Bronco, new or used, and it will last many miles on the road.

Odometer with 99999 miles

Is there still a shortage of new vehicles?

Over the last 18 months, new vehicles have become increasingly harder to find. Driving by a dealership shows just how bad the shortage has been, with some having a minimal amount of new vehicles on their lots for sale. This shortage of new units has driven up prices of the used ones, with the shortage causing record amounts of used vehicle value retention.

The reports show that December had the lowest inventory in more than a decade. But the industry is optimistic that production is going to increase throughout 2022. While a microchip shortage is still the principal disrupter, the Asian markets that produce them expect to increase the number of semiconductors that can be used interchangeably with microchips.

Assembly line production of new car. Automated welding of car body on production line. robotic arm on car production line is working

What are car chips?

The chips that you might have heard about during the supply chain crisis are microchips. These chips are not only used in new vehicles but also in other electronics like smartphones.

Modern vehicles use more chips than their predecessors, coupled with the other uses for these parts, increasing demand. But forced shutdowns in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic brought their production to a halt for some time. As their output resumed, a long line of industries awaited these critical components. 

Industry experts expect that the chip crisis will continue until the middle of 2022, though they calculate that it will get easier every month until it is at last over with.

An illustration representing a computer circuit board and a car chip.

In conclusion

Ford F-250 display at a dealership

Tracking your Ford truck online is easy when you have your order number and VIN. The supply chain issues that have been delaying the production of new vehicles hopefully peak in December of 2021 as the industry looks at 2022 as the year that they can increase the number of new units being made. Drive safe!

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  1. Not sure in what world a Bronco can leave Detroit for a destination that is less then 8 hours away and 25 days later the tracking still only shows it shipped. The tracking page is literally a waste of time and tells you nothing.

    Very disappointed in Ford and their ability to use technology.

  2. ordered a ford ranger over 7 months ago and still do not have a build date. nobody can even tell me if and when it may be built. actually considering changing brands at this point. i understand delays but this is ridiculous.

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