Travel Trailers with a Rear Master Bedroom [Inc. 9 Examples]

Travel Trailers with a Rear Master Bedroom [Inc. 9 Examples]If you are looking for a great travel trailer featuring a rear master bedroom, you are in luck! We have gathered together 9 of the best examples of this type of trailer for your perusal. If you haven't noticed already, this is a hard floorplan to find. In fact, many of the biggest RV manufacturers like Heartland and Dutchmen RV do not carry a single travel trailer with this layout. Just one note before we dive in: for this article, we are focusing on travel trailers exclusively - no motorhomes or 5th wheels.

Advantages of a Rear-Bedroom Floorplan

Finding the perfect RV floorplan depends on your situation. There is no one "ideal" layout that works for everybody. That's why it is so important to consider all of your options before making that big purchase. Here are some of the main advantages RV owners cite for choosing the rear-bedroom layout.

Door Placement

With the bedroom situated at the back of the travel trailer, the door is usually placed at the front. Depending on the layout of the campsite you use, this can mean a world of difference. Perhaps an RV with a rear door would put the door behind the RV pad, in the way of some obstacle, or over a steep dropoff. If that is the case for you, a front-mounted door can spell the difference between a pleasant or painful experience every time you enter or exit your trailer. Clearly, this depends on your camping situation, but for some, a rear bedroom is the only way to go for this reason.

Less Noise

Moving your bedroom from the front to the back may also mean getting further away from the hubbub of a busy campground or street. For example, picture a back-in campsite where the front of the trailer is closer to the campground road. Loud tow vehicles and children playing could cause quite a nuisance for anyone sleeping in the front of their trailer. By moving your sleeping quarters to the back, however, you are separating yourself from all of that noise just a little bit more. And for anyone who has trouble sleeping, that can be the difference between feeling rested or groggy throughout your camping trips.

The View

A rear-bedroom layout can also provide you with better views. Often, you will find yourself backing your trailer into a spot where the preferred view is at the front of the trailer, with nothing of interest in the rear. By moving the bedroom to the back, manufacturers can now put whatever they want in the front of the trailer. That includes situating the living space, large picture window included, at the front. This layout ensures much better views of the natural surroundings you came for. Of course, trailers with front kitchens or bunkhouses will not allow you to enjoy this feature.

9 Rear Bedroom Travel Trailers

Now that we have discussed some of the main reasons people choose a rear-bedroom trailer, let's explore some of the best models on sale today. This guide will be a great tool as you search for the perfect travel trailer. Read our short description highlighting the key features of each trailer, then use the included links to check out the websites for the trailers that interest you most.

Lance 2465

At 24 feet long and under 6,000 lbs, this Lance trailer is a great mid-size trailer that should be easily towed by most half-ton trucks. The rear bedroom uses a slideout to create tons of space, while the bathroom sits between the living area and the bedroom for an extra dose of privacy from the kids or guests. And just take a look at the cozy living space featuring a wrap-around couch under the large picture window - just think of the views you will be able to enjoy from this trailer!

Check out all of the details on this model here on LanceCamper's website.

Keystone Hideout 32FBTS

For those needing a bit more space, Keystone offers tons of space in its nearly 37-foot Hideout 32FBTS. With a queen bed, a private bunk area, and an optional sleeper sofa, this beast can sleep up to 8 people. Of course, that front bunkhouse means you sacrifice the large front window that is so nice on some other models. Still, for those who need the extra sleeping capacity, this trailer is a great option.

See the pictures and specs on Keystone's website here.

Jayco Jay Flight 31QBDS

If that Keystone appealed to you, it's worth also considering this similarly-built Jayco Jay Flight. At nearly 36 feet long and just under 8,000 lbs unloaded, this trailer has plenty of space to sleep up to 8 people as well. Two slideouts help create space inside, while an outdoor kitchen makes cooking much more enjoyable. After all, the great outdoors are what you bought the trailer for in the first place!

Click here on Jayco's website to see the floorplan and specs on this model.

Gulfstream Kingsport 30FRK

Here we have another front-bunk layout from Gulfstream. At 35'8" long and 7,898 pounds, this is a fairly large trailer with copious space inside for the whole family. This time, you will notice that the layout is slightly changed. There is still the queen bed in the rear, but now there are just three bunks at the front: Two on one side are complemented by a single bunk on the other side that is situated above an optional outdoor kitchen.

See everything else this Kingsport travel trailer has to offer on Gulfstream's website here.

 Airstream Classic 30RB

Hate claustrophobic trailers that lack windows? Crave an upscale trailer with premium pricing? Then this trailer's for you: This Airstream Classic 30RB offers breathtaking visibility from its front living area, making it perfect for scenery lovers everywhere. This high-end model weighs in at 7,788 pounds, while the overall length sits at exactly 3o feet. And with Airstream's reputation for quality, you know this trailer will for many, many years to come.

See all it has to offer here on Airstreams's website.

Winnebago Minnie 2500FL

At just 5,230 lbs, this Winnebago really lives up to its "Minnie" name by being the lightest trailer on the list. That doesn't mean it can't offer oodles of amenities, however. Here is just a small sample of what you will find inside: a large living area up front that features a generously-sized sofa and dinette. Walk back past the kitchen and bathroom, and you will find a queen bed with nightstands on either side.

See all about this trailer and use the handy 3D tool on Winnebago's website here.

Coachmen Freedom Express 321FEDSLE

I have a feeling Coachmen built this Freedom Express trailer with movie lovers in mind. That's because the front of the trailer features a great entertainment center, including a huge pop-up TV front and center. Underneath the television, you will find a gas fireplace to keep your trailer cozy on those brisk mountain nights. Meanwhile, 3 slides open up the floorplan on this 36-foot trailer, including one in the bedroom.

Click here to see everything offered on this Coachmen trailer on their website.

Forest River Cherokee 274VFK

Forest River has given this Cherokee model a very unusual layout that should appeal to certain shoppers. Not only does it feature the rare rear bedroom, but it also uses a front-kitchen design - the only trailer on this list with that particular floorplan. With the kitchen built into the wedge-shaped nose, the middle opens up, giving occupants tons of living space in the center of the trailer. The queen bed is situated length-wise, with the lone slideout occupied by the sofa and dinette.

Interested? Click here to see more on the Forest River website.

Crossroads Zinger ZR320FB

It's not often you find a travel trailer boasting 3 queen-size beds, but that's just what this Crossroads Zinger has. That's right, not only does the rear bedroom offer a slide-out with a queen bed, but the front bunk area features two queens as well. That means 6 adults can sleep comfortably in this 36-foot trailer. The living area and kitchen, meanwhile, are situated between the two sleeping areas, giving you plenty of space between yourself and your kids or guests.

See the Zinger in all its glory by clicking here.

A World of Possibilities

As we have seen, even though rear-bedroom trailers aren't exactly common, there are still tons of options if you look hard enough. There are so many, in fact, that we are spoiled with multiple choices of layouts. Whether you are looking for a trailer with multiple bunks to sleep your kids and their friends, or a large living area or kitchen, there are trailers out there to suit your needs. So do your research and get out there and try some out. With this many options, finding your perfect trailer should be easier than ever!

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