10 Awesome Travel Trailers Under 6,000 lbs

If you're looking for great camper trailers that are lightweight, this is the post for you - focusing specifically on travel trailers under 6000lbs. Travel trailers come in all different shapes and sizes. But the lighter options have seen a recent popularity increase thanks to a few key benefits.

The most important advantage to lightweight trailers is that they can be safely towed with a truck such as the Ford F-150 or even with a large SUV like a Chevy Tahoe.  Read more about which SUV's are best for towing a travel trailer. In fact, even some passenger cars could even get the job done depending on their towing ability.

Towing a lighter travel trailer would also make driving much easier. It removes the stress of worrying about a heavier trailer swaying back and forth behind you. This feature makes navigating both highways and backroads more manageable. However, please remember that trailer sway can happen even with a lightweight trailer under some conditions. A lot depends on your overall towing capacity, how you drive and road conditions. Read here more about trailer sway and how to prevent it.

The lighter load offers better fuel economy as well. In other words, these trailers will be more cost-effective than larger options due to their lighter weight. It’s another area where the lighter designs seem to outpace their heavier rivals.

These trailers do fall behind in some areas, though. It’s not uncommon for a company to cut corners when pushing towards a lower dry weight limit. This issue results in a poorly designed trailer due to use of less than stellar materials.

But we have a list of 10 lightweight travel trailers that avoid this issue. So, keep reading and check out what makes these models such awesome options.

Camper trailer parked on RV campground, 10 Awesome Travel Trailers Under 6000 lbs

10  Travel Trailers Under 6,000 LBS

Here are 10 top-tier travel trailers that have a dry weight under 6,000 pounds. The images used in this section are screenshots from the official websites. You can explore these sites by pressing on the links provided below.

1. Crossroad RV Zinger Lite ZR18DS

Crossroad RV did a great job making this 22-foot 6-inch trailer into an RV owner's dream. For instance, this travel trailer comes with a queen mattress that fits perfectly into the bedroom. It's the perfect place to wind down after a long day traveling.


The fully functional kitchen is another nice touch. It's filled with useful features such as a stove, oven, microwave, and sink. You'd think all these features would make it seems cramped inside, but the 6-foot 6-inch ceiling fixes the issue. And this rig's a convenient tow option thanks to its dry weight of 4,360 pounds.

Find out more about the Crossroad RV Zinger Lite ZR18DS here.

2. Forest River Wolf Pup 15SW

This 18-foot 11-inch travel trailer might seem small based on its measurements. But Forest River made sure to fill every inch of this rig with top tier features. These aspects include a sleeper sofa, queen mattress, complete kitchen, LCD TV mount, and full bathroom.

This rig's dry weight of 3276 pounds is another advantage. I'd imagine the total weight would barely break 5,000 pounds with the trailer being fully loaded. This quality makes it the easiest tow on our entire list.

Find out more about the Forest River Wolf Pup 15SW here.

3. Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite 23FBDS

Forest River's Flagstaff Super Lite 23FDBS has a higher dry weight than the previous rigs at 5654 pounds. But this figure's still considered towable by a large number of vehicles such as SUVs, jeeps, and pick up trucks.

The source of this higher poundage is its longer length at 25 feet. This extra length makes it possible to fit the U dinette and various storage areas. And it still has space for a full kitchen, complete bathroom, and Murphy Bed.

Find out more about the Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite 23FBDS here.

4. Heartland North Trail 22 FBS

This 29-foot 5-inch travel trailer gets outstanding natural lighting and views with its oversized windows. The living area's U dinette and sleeper sofa will make enjoying these views much easier.

It's the perfect travel trailer for guests as well. This rig has enough room for five or six people to sleep comfortably. A queen-sized bed is also available to anyone who'd want a bit more room when they sleep. Plus, it still has a dry weight of only 5,497 pounds, even with these features.

Find out more about the Heartland North Trail 22 FBS here.

5. Jayco Jay Feather 24BHM

Jayco's Jay Feather 24BHM has enough space for three different beds: one Murphy Bed and a set of bunk beds. This aspect provides plenty of places for people to sleep. The inclusion of the sleeper sofa is another item worth having. It'll make sure you have somewhere else to relax other than a bed.

This rig's dry weight is rather solid, too, at a lowly 5465 pounds. You shouldn't overlook the awning either as it'll give nice shade coverage. Its other features include a U dinette, full kitchen, and complete bathroom.

Find out more about the Jayco Jay Feather 24BHM here.

6. Keystone RV Company Passport 240BH SL Series

Keystone's 27-foot 4-inch travel trailer offers plenty of comforts for full-time RVers: a double bunk bed, queen mattress, updated kitchen, complete bathroom, and a U dinette. It even comes with a LED flat-screen HDTV to entertain you when RV life gets a little boring.

This rig seems to have every feature an RV owner could want onboard a trailer. The 4911-pound dry weight isn't too shabby as it should be towable by an SUV. Some passenger cars might even be capable of towing it depending on the type.

Find out more about the Keystone RV Company Passport 240BH SL Series here.

7. Lance 2295 Travel Trailer

Lance's 2295 Travel Trailer provides an RVer with a lot of room with its 27-foot long design. This room is filled with cozy atmosphere thanks to the fireplace placed in the living area. The 32-inch LCD LED HDTV right above it adds onto this sense of relaxation.

Another appealing feature is the dinette with pull out storage drawers. These storage drawers could store trinkets from your travels. The kitchen area's also worth mentioning as it has enough counter space for preparing actual meals.

Find out more about the Lance 2295 Travel Trailer here.

8. Winnebago Micro Minnie 1800BH

The 21-foot Winnebago's Micro Minnie 1800BH is a bit smaller than most rigs on this list. But this smaller area doesn't mean it lacks features. In fact, Winnebago somehow managed to fit all the essential items without making the rig feel stuffy.

After all, it has a stainless steel sink, dinette, bunk beds, queen mattress, oven, microwave, and many other amenities. I think it's fair to say that this travel trailer uses its space better than most rigs on our list. Its dry weight of 3,660 pounds makes it more towable than many of them as well.

Find out more about the Winnebago Micro Minnie 1800BH here. 

9. Coachmen Freedom Express Pilot 20BHS

Coachmen's Freedom Express Pilot 20BHS is a compact rig explicitly made for smaller tow vehicles. This mindset reflects itself in the trailer's low dry weight of 3,883 pounds and 22-foot length. But it still has a lot of the same features that these other rigs possess: sleeper sofa, queen mattress, full kitchen, bunk beds, etc.

Aside from these features, it has a 12-inch awning to help shield you during sunny days. The pass-through storage is another exciting addition. It'll give you an extra area to store all the possessions picked up during your travels.

Find out more about the Coachmen Freedom Express Pilot 20BHS here.

10.Coleman Lantern LT 262BH

Our last rig happens to be the largest on this list at 30 feet 7 inches long. Coleman puts the extra space to good use by adding useful items such as a dinette and entertainment center. There's also enough room to add in a sofa without meddling too much with the walking area.

It ensures you can still move around without continually hitting into something. And the extra room didn't effective the dry weight, 5,833 pounds, enough to make much of a difference. The vehicle in your driveway should be capable of towing it from place to place.

Find out more about the Coleman Lantern LT 262BH here.

I hope exploring these ten awesome lightweight travel trailers was a helpful experience. If you have more questions or concerns, please let us know in the comment section. We'd love to help in any way possible.

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