13 Truck Camper Accessories You Should Consider (Good for other small RV’s too!)

For truck camper owners, the small size of their RVs sometimes makes it difficult for them to get the perfect accessories. They are usually either too large for the camper or incompatible with the system. The same problem can happen with pop-up campers or even teardrop trailers. In short, the smaller RV's out there.

Truck Camper and Pop-Up Camper Accessories

With that in mind, we have brought together a list of accessories that will seamlessly fit right in your truck camper and make it the complete home away from home you want it to be. These accessories range from kitchen appliances to electrical devices and even lightning equipment.


Accessories for Your Electricity System

Just because your RV is compact doesn't mean you can't generate and use electricity when camping.

1. 6,000-Watt Portable Inverter-Generator

This portable generator is the perfect accessory for owners that need a reliable source of power in their small RV. It features two 3,200-watts inverter generators that combine to produce about 6,000 watts power. It comes with five portable power outlets. Two for electronic appliances, one for automotive and marine batteries, another for RV connection point and the last one for your portable devices.

It is equipped with a remote that allows you to operate it from as far as 164’ away. It has an economic mode that helps manage fuel consumption. For those that dislike generators due to the noise they make, this one has a whisper series muffler that ensures the noise is bearable.

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Jackery Portable Solar Power Station

If you are looking for a power station for your low power devices, then this accessory is right for you. The Jackery power station can be used to power devices that operate on less than 500-watts. It takes approximately 8 hours to charge in an AC wall outlet and 14 hours to charge with a solar panel (depending on the weather conditions).

It can be used for devices such as ceiling fans, laptops, and phones. This power station can also be used for outdoor/campsite parties. With it powering your music speakers and lightning, you have no problem.

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2. Sunkingdom Solar Panel

The Sunkingdom solar panel is the complete package. It has an efficiency rate of 22.5%, a number that is impressive when compared to the 15% rate other alternatives have. This lightweight solar panel is made from durable materials that will ensure its longevity. It is compatible with any 12V device and is flexible enough for easy attachment to your truck camper.

It comes with a 12V solar panel charger, an 18-watts solar battery maintainer charger, a DC5521 male to SAE cable and a male to SAE crocodile clips.

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3. 4,500-Watt Portable Generator

This 4,500-watt portable generator, with its push-to-start button, is another alternative power source that will fit perfectly in any truck camper. It has a dual-fuel capability that allows for the use of either propane or gas – thereby enhancing flexibility during trips.

It is equipped with 4 power source that caters to household electronic devices, large household appliances, and an RV connection point. Like the 6,000-watt inverter, this generator has a whisper series muffler that prevents it from making too much noise. It is also equipped with wheels and a fold-down handle to allow easy mobility.

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Lightning Accessories for your small RV

4. Kohree 12V LED RV Ceiling Dome Light

If you are tired of unreliable old-fashioned bulbs, then this pack of two ceiling dome light is the best fit for you. It is designed to give your RV an ultra-modern look. Despite being made with great LED lighting technology, this dome light consumes less power and last longer than conventional light bulbs. It can reportedly last more than 60,000 hours. It comes with a built-in 3-way switch that enables you to put one or both sides of the light on. It consumes just 6 Watts of power, a bargain considering the 2 x 300 lumens of brightness it produces.

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5. Optronics LED RV Interior Double Dome Light

The Optronics RV dome light is a better substitute for the standard interior incandescent lights. It lasts longer, consumes less power and shines brighter than they do. It comes with an in-built on/off switch and is compatible with the 12V DC system. With an output of 815 effective lumens, this white RV lightning is a bargain when compared to similar alternatives. The cherry on top, if you buy this accessory, is the lifetime warranty that comes with the LEDs.

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Kitchen Appliances for a Truck Camper

These would be helpful without taking up too much space. Note that some truck campers come equipped with a fridge and stove, so you may or may not need these.

6. Furrion Over-The-Range RV Convection Microwave

If you are looking for convenience, the Furrion 1,500-watts convection microwave is the kitchen appliance you need. Equipped with auto-cooking settings, this stainless steel color microwave also has pre-programmed defrosting times and 10 power levels – all to make your meal-making experience pleasant. It does not occupy space as it requires a minimum 30” cabinet to fit right in your RV.

With its in-built glass turntable, the issue of uneven heating of meals will be averted. Also, it has a lockable control panel feature that not only prevents your children from playing with it but also prevents accidental programming.

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7. VBENLEM 12V Portable Refrigerator

Looking for a portable and efficient refrigerator? this VBENLEM 12V refrigerator is the right pick. Having no need for compressors or fans to function well, it is a silent kitchen companion. It has two full-width shelves – with the door providing additional space for storage.

Aside from the energy-saving LED illumination it comes with, this eco-friendly fridge's electronic formula enables it to operate at an adjustable temperature of between 37-53 Fahrenheit (3~12 Celsius). It is suitable for both AC and DC power source – although it is more compatible with AC.

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8. Everchill Refrigerators For RV

With a dimension of 17.5” width x 19.1” depth x 30.8” height, the Everchill fridge will fit well in your small RV kitchen. It operates on 115AC voltage and is equipped with temperature control. This fridge comes with a drip tray, adjustable front legs as well as an adjustable wire shelving. Although it comes in only black color, the fridge has a sleek and classy design that adds to the beauty of your RV kitchen.

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9. BLACK+BREWER Personal Coffeemaker

For RV owners that cannot do without their daily dose of coffee, this appliance is for you. BLACK+BREWER personal coffeemaker will make a delicious cup of coffee and pour it into the 15-oz. thermal travel mug that comes with it - in minutes. It is fitted with a removable permanent filter thereby eliminating the need for disposable paper filters.

It can also be used to heat water for tea, soup, and noodles and has an automatic feature that shuts it off once brewing is over. Its compact design makes it an easy fit for small RV kitchens.

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For more options, check out our post about 12V coffee makers for RV's.


If your camper doesn't come with a built-in bathroom, a porta potty can be what you need for an improved camping experience.

10. Thetford Porta Potti Portable Toilet

This modern portable toilet is one of the best in the market today. It comes with a tank that holds as much as 4.0 gallons of clean water and 5.0 gallon of wastewater – enabling an average of 56 flushes. It features a large toilet bowl that is comfortable for sitting.

Its other features include battery-powered flushing, a closed toilet paper compartment and an indicator that displays the fresh and wastewater tanks level. Remarkably easy to use, this toilet is also designed in a way that makes it easy to empty and clean.

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11. Camco Portable Travel Toilet

If you are looking for a smaller portable toilet then the Camco portable toilet is what you need. It comes with tanks that can hold 2.5 gallons of freshwater and 5.3 gallons of wastewater. The bottom half of this toilet consists of the waste tank which has a tight seal that prevents odor and water leakage.

Aside from the side latches used to secure the top to bottom, it has a lid for the toilet seat. Impressively, this 11.5 lb toilet can support a 330 lb weight capacity. It is made from polythene material, hence guaranteeing its durability.

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Truck Camper Covers

This is a great addition to anyone with a truck camper, so we thought we'd include these camper covers on the list of accessories. Keep in mind that the cover must match the exact size of your camper, which is usually related to the length of your truck's bed.

12. Classic Heavy-Duty Truck Bed Camper Cover

This camper cover is specially made to protect truck camper from all kinds of harsh weather. Its triple-ply construction will ensure that your RV is safe in the snow, sun, rain or any other weather condition.

This cover is fitted with zippers that allow for easy access to the door when covered. Its other features include; an integrated air vent to let out moist, elastic corners that help it hug the camper tight and toss bag that eliminates the need to crawl when covering your RV.

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13. Adco Truck Camper Cover

This is a short-term camper cover that can be used to protect your camper from moderate weather conditions. It saves you the stress of regular washing, waxing or cleaning. It will also protect your RV from ultraviolet rays and help maintain its look. It has a buckle that helps prevent the cover from blowing off during severe weather.

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We hope our list of accessories for the truck camper and other small RV's is helpful. We would love to hear what you think too. If you own a small RV, leave us a comment to let us know what your favorite accessories are.

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