How Much Do Showers At Truck Stops Cost?

If you are not a trucker and have ever been to a gas station and heard the sound of a shower, you may have been a bit confused. Maybe you are new to the world of trucking or you are a curious traveler. Either way, you have likely wondered how much truck stop showers cost. We researched popular truck stops to bring you the most accurate information. See our findings below. 

The going rate for truck stop showers is $12 which is much cheaper than renting a hotel room or campground for the night. Many chains also offer rewards programs and free showers when you purchase a certain amount of fuel. 

There is still a lot to learn about truck stop showers. Stick around as we discuss how long a truck stop shower lasts, if truck stop showers include towels and soap, how long shower credits last before expiration, how to reserve a shower, and much more. 

Group of semi trucks at truck stop gas pump in the night, How Much Do Showers At Truck Stops Cost?

How Much Do Truck Stop Showers Cost?

When you have been on the road for some time, it can be difficult to grab a shower. Hotel stays are expensive, and unlike RVs, tucks do not have showers. The going rate for showers at all the major truck stops is $12 each.

Different models of semi trucks with semi trailers standing on the truck stop parking lot

However, chains have their own rewards programs which allow members to accumulate free showers. Since big rigs have sleeping chambers behind the driver's seat, it is much more reasonable to pay $12 per day for a shower than renting a hotel room every night. 

Truck Stop Showers and Parking Vs. Hotels and RV Parks

When it comes to sleeping in a truck and taking showers at gas stations, you may be wondering if the savings is worth the hassle. Below, you will find overnight rates for truck stops, RV parks, and hotels. 

Truck Stops

A large group of semi trucks at a truckstop

We have already discussed the need for truck stop showers, but let's cover parking. Truckers cannot park on the side of the road for sleeping purposes. Instead, they must find a safe location that allows them to park their vehicles legally.

Most truck stops offer a selection of free parking spaces. These slots are limited and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Love's, Pilot Flying J, and Travel Centers of America are among the top truck stops that offer free parking for truckers. 

However, if you prefer to reserve your space ahead of time, many truck stops provide paid parking spots. Pilot Flying J offers prime parking spaces for as little as $15 per night. This means the total cost of your shower and your parking space will likely cost less than RV park nightly rates.

As far as we can tell, Love's does not offer paid parking. Travel Centers of America, on the other hand, offers both free and reserved spaces starting at $18 per night. 

RV Sites and Campgrounds

Sun going down at the Rv park

Daily shower rates and truck stop parking fees are generally cheaper than staying at a campground or RV park. RV sites typically cost a minimum of $30-$40 per night. You will need to call ahead of time to make sure the facility offers parking sites for semi-trucks.

It's also important to note, however, that if you are staying at an RV park or campsite, you should make sure their bathhouses are available ahead of time. 

Hotel/Motel Rates

Hotel room apartment reservation service

If all else fails, you can book a stay at a motel or hotel. It will be much more expensive than other options, but you will enjoy a hot shower, breakfast, cable television, and WiFi access.

Lower-end motels range from approximately $50-$80 per night. Keep in mind that these places are typically not as clean as higher-end hotels such as Holiday Inn Express and Hilton Suites.

You will likely pay a minimum of $95 per night for one of those rooms, but they are much cleaner and provide plenty of luxuries to make your stay more enjoyable. 

Can Anyone Take a Shower at Pilot?

Contrary to what the name implies, truck stop showers are available to everyone. Many RVers utilize truck stop parking and showers as a way to save money. Additionally, some people who are without homes use the facilities to stay clean without the large price tag of motels. 

Many truck stops have a select number of parking spaces available solely for RVs. However, RVers can use any of the free parking spaces available to truckers as well. Just remember to be courteous. Truck drivers have a limited amount of downtime, and parking spaces can be hard to find. 

Do Truck Stop Showers Provide Towels? 

If you don't travel with towels and toiletries, don't worry; truck stop showers provide two towels and washcloths, shampoo and body wash via dispensers mounted on the walls, and a bath mat. Many even include wall-mounted hair dryers.

If you are traveling with your spouse or partner, you can even share a shower since there is no time limit. Most have a separate bathroom and shower stall. As always, just remember to be courteous of others. The lines are generally pretty long, so you don't want to spend an hour getting clean. 

Are Truck Stop Showers Clean? 

When you picture a truck stop shower, you likely conjure up images of dirty convenience store bathrooms. However, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that truck stop showers are very clean.

Not only are they clean but they are actually very nice. Many places, such as Pilot, have upgraded their facilities to include luxury showerheads and tiles. 

You may imagine a line of people waiting for the shower and entering as soon as it's their turn. However, this is not the case. Each shower is cleaned and sanitized after each use.

It is also a safe experience. Customers must have a security code before entering the room. There is a keypad positioned next to the door, and each customer receives a code upon payment. 

How Do You Reserve a Pilot Shower?

There are two ways to reserve a Pilot shower. You can use their mobile app or pay at the register. When paying at the register, your security code will print on the bottom of your receipt. You'll use this code to get into the shower room. If booking via the app, you'll receive the code upon payment.

Pilot Rewards Program

Pilot offers rewards points for members, allowing you to earn free showers, food, merchandise, and more. When you purchase 50 or more gallons of fuel, you'll receive a free shower at Pilot.

Even better, if you purchase 1,000 gallons of fuel in a single month, you will earn a free shower every day for the remainder of that month along with the following month. 

Love's Rewards Program

As with Pilot, Love's offers a rewards program. You will earn a free shower with each fuel purchase of 50 gallons or more. Once you reach Platinum and Diamond status, you will receive a free shower every day. Members also enjoy free WiFi with no purchase necessary.

If you want better quality internet service, you can purchase an upgrade for $4.99 if you will be staying for a while. Additionally, with every purchase of 50 gallons or more of fuel, members get a free fountain drink or coffee. Platinum and Diamond members get free drinks every day. 

Travel Center Rewards Program

TA's rewards program is similar to others; however, you must purchase at least 60 gallons of fuel before earning free shower credits. For the first three levels, credits can only be exchanged for showers. Level four members, however, can redeem their credits for showers, food, or parking spaces. 

How Long Do Pilot Shower Credits Last?

Accumulating shower credits with Pilot is great, but they do have an expiration date. You must use your free showers within ten days of receiving credits, or they will disappear. 

In Closing

Whether you are a long-time trucker, a newbie, or you just travel for leisure, you can benefit from truck stop showers. People from all walks of life are welcome, and rewards programs make it easy to earn free showers.

Truckers don't have the luxury of staying in motels and RV parks every night, so they can save money by staying at truck stops and showering in the store. 

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