How To Turn Lights Off In A Car

It is essential to know how to turn off the light in a car to avoid draining the battery. However, each vehicle is different, but we will cover the common ways to turn off the car lights in this article. First, let's take a look at the process below.

To turn off the lights on a car, follow these steps:

  1. First, locate the headlight lever on the left of the steering wheel.
  2. The leave will have a knob on the end to show a headlight symbol, off and AUTO.
  3. Turn the lights off, then toggle the knob to the "off" switch.
  4. Next time you need your headlights on, you will have to manually turn them to "on" or the "Auto" setting.
  5. When you turn the headlights off, it will also turn off all the lights on the instrument panel and dash.
  6. In addition, be sure to check the dashboard dial located on the dash isn't set to "on" before exiting the vehicle. 

While every car is different, they have similarities in turning the headlights off. This article will discuss how the headlight functions work and when to turn your headlights off. In addition, we will answer other frequently asked questions about vehicle headlights, so read on!

Head light control lever in the car, How To Turn Lights Off In A Car

How To Turn Lights Off In A Car

hand adjusting car headlight control lever switch.

To turn off the lights on a car, you must flip the knob on the headlight levers close to your steering wheel or "steering column" so that it shows an "off" symbol. This will cut off power to both headlights and prevent them from draining your battery when not needed.

The next time you use your headlights, you will have to manually turn them on or use the "Auto" setting. While many cars will turn off almost all of your dashboard, don't forget to check your instrument panel lights as well!

To save battery power, you generally recommend that you turn off your car's headlights whenever they are not in use. If you prefer using the Auto mode, make sure to use it only when driving at night or in situations where lights are required.

Some cars won't have a lever on the steering wheel for the headlights. Instead, you might find the headlight controls on the dash itself below the instrument panel, left to the steering wheel. Then, to turn the lights off, you need to turn the switch off.

Keep in mind that this is a general instruction to turn your headlights off. Every car is different, and it is important to have your salesperson walk you through the vehicle before you leave. In addition, make sure you have an owner's manual in the car before you leave the dealership.

How to turn on high beams

To turn on the headlight brights, you will need to locate the headlight lever. The lever will have a knob on the end to show a headlight symbol, off and AUTO.

Turn on the headlights, toggle the knob to the "on" switch or "auto." Next, push the lever towards the dash of the vehicle. This will turn on your high beams.

In some vehicles, you will need to hold the lever towards the dash until the headlights turn on. If your vehicle is equipped with a bright headlight or high beam indicator light on your instrument panel, it will also come on.

When this indicator light turns on, this means that your lights are in brights mode, and they can be turned off by pushing the lever away from you.

Why are the lights in my car staying on?

If your headlights are staying on in your car even after it is turned off, then it could be due to the headlights still being set to the "on" position. More than likely, your headlights aren't set to "auto" or "off," and the headlights are staying on.

If you have interior lights still on, it could be due to a door still being opened. Check that all of the doors are securely shut. In addition, check that the overhead lights are switched off.

Sometimes the overhead lights will be switched on and forgotten about. These can quickly drain your battery if they are left on overnight.

Lastly, your lights still might be on inside your car if you left your dashboard control light on. Check to see if this light is switched on and turn it down.

Interior of Kia Ceed 2018 car on in night city with neon color lights

How do I make my headlights turn off automatically?

In many vehicles, you can have your headlights automatically turn on when it gets dark and off when light out. This will save battery power and ensure that your vehicle's lights are not left on all day long.

To have the auto option turned on, push the headlight knob towards the steering wheel until you see a symbol that says "auto." Once you have this setting turned on, the headlights in your car should turn off and on automatically when it gets dark and light outside.

Newer vehicles also have an "auto high-beam" setting. This means that the vehicle can sense when to turn the high beams on and off. This can be a helpful feature if you are driving at night with a lot of oncoming traffic.

If you don't want the auto high-beam feature on, you will need to check your owner manual to turn off the setting.

Will dashboard lights drain the battery?

Dashboard lights in your vehicle are designed to be very energy efficient. They have a low draw on the battery but will drain your battery if left on for an extended amount of time. 

Remember that your car battery provides power for everything inside your vehicle, even when it isn't running. The headlights, radio, interior lights, etc., all use the same power.

For an older vehicle, dashboard lights can leave it drained if left on overnight or more extended. Therefore, you may need to have your battery checked or have this section checked at an auto-parts store to ensure that you are not having problems with your car's electrical system.

Where is the dashboard light control knob?

Dashboard control knobs for lights will vary depending on the specific vehicle. Therefore, it can sometimes be challenging to find. However, if it is daytime and you are trying to turn on your dashboard lights, you should see a small light bulb somewhere on or near your dash that might indicate where the knob or dial is located.

If you cannot find the knob, you can always check your owner manual or car-enthusiast Internet forums for the exact location and specific type of knob needed. Nonetheless, you should be able to find it under the steering wheel on the dash with little effort.

Modern dashboard

How do I turn my dashboard lights down?

In many cases, turning down your dashboard light is as simple as pushing up on the knob, which will dim it.

If this does not work, you will need to check your owner manual or look up the type of control knob found in your specific vehicle. For example, there might be a button on the console or somewhere near your light controls that needs to be pressed for the dimmer function to work.

Some vehicles have a knob that is inserted into the dashboard. It will have an "ON" and "OFF" setting as well as a small arrow showing a lighting bolt that indicates where to position it to turn down your lights.

If you still cannot find your dashboard light control knob, there might be buttons on the side of your steering wheel that can be pressed to dim it or turn it off.

Is it okay to leave my lights on overnight?

Car Driving in Dense Fog. Dangerous Road Conditions. Night Time Driving in Fog.

It is best practice to turn off the engine and make sure that all of the lights inside your vehicle have been turned off if you are going to be leaving your car or truck parked overnight or longer. Otherwise, they can drain your battery which will cause problems if you need it to start again.

If your battery is drained, it could leave you in a challenging situation the following day. This is why it's a good idea to turn off your vehicle and all the lights inside permanently. In addition, you can keep your headlights on the "auto" setting to avoid this mistake.

Even during just a few hours, you can experience problems with not having enough power in your battery. So don't take that risk if you want to be safe, or do it as a practice that will help keep your battery healthy for years to come.

Final Thoughts

Not only is it essential to make sure your headlights are turned off when you park your car, but it also includes the interior lights. These dashboard lights drain the battery little by little, which could leave you stranded without enough power to start your car.

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