How to Unlock a Ford Truck Without Keys

Finding yourself locked out of your Ford truck is a nightmare experience. Panic will surely run rampant throughout your mind as you try to figure out a way to unlock it. But we did some research and found a few methods to help make this less of an issue.

Unlocking a Ford truck without keys isn't something that's accomplished in a single specific way. You'll have several methods and tools to choose from as your preferred method. However, we'd recommend using one of these five options: 

  • Using a wire hanger
  • The string method
  • Utilizing a paper clip or bobby pin
  • Getting help from a locksmith
  • Calling a mechanic 

But successfully using these methods will require a bit more explanation. Our following discussions will take you through each option in great detail. You shouldn't have an issue following them and unlocking your Ford truck with ease. 

A Ford Ranger Raptor on a road in mountain, How to Unlock a Ford Truck Without Keys

How to Unlock a Ford Truck Without Keys?

As we mentioned earlier, various methods and tools can unlock a Ford truck. But these options are what we found truck owners have the easiest time doing. So let's not waste any more time and dive right into our first method.

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1. Using a Wire Hanger

Hand holding wire hanger

Wire hangers have been around forever and are versatile tools. One of their vastly helpful abilities is unlocking locked vehicles, but it does take a little effort. It's a bit more complicated than the other processes mentioned in this article.

  1. Straighten out the clothes hanger wire entirely until it's a long rod. Leave its curved part as-is at its end piece. 
  2. Slightly peel the car window's weather stripping with your finger. The weatherstripping is the rubber seal around your Ford truck's window if you aren't familiar. 
  3. Proceed to slip the wire between the stripping and the window. You can either do this from the top or bottom of your car's window. Make sure to hold the straight end and insert the curvy part first.
  4. If you choose the top part of your car's window, you should see the wire through the window. You now need to latch its curved end onto the door's lock switch. After getting a solid grip on the switch, pull up to unlock it.
  5. If you've chosen to put in the wire from the bottom, we suggest using the passenger door as it doesn't have as many cables as the driver's side. The wire will be inside the door, and you won't be able to see it. You'll need to feel around for the pin to disengage the truck's lock. After you've grasped the pin with the wire's curved end, pull toward the back of your Ford truck to unlock it.

2. The String Method

One of the more unique methods is using a string. Your string needs to be at least 36 inches long, which limits the selection a bit. But here are some examples of some that'll work:

  • Shoelaces
  • Coat drawstrings
  • Twine 
  • Drawstrings from sweatpants

Once you've located a usable string, it's time to jump into the following steps. If you provide a little effort and patience, this method should work wonderfully. 

  1. Tie the string into a slipknot (see video after the step-by-step guide for directions on tying a slipknot).
  2. Proceed to tighten the slipknot until it's a small circle within the middle of the string.
  3. Insert the knot into the top-right edge of your truck's driver door 
  4. Hold your string from both ends and shift it back and forth to get it into the door further. If you're confused, think about the movement used when flossing. 
  5. After getting far enough inside, pull hard on the string toward you. It'll create a space at the top of the door. 
  6. Stick a rubber or cardboard wedge to hold the space open. 
  7. Place the slipknot around your door's lock switch and tighten it. It's essential to ensure you don't loosen your hold. Otherwise, the step will need repeating. 
  8. Pull up to unlock your truck's door.

If you don't know how to tie a slipknot, the video below will walk you through how to make one.


3. Utilizing a Paper Clip or Bobby Pin

Paper clips or bobby pins are other tools capable of unlocking a locked vehicle. We've found them to be the most straightforward as there aren't any complicated steps or excessive effort required.

  1. Locate two paper clips. You'll need one to act as a tension wrench and the other as a pick. These paper clips need to be big enough to hold as you insert them into your truck door's lock. 
  2. Unfold one side of the first paper clip in an L-shape, using either your hands or pliers. In other words, one side needs to be folded in half while the other is straight and long. It'll be your tension wrench.
  3. Insert the folded end into the keyhole's bottom (called the shear line).
  4. Apply just enough pressure to pick the lock, but not enough to bend the paper clip. Make sure to turn it in the direction that the lock does. If you aren't sure how the lock turns, guess because you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right. 
  5. Unfold the second paper clip to use as your pick. 
  6. Place the pick with its loop end into the keyhole's top part and pull it out quickly while jiggling it upward. You'll need to continue repeating this action. But don't forget to keep applying pressure using your tension wrench paper clip. 
  7. Meanwhile, use the pick paper clip to feel around for pins. You'll need to depress about five pins by pushing lightly. After each pin's depressed, you'll feel/hear a clicking sound. It could take a few tries to get it as most people aren't experienced lock pickers. 
  8. You then need to keep turning the tension wrench while moving the pick up and down. Once you've hit all the pins, your truck's door will unlock, and the nightmare will be over.

4. Getting Help from a Locksmith

If you aren't a fan of these more complicated methods or have tried them without success, calling a locksmith is another solid option. These professionals will have several tools and equipment capable of unlocking your Ford truck. 

The only downside is you'll have to pay them. You can usually expect to spend around $20 to unlock your truck. 

5. Calling a Mechanic

If you can't locate a locksmith, your car mechanic should be the next call. Mechanics should have the necessary tools and skills to get into your ride without issue. In most cases, they'll arrive rather quickly to your aid. 

But if you have an emergency, we advise dialing the emergency number for help. These situations would include a kid or animal locked inside the truck. It doesn't include if your purse or groceries are stuck in there.

How do I find my Ford door code?

Encrypted lock keypad buttons of a car door

Finding your Ford door code shouldn't be too difficult if you have the owner's manual. It'll provide you with the factory default code, which is why we recommend keeping the manual in your glove compartment. If you don't have the manual, you can find the code on your RAP (Remote Anti-Theft) module. 

How do I reset my Ford door code without factory code?

Resetting your Ford door code without a factory code is only possible by contacting your Ford dealer. Otherwise, there isn't anything a truck owner can do to reset their keyless entry system. 

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How do I reset my Ford key fob?

Resetting your Ford key fob is a simple matter of following five steps. If you follow them, the entire process shouldn't be much of a hassle.

  1. Close every door on your truck
  2. Turn the truck's ignition from OFF to RUN eight times within ten seconds.
  3. Your truck's doors will lock and unlock during this procedure.
  4. Afterward, push any button on your Ford remote key fob to begin programming. This button pressing has to occur within eight seconds of step 2 finishing. 
  5. Turn your key back to OFF and test your fob to make sure it works. If it doesn't work, repeat the entire process. 

In Closing

We hope these discussions fixed the nightmare of trying to unlock a Ford truck without keys. But if you're still having issues or have any of your tips, please let us know in our comment section. Thanks for reading!

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