Viper vs Compustar Remote Start – Which Is Better?

Are you considering installing a remote start system in your car, and do you want to know which company offers the better option, Viper or Compustar? You’ve come to the right place, for we have researched this question, and we have the answer for you.

Viper and Compustar have their own advantages and disadvantages that you should consider. Compustar modules can be simple to DIY and its high-end models have a range of up to 3 miles. Viper, on the other hand, is a remote start system and a security system in one. It also has a range of one mile, though it can be difficult to install DIY.

Let’s talk more about remote start systems and how they work in the succeeding sections. Learn more about what to look for in a remote start system.

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How does a remote start system work?

A remote start system is useful during days of extreme temperatures. It works well with the climate control system so that you’d be able to start your car and gain the benefits of climate control from afar. This allows your car to warm up a freezing cold car in winter (possibly even defrosting windows ahead of time) or cool down a scalding hot car in summer.

A remote start system has a small system component that you install inside your car. Pressing a button on the key fob sends a signal to the system inside the car to start the engine and activate the heating or cooling without inserting the key in the ignition cylinder or without pressing the Start/Stop button.

The component inside your car connects to the ignition switch and several other wires that allow it to start your car remotely. A basic key fob has a one-way communication that allows it to start your car but does nothing else. More complex key fobs allow you to control other parts of the car, like the trunk, and even receive feedback from your car on whether the engine is running or not.

However, this will only work when the remote start key fob is within range of your car.

The remote start system mimics the signal that allows the engine to start. It tricks your car to think that the key is inside the car. However, the deception ends there.

Your car will not switch to drive while the system is under remote start control.

Overriding a remote start’s control requires two things before you can drive your car.

First, the physical smart key should be inside the vehicle.

Second, you need to complete the bypass procedure that switches the engine mode from a remote start mode to a regular mode.

What to consider before buying a remote start system?

Application for remote engine start and car warm-up, Viper Vs Compustar Remote Start Which Is Better

Price. This is obviously on everyone’s list of what to consider before even knowing the rest of the things to consider when buying a remote start system.

In this section, we’ll talk about what you should consider when deciding which remote start system—Viper or Compustar—is the right one for you.


The range is perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a remote start system for your car. If you think about it, if the range of the system is uninspiring, the “remote” part of “remote start” becomes pointless. Come on, what’s the point of having a remote start if the range is just 5 to 15 yards?

As a rule of thumb, the farther the range, the better.

An acceptable range will allow you to remotely start your car from inside your house and comfortably drive to the office. However, a really good range will allow you to remotely start your car from inside your office building and comfortably drive your tired self to the comfort of your home.

See the benefits of a good range?

Automotive electrician mechanic or technician fixing or repairing car interior wire system. Car service concept.


In most cases, this should be tied at the top spot with Range because it would be pointless to get a remote start system that has all the features you want but is not compatible with your car.

This criterion is the kill switch, the deal killer. If a remote start system is not compatible with your car, it just won’t work with your car’s system, and that is the end of the story.

You could modify your car to make it compatible with a remote start system—if you really like that system. However, it will be cheaper (there’s that criterion again) and requires less work to just look for a compatible system.

Smartphone Compatibility

Application for remote engine start and car warm-up

There are a lot of daily activities that we do that involve the use of our mobile phones. Even new cars have functions and features that you can access through a phone app. Thus, accessing the remote start feature through your phone is more than just a nice feature.

The bigger display of your phone is ideal for two-way communication between the remote start system and you.

Additionally, there is the possibility of app integration with your car’s existing phone app and the app of your remote start system.

Smartphone integration with Wi-Fi access allows you to remotely start your car with an unlimited range through the internet.

Number Of Included Key Fobs

Having more than one key fob out of the box is important. A second key fob is your backup in case the main key fob runs out of battery, or when your dog mistook it for a chew toy.

Aside from the number of key fobs out of the box, it is also important that the number of key fobs is expandable. This allows for adding key fobs for the members of the family who will also use the car. Moreover, this makes it simpler to replace key fobs that fail or are chewed on.

Engine Kill

The “engine kill” feature is the reverse of “remote start.” It allows you to remotely turn off the engine—when you’re rushing to the elevator because you’re already late.

This handy feature makes use of a superior range.

If you need to run off from your car and turn off the engine while running, then you mustn’t suddenly go out of range before you can remotely turn off the engine.


Why is this feature at the last of the list of things to consider before buying a remote start system? Because it really should be.

When choosing your next or first remote start system, it is important to not limit yourself by focusing too much on the price. Once you set a price limit before doing your product research, then you might end up with a remote start system that you will not like or a system that you will regret daily.

Instead, focus on the features above. Determine which ones are important to you. You need to decide whether you want to have a remote start feature that doesn’t have too many additional features—just the basic remote start capability—then research products that offer only that.

Once you decide on the features that you want, imagine yourself in the worse situations during the hottest and coldest months and think whether those situations can get better with the features that some remote start models are offering. Think of what your car doesn’t have yet, then ask yourself if you want to get that feature added through a remote start system.

Compustar Versus Viper

Now that we have the different characteristics that we should look out for in remote start systems, let’s check the different systems from Compustar and Viper.

Range Comparison

Compustar’s PRO T13 has a maximum range of up to 3 miles. Additionally, PRO R5 has a maximum range of 2 miles.

Viper’s top 3 offerings, on the other hand, have a maximum range of 1 mile.

Hence, when it comes to range, Compustar’s top two offerings have a longer range than the best three offerings from Viper.

Compatibility Comparison

Car remote control by smart key, Hand holding smart key to lock doors of white car

Both systems have a wide range of compatibility with different cars. Thus, there is a high probability that your car is compatible with either a Viper or a Compustar remote start system.

Smartphone Compatibility Comparison

Both brands have smartphone integration. Phone connectivity out of the box is done through Bluetooth with Viper.

Compustar requires the installation of a separate module to get access to mobile phone integration. Additionally, mobile phone integration with Compustar requires a subscription.

Viper offers an extension of its mobile phone integration through a SmartStart module. The module makes standard Viper remote start kits compatible with SmartStart.

SmartStart integrates the different functions of the car’s key fob into the app. However, it will work only with US mobile networks.

SmartStart requires a subscription to work.

Application for remote engine start and car warm-up

Number Of Key Fobs Out Of The Box

Both manufacturers have two key fobs out of the box. Additionally, they also sell separate key fobs that can replace existing key fobs.

Viper’s key fobs have a feature that allows them to control two cars with a Viper remote start system instead of just one.

Engine Kill Feature Comparison

Both companies offer the ability to turn off the engine using the remote start module.

Price Comparison

The price of both kits is similar and depends on the features of the kit.


Which one is better would depend on many factors that are important to a user that wants the remote start feature on their car.

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