Wagoneer Alarm Keeps Going Off—Why And What To Do?

If you own a Wagoneer, you may wonder why the alarm keeps going off and how you can fix the problem. Fortunately, we have done some research for you, and here is what we found.

Problems like a faulty key fob, defective door lock sensor, dead battery, bad wiring, oversensitive sensors, and poor alarm installation can cause a Wagoneer alarm to go off. Here are things you can do to tackle the issue:

  • Start the car.
  • Lock and unlock the vehicle.
  • Take out the fuse.
  • Disconnect the battery.
  • Reset the alarm system.

This problem can be easy or challenging to fix, depending on the cause. Keep reading to get detailed information on action to take when a Wagoneer alarm keeps going off.

Jeep Wagoneer display at a Stellantis dealership. Jeep offers the Wagoneer in Series I, II or III models., Wagoneer Alarm Keeps Going Off—Why And What To Do?

Why Does My Wagoneer Alarm Keep Going Off?

 Jeep Wagoneer display at a Stellantis dealership. Jeep offers the Wagoneer in Series I, II or III models.

There are various reasons why your Wagoneer alarm may be going off frequently. Here are some of them:

Faulty Key Fob

A faulty key fob is one of the common reasons why a Wagoneer alarm may keep going off. Since the alarm is activated manually by the key fob, if there is a problem with it, the alarm might easily go off.

If you think the key fob might be the issue, try changing the battery in the key fob and check to see if the alarm still sounds. As an alternative, some key fobs can be reset.

For instructions on resetting an aftermarket alarm, consult your car's manual or get in touch with the maker.

Defective Door Lock Sensor

Every car, including your Wagoneer, uses different door lock sensors to warn you when something is wrong. Therefore, it makes sense that your Wagoneer's alarm would continue to go off if some of those sensors aren't functioning as they should.

A typical cause of a Wagoneer alarm going off for no reason is blocked, faulty or damaged door or trunk sensors.

Dead Battery

A low or dead battery can cause difficulties for your car, many of which may not make much sense to you at first. Unknown to some car owners, a car alarm's primary purpose is to alert the driver when the battery is getting low.

Therefore, starting the car with a dead battery will immediately activate your car alarm.As a result, a car alarm can occasionally be triggered by a dead battery.

You should examine the battery if the alarm keeps going off and your car requires more jumpstarts than usual.

Bad Wiring 

Sometimes, the issue is not with your battery, sensors, or key fob. Instead, a section of your electrical wire that connects to these parts could be damaged or unplugged.

Your Wagoneer's alarm uses electricity throughout, and that power travels through cables. There won't be any issues when everything is functioning correctly. 

However, if some wires become bad, start to cross, or electricity travels in the wrong direction, your car alarm may go off. While wiring issues can be challenging to detect, they are typically quite simple to resolve once you do.

Oversensitive Sensors

In addition to door and trunk sensors, your vehicle's alarm system also has shock sensors. These sensors have varying degrees of sensitivity that can cause an alert to go off. 

Even a cat brushing up against the most sensitive sensors can set them off. So if your shock sensors are extremely sensitive, you may need to change them or contact an expert.

Poor Alarm Installation

There's a significant probability that something is not well connected if your new aftermarket alarm system keeps sounding. A crossed line or a sensor that wasn't detected could be the cause.

Double-check the installation procedure, or have the installers do it again.

What To Do If My Wagoneer Alarm Keeps Going Off?

Auto mechanic working

In addition to the causes covered in the preceding section, here are some things you can try to address to stop your Wagoneer alarm from going off:

Start The Car

Sometimes you can switch the ignition on while your alarm is active. If you can, go ahead because doing so might prevent the automobile alarm from disturbing your area.

When your auto alarm is functioning correctly, it should stop sounding as soon as you turn the key in the ignition. This is because your car's ignition system has a theft deterrent.

There is no need for the alarm to continue sounding if your car detects that you are the right person attempting to start the vehicle.

However, with some older vehicles, this may not always function, and if the control unit is the issue, the alarm may continue to sound even as you are driving.

Lock and Unlock The Car

Occasionally, locking and unlocking your Wagoneer is all that is needed to reset the alarm and silence it. Many car alarms will stop sounding if you lock and unlock the vehicle.

Once more, this is not infallible, particularly if the control unit is the issue. However, it might reset the system and grant you some peaceful time.

Take Out The Fuse

If starting the car and locking the doors do not solve the problem, removing the alarm fuse from the fuse box will. A fuse protects your car's alarm system, and if you remove the fuse, there is no power to the alarm. The absence of power means no alarm.

Even better, everything else in your car should generally function as you only cut power to the alarm circuit. The only difference is that your Wagoneer will no longer have a car alarm because you turned off the alarm system.

Disconnect The Battery

Disconnecting the battery is another reliable method to turn off the alarm if you are unable to find the correct fuse or need to shut the alarm down more quickly. 

When the battery is disconnected, circuits in your car are left without power, which will turn off the alarm. The only drawback is that you can no longer move your car either.

If you still need to use your car while trying to solve the car alarm issue, having a dead car battery can be a significant problem.

Reset The Alarm System

If your car alarm keeps sounding, it is possible to reset the alarm system, particularly for automobile security systems with alarm control units. For instructions on how to do this, refer to the user manual.

How Do I Tell If My Wagoneer Battery Is Low?

Auto electrician troubleshooting a car engine

If your car barely starts when you turn the key or your battery connections and connectors exhibit severe corrosion, your Wagoneer battery may be low.

Also, when turning the key, you might hear a loud clicking sound. Another sign is when your electronics function, but the car won't start. These are all warning signals that the battery in your Wagoneer is getting low.

How Long Will Wagoneer Alarm Go Off?

A Wagoneer alarm should only sound for about 30 seconds. However, malfunctioning or broken systems can make the alarm continue ringing for up to 20 minutes, which can be quite a nuisance.

Where Are Wagoneer Alarm Sensors Located?

In most cases, a car's alarm system, including the Wagoneer, is hidden and kept out of sight in the center of the automobile. This could be under the dashboard next to the steering wheel or the center console of the car.

Additionally, the Wagoneer is equipped with door alarm sensors. These sensors are housed in the lock units for your car's doors, trunk, and hood. Depending on the model year of your Wagoneer, you may also discover motion and other trigger sensors.

Can A Wagoneer Alarm Drain A Battery?

Yes, a Wagoneer alarm can drain the ba ttery over time since its electronics require electricity from the battery to operate. These systems directly connect the battery to the alarm, which gradually drains the battery of power. This may eventually result in the battery failing.

How Do I Disconnect My Wagoneer Battery Alarm?

The young man trying to repair to the electrician in the car.

To disconnect your Wagoneer battery alarm, the battery's negative terminal, which is the black one, should be disconnected.

This should immediately turn off the alarm. Hopefully, the alarm will be reset and won't go off again. If it does, try disconnecting the battery cable once more.

Final Takeaway

If you notice that your Wagoneer alarm goes off often, all you have to do is start your car, lock and unlock it, remove the fuse, disconnect the battery, and reset your alarm system. Proper car maintenance also helps to ensure that these problems are minimized.

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