Wagoneer Heated Seats Turning Off – Why And What To Do?

If the heated seats on your Wagoneer start turning off, you may be wondering about the cause of the issue and how to fix it. Fortunately, we have done the legwork for you, and here is what we found.

Loose connection, bad heating element, corroded plug, and defective memory seat control can cause Wagoneer heated seats to turn off. The following are things you can do to deal with the problem:

  • Check and replace the fuse
  • Replace the plug connector
  • Reposition the thermistor
  • Change the heating elements

This issue can be easily solved, but ensure to do so as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Keep reading to get detailed information on how to fix Wagoneer heated seats that keeps turning off.

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Why Are My Wagoneer Heated Seats Turning Off?

Different problems can cause Wagoneer heated seats to turn off. Here are some of them:

Loose Connection 

If you discover that the heated seats in your Wagoneer are turning off, the likely culprit is the fuse. Most times, the heated seat will stop working because the connection between the two components of the fuse is not secure.

Bad Heating Element

If the fuses are fine and the connections to the fuses are not loose, yet your heated seats continually turn off, you shouldn't blame your management; instead, examine the heating element.

The heated elements are the components responsible for providing heat to the seat. This problem can occasionally be traced back to heating elements that have become burnt or corroded. The heated seat will turn off once the elements have completely burned out.

Dirty or Corroded Plug

The plug is another issue that could cause the heated seat to malfunction. Under the seat is the traditional location of the plug, which is then connected to the wire harness. In most cases, the heated seat in your Wagoneer switches off if there is any corrosion or dirt in the sockets where the plugs go. 

Defective Memory Seat Control

Another possible cause to not overlook is the issue of connection. There are memory seat control modules that control your Wagoneer heated seat and there is a possibility that it will malfunction. In that situation, you are going to need to look at the computer code.

What To Do If Wagoneer Heated Seats Keep Turning Off?

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Like any other vehicle component, heated seats can occasionally break down and require maintenance or repair. Do these to troubleshoot and repair a Wagoneer heated seat that is turning off:

Check And The Replace Fuse

If you notice the heated seat on your Wagoneer is turning off, you can replace the fuse to see if that solves the problem. Find the fuse underneath the dashboard on the driver's side, and then take off the fuse panel's cover panel.

Examine the schematic that is printed on the lid to locate the fuse that controls the heated seats. Using the needle-nose pliers or the fuse puller, remove the fuse from its housing in the panel. Check the fuse to see if the metal strip is damaged, as this is an indication that the fuse has already burned out. 

Since the metal strip holding the fuse is so thin, you should be able to tell if it has been broken as soon as the fuse is in your possession. If everything looks good, leave it and look into other problems. However, the fuse will need to be replaced if the strip is damaged. In addition, it may cost you anywhere from ten to twelve dollars to replace. 

Replace The Plug Connector

Remove the connector from the circuit that controls the heated seat. This is located underneath both the driver's seat and the passenger seat. Apply voltage to the connector using a voltmeter for testing. Put one end of the probe into one of the pins on the connector so that it sticks out the other end. 

If the voltmeter does not display any readings, the connector is not functioning correctly. After giving it a thorough cleaning, recheck the connector with the voltmeter. If the reading cannot be obtained despite this, the connector will need to be replaced.

Reposition The Thermistor

If the other fixes don't solve the problem, you must locate and examine the thermistor. The thermistor is the component of the heated seat that maintains temperature. 

To get to the thermistor, you have to remove the seat cover very carefully. To determine whether or not the thermistor has moved, check to see whether there are any burned patches on the seat or the carpet in the vehicle. If the thermistor isn't positioned appropriately in the seat, it won't be able to accurately read the temperature of the seat's interior.

Change The Heating Elements

It is possible the problem isn't with the wiring connector, fuse, or thermistor but with the heating elements. It's not uncommon for the heating element to be the primary cause of a heated seat not functioning properly. This is due to the fact that the heating element that warms the seat is fragile and has a tendency to break. 

Check and verify which portion of the heating element is broken using an electrical tester. If the heating element is broken, whether wholly or partially, you should consider replacing the entire unit. Remove the plastic clip attached to the leather that joins the front and the rear. Then, locate the heating element from the inside.

After rearranging the plug the same way as before and performing another inspection, replace the deteriorating component with the new one. If performing this task by yourself seems risky, you can get can a specialist for assistance.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Wagoneer Heated Seat?

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The cost of repairing heated seats in a Wagoneer may vary depending on the pre-setup of the vehicle as well as the severity of the problem that has to be fixed. Wagoneer seat heater replacements typically cost between $203 to $238 on average. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that you obtain a free estimate that is both detailed and comprehensive for a repair in your area.

However, the procedure of repairing the seat takes a significant amount of time. Despite the difficulty in locating the problem, the solution is relatively inexpensive to implement. To fix the heated seats in your vehicle, however, it may require you to remove the seat from the vehicle.

How Do You Test A Wagoneer Heated Seat?

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You can test the functionality of the heated seat on your Wagoneer by performing a continuity test. To do this, the negative meter lead should be grounded, and then the voltage should be checked on both sides of the seat heater connector.

If the heater is functioning correctly, there should be 12 volts present at both pins. If there is a voltage of 12 volts on one and 0 volts on the other, the heater should be opened.

How Long Do Wagoneer Heated Seats Last?

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The lifespan of heated seats can range from 10 to 30 years, depending on how often it is used and the conditions to which the vehicle is subjected.

The lifespan of heated seats can vary quite a bit depending on several factors. Proper maintenance and use will significantly affect how your heated seats will last. 

Do Heated Seats Drain The Car Battery?

Even though heated seats do use energy, they won't necessarily drain your battery under normal conditions. When the engine is running, the battery is charged by the alternator. However, the battery will be drained if the heated seats do not turn off when the automobile does or if the alternator is not functioning correctly.

To Wrap Up

As soon as you identify the reason why the heated seats on your Wagoneer are turning off, you can quickly solve the issue. Problems like a loose connection, bad heating element, corroded plug, or faulty memory seat control are usually responsible. To fix the issue, all you have to do is check and replace the fuse, plug connector, or heating element. 

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