There are some laws to be aware of for anyone driving an RV in Texas. A few common ones we found include:

No state laws govern how much/little an RV park can charge you to park.


Texas allows you to live in your RV as long as you hold a valid license and register it.



You can park your RV in your driveway (HOA might have an issue, though).


Passengers over 18 can move around an RV while it's in motion.


You can run a generator inside an RV while it's moving.

Does Texas Have Strict RV Laws?

We found that the most critical Texas RV laws have to do with residency and parking. Like many US states, Texas allows you to claim residency in an RV as long as you provide the correct documentation. According to RV Parenting, you are okay to live full-time in a recreational vehicle in Texas, assuming you have a valid state license and register your vehicle.

This also applies to those with children/families, so you can create a "home" within your RV under state law. If you pay to rent a spot in an RV park, you can also register for a PO box, so this entire process shouldn't be too complex.

Can You Park On The Street With An RV In Texas?

Now that you know the basics, it's time to cover parking. Most importantly, Texas does allow you to park an RV for extended periods on land you own without any issues. So, this is entirely legal to do if you have a spare driveway or section of your property where you want to park your vehicle between road trips. However, if you live in a community with an HOA or other committee, they may have to approve long-term RV parking. Some people find RVs unappealing, which can become an issue in neighborhoods.

Do You Have To Pay To Park In An RV Lot In Texas?

Texas is one of the states in this country that has more privatized RV laws. So, if one RV community wants to charge you $500 a month to park there, that is entirely legal. With that said, there are a few notable free RV lots in Texas that you might want to check out:

Ray & Donna West Free RV Park

Lake Meredith (campground)

Hamlin RV Park

Whigham Park

North Beach