The amount of time it will take you to reach 50,000 miles depends on how often you drive your vehicle.

The average American driver puts 13,500 miles on their vehicle each year, which means the average vehicle will reach 50,000 miles in just over three and a half years.

How Long Will It Take You To Drive 50,000 Miles On Your Car?

The U.S. Department of Transportation revealed that the average driver in the United States puts 13,500 miles on their primary vehicle each year. At well over 1,000 miles per month on average, this is the highest amount Americans have averaged over the same time frame in history.

How Much Are 50,000 Miles Worth To A Car?

It should be no surprise that the value of a vehicle is in inverse proportion to the number of miles on its odometer. For example, a vehicle with under 10,000 miles will have a relative value of up to 98%, while one with 90,000 miles sees its relative value drop to 64%. A vehicle with 50,000 miles will have a relative value of 72% to 74%.

Being a mindful driver will also help keep your car on the road longer. Though these vehicles are tough machines, they still need to be treated with care. They contain a lot of moving and wearable parts whose lifespans will decrease if they are abused.

You might not have thought of it before, but a clean vehicle will usually last longer than one that is filthy. Inside and out, a regular cleaning routine will not only make your car look its best but will also help you reach higher mileage. Thorough washing should be part of your maintenance routine. This removes harmful chemicals from exposure to the elements.

50,000 miles will take some time for the average American driver to reach, but those who have long commutes might surpass this number in a few years. The more miles you put on a car, the less it is worth for resale. Take care of your vehicle and you'll find that it can last you upwards of 200,000 miles. Drive safe!