How To Remove Rusted Trailer Hitch Ball

[Step By Step Guide]


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One of the most essential components when hauling a trailer is the hitch.

However, this is prone to rust and corrosion, which could make it useless.

Step 1: Check The Rust On The Trailer Hitch Ball

Before removing the trailer hitch ball, determine the extent of the rust and whether or not the hitch ball needs to be removed. If the ball is rusted, it could simply be surface rust from exposure that needs to be cleaned up.

Step 2: Use A High-Quality Penetrating Spray

It is important to use a good penetrating spray. Apply the penetrating spray generously to the ball mount and spray all around the hitch receiver tube; ensure the spraying straw is deep within the hitch receiver's hole while spraying.

Step 3: Gently Hammer The Hitch

Tap gently all around the hitch receiver to loosen anything that the spray has separated. Tap the bottom of the hitch receiver, then the top of the metal receiver. The most crucial aspect of this procedure is to hammer lightly. 

Step 4: Use A Wrench

Using WD-40 or a similar product, lubricate the ball nut of the hitch. Start attempting to remove it with the wrench once you've finished spraying. Use the larger pipe wrench to gain the most leverage.