If you're wondering how to remove vinyl wrap from your car, keep reading.


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Strip The Vinyl From The Edges

Peel the vinyl wrap by sliding a scraper under the edges. Vinyl edges are typically found along the hood, doors, trunk, and other car sections with seams.


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Heat The Vinyl Edges With A Heat Gun Or Blower

Heat will weaken the adhesive beneath the vinyl, making it easier to peel off the wrapping. Place your heat gun or blower about six inches away from the wrapping and move it back and forth to spread the heat properly.


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Remove The Vinyl

When you're finished heating the vinyl, slide your fingers under the edges and out across the vinyl. Start by peeling it away from the car's body and holding it at a 20-degree angle.


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Apply Adhesive Remover

After removing the vinyl, inspect for any adhesive residue and apply a few drops of chemical citrus cleaner.


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Clean The Vehicle's Surface

Most adhesive removers will leave unattractive streaks or a foggy residue on your vehicle's surface.